Mr.siddhant kapoor and his sasurji (sidmin) (episode 3) – by sunehri mehta


Hey guys .. missed me !?!? I guess no who will miss my boring ff !?!? anyways I guess I’m boring u all … if u don’t like this ff I’ve end soon … if u like plz do leave ur feedbacks … and guys there’s a small change in the precap .. siddhant will hit jasmine’s scooter after 2 episodes 😛 .. and today the will be meeting at airport anyways here are the links for the previous episodes .. if u have missed it plz do read it ..



this epi will be bit boring
anyways enjoy this episode
Scene 1:
Khanna’s house
Armaan: (is watching bahubali)
Shipra comes there
Shipra :armaanputtar
Armaan : (sees shipra) yes mom
Shipra : well u know what !?!?! bababala yogi and his disciple baba gajamukhabujakabhooshanananda are coming to mumbai
Armaan : (puzzled after shipra says that babas names) what did u say!?!? (even he’s unable to pronouce baba’s name properly)bujamugigi what !?!?what kind of name is that!?!?
Shipra :puttar !! don’t make fun of baba … that baba’s name is gajamukhabujakabhooshanananda
Armaan : what ?!? this name is more complicated than why kattappa killed bahubali … mom now this part is very important .. so don’t disturb me …
Shipra : why r u always blabbering armaan !?!?!? accha now listen to me
Armaan :say ma
Shipra :ur sister jassi (jasmine) is coming from chennai after a long time
Armaan : (to himself) musibat (problem) is back … (to shipra) so what should i do !?!?!?!?!
Shipra : u go to airport and pick up her by 9am
Armaan : but before that i have to go ..
Shipra : no movies today !! already u watched bahubali and what is that movie !?!?bimari or what !?!?!
Shipra : anyways now u take bath and go to airport
Armaan :i took bath yesterday
Shipra : god !! I’m talking about today now go and take bath .
Armaan : fine !!!
Armaan leaves
In tv news
Newsreader : again the 2 robbers ranveer and samar have escaped from jail before 4 days .. and now they r in disguise …
Shipra : oh god … nowadays many are easily escaping from jail …
Shipra too leaves
Scene 2:
Zain’s house
As madhesh (siddhant’s dad) got transferred … siddhant shifts to zain’s house for few days …
Zain and Siddhant both are watching cartoons 😛 (doraemon and in that episode gian (character in that cartoon) is singing weird songs and sid is singing along with him )
Zain : change the channel
Siddhant : I know gian sings weird songs but I’m a very big fan of gian …
Zain : sid sid plz now I want to watch cricket
Siddhant : yeah but only after this cartoon gets over
Zain : allah miya help me
*in that cartoon part
(song plays main hoon giaan)
Gian : (starts singing weird songs.. forcefully makes his friends including doraemon nobita , shizuka , suneio and dekizuki [gian’s friends] to listen to his songs) main hoon gian , mera gala hai bahut surila , meri awaaz sunke log ho jaate hain madhosh aur ladkiyaan behosh .. main hoon gian !!!!!!
After that doraemon and nobita use time machine ….
Cartoon part ends*
Zain : ewe.. what kind of song is that !?!?
Siddhant : woah … doraemon is the best next I’m gonna watch shinchan
Zain : man I want to watch cricket
Siddhanth : even I want to watch cricket match
Zain : that’s gr8 now we can watch right !?!
Siddhant : not now
Zain : (snatches the remote and changes the channel)
Siddhant : WHAT !?!? WHY DID U DO THAT ?!? even I wanted to watch this match but that doraemon episode was going on !!
Zain : sid mere bhai … kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai yaar (to gain something , one has to lost something)
Siddhant : (stares at zain)
Zain : ok relax
Just the zain receives a call from his gf nusrat
Nusrat : hey puchku (she calls zain puchku 😛 )
Zain : (with wide smile) hey puchki cricket math is going to start … I’ve call u later
Siddhant : (to himself) puchki !?!? what kind of name is that !?!? oh yeah his gf
Nusrat : (shouts) oh really !?! Senseless Idiot !!!!! where r u !!!!
Zain : (puzzled) huh !?!? what happened !?!?
Nusrat : u forgot !?!? I told u right !?! today I’m coming to mumbai !?! and u told that u will pick me up at airport at 9am right !?!?
Zain : (sees his watch) shit !! it’s too late … but match ?!?!?
Nusrat : u have to come here !!!
Zain : but
Siddhant : (laughs) thank god I’m single
Zain : I can’t miss the match …. (sees siddhant) ok siddhant will pick u up
Siddhant : (sees zain) WHAT !?!? WHO !?!? ME !?!
Zain : yeah
Siddhant : erhh but … (shouts) I haven’t seen ur gf (I know it’s silly :P)
Nusrat : yeah ur friend is right …. So zain u better come and pick me up …
Zain : (to himself) I can’t miss the match (thinks and talks to nusrat) puchke what colour dress r u wearing !?!?
Nusrat : huh !?! pink top and jeans and u better come to gate 2 ..
Zain : gr8 .. so sid will come and pick u up ..
Nusrat : WHAT !!!! u idiot … I won’t talk to u !!! (cuts the call)
Zain : WHAT !!! (nusrat cuts the call) god ..
Siddhant : (repeats zain’s dialouge) kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai yaar (to gain something , one has to lost something)
Zain : yaar !! now sid plz go and pick her up at the airport .. she’s wearing pink top and jeans and she’s coming from chennai to mumbai and the gate number is 2.. so plz plz
Siddhant : fine but .. ur gf is not only the person who wears pink top and jeans … atleast do u have her pic !?!?
Zain : erhh I don’t
Siddhant : what kind of bf r u !?! u don’t have any irresponsibility !?!
Zain : it’s responsibility
Zain : don’t shout !!!
Siddhant : fine !!! pink kurti .. and gate number 2 right !?!?
Zain : yep
Siddhant : I’ve pick up ur gf from airport
Siddhant leaves
Zain : finally I can watch the match peacefully ..
After seeing 2 overs
Zain : man this match is very boring … I’m going out
He (zain) then goes out
Scene 3:
Siddhant is waiting in airport gate 2 to pick up zain’s gf nusrat
Siddhant : god where is this pink top gf !?!?
Passesngers who arrived from chennai start coming from gate 2
Siddhant : finally passengers … I hope that girl comes soon …
Just then a girl who’s wearing pink top and jeans arrives and she’s accompanied by her friends
Friend 1 : (to the girl who’s wearing pink top and they start conversing in tamil) jasmine inga wait pannu … konja nerathla vandhiduven (jasmine plz wait I’ve be back in few minutes)
[note : guys I don’t know that much tamil so bear with me] It’s revealed that the girl who’s wearing pink top and jeans is jasmine
Jasmine : offo farin enna appadi kupidadha .. call me jazz or jassi (farin don’t call me that .. call me jazz or jassi)
Farin : ok jazz … wait here (she leaves)
Jasmine : halima .. va (come) let’s collect our luggage
Halima : seri (ok)
Jasmine and halima collect their luggage and halima collects farin’s luggage too ..
Halima : wait … I’m hungry .. I’m going to cafeteria .. unnaku ethavadu saapida venuma ?!? (do u want something to eat)
Jasmine : illa hali (no hali [halima]) .. u go and I’ve wait
Halima : fine
Halima too leaves to cafeteria
Siddhant sees jasmine …. And he notices that she’s wearing pink top and jeans
Siddhant : (thinks) finally zain’s gf is here ……
He goes near jasmine
Jasmine sees him
Siddhant : (smiles)
Jasmine : (smiles)
Siddhant : hi
Jasmine : erhh hi ?!?
Siddhant : chennai huh !?!?
Jasmine : (completely puzzled and nods yes)
[note : here in this scene siddhant will be talking in hindi and jasmine will be talking in tamil … siddhant doesn’t understand tamil … jasmine understands hindi but she doesn’t know to speak hindi very well as she stayed in chennai and mostly converse in tamil…. So jasmine tries to converse in english but siddhant doesn’t let her speak] Siddhant : (takes jasmine’s luggage and talks with her in hindi) chall (come let’s go)
Jasmine : (shocked and she starts talking in tamil) dei !!!! nillu (hey stop)
Siddhant : huh !?!? hindi nahi aati hai kya (u don’t know hindi huh !?!)
Jasmine : erhh yeah but …
Siddhant : ok tum aao (ok .. u come)
Siddhant takes her luggage and goes out and jasmine is shocked and she’s completely puzzled
Jasmine : (shocked and follows sid ) dei dei (hey hey)
Siddhant : (doesn’t listen to jasmine) oh god … chupkar !!! (shut up)
Jasmine : listen to me !!
Siddhant : ofcourse …. Usse pehele aap apni bf ke ghar jaana pade ga (yeah before that u have to go to ur bf’s house)
Jasmine : boyfriend !?!? who’s that !?!
Siddhant : don’t act too much ..
Jasmine : I’m not !!!! enna da soldra !?!? (what r u saying)
Siddhant : (doesn’t understand what she’s speaking) what enna panna !?! come with me !!!
Jasmine : oh god ..
Siddhant forcefully makes her sit in his bike
Inside the airport :
Another girl who’s wearing pink top and jeans is waiting … she’s nusrat and she’s waiting outside ..
Nusrat : where’s the guy who’s gonna pick me up ?!?
Farin comes out and halima too comes out from cafeteria …
Farin : where’s jazz !?!?
Halima : ennaku theriyadu pa (I don’t know)
Farin : ok let’s wait
The screen freezes on their faces

Precap : confusion ….. baba enters
Siddhant kapoor : played by siddhant Gupta
Jasmine khanna : played by Jasmine bhasin
Zain Khan : played by Zain imam
Madhesh kapoor : played by Ashok lokhande
Amit khanna : played by ashish Kaul
Armaan khanna : played by Armaan malik
Shipra khanna : played by vaishnavi mahant
Guys hope u all liked the episode and sorry for the short episode and I gave the same precap …. I have exams so I was unable to update ….. and currently I’m in mumbai for a competition … and If like if u don’t plz do leave ur comments and feedbacks … I know today’s episode was very boring … If u find anything weird u r free to say … Chappals tomatoes and slaps are welcomed

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  1. Sameera

    Hahah hahaha sunehri don’t dare to tell that u r going to end this ff u know I used to wait for it soo much n when I saw ur article I was jumping really yaar so funny n I enjoyed it alott loved all the scene
    Haha sid doraemon lovely epi
    Do cont soon plshh ???

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sameera

  2. Haha enjoyed this epi ?? this epi was superb???.. Sidhant’s confusion was ?? and his convo with jasmin was epic ??.. also loved that part in zain house where sid wants to watch cartoon?? n zain wants to watch cricket n how he sends sid to pick up his gf.. Plz don’t end this ff.. I love this concept n ff.. do cont soon ?

  3. Romaisha

    AND SUPER FUNNYYYY AS HELL!!!!!???????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I love you yaar! This episode literally made me laugh! Well all your episodes do but this one was helll funny????
    The part where armaan couldn’t pronounce the Baba’s name was damn hilarious? and then sidmin convo !
    Oh god! You literally are planning to kill me out of laughter ? oh wow ?
    Ok so listen now… Please don’t go disappearing again! Pleash post your next epi soon! I can’t wait to read it! ??❤
    Love u yaar!?

  4. Hey sunehri
    episode was funny……nice one

  5. Lovely. …..:):):):):)

  6. SidMin

    Loved it the dialogues are so funny Man sorry Girl where do you get these dialogues from (I know from your brain) But still Loved it Post soon 🙂

  7. Sujina

    sunu…plz don’t say 2 end yaar
    its such fun 2 read…i can’t even control my laughter…
    sid is lyk a kid 2 c cartoon…even i c wid my lil bro…
    sidmins convo was funny…
    armaan is such a movie fleck…w8in 4 arsid meet…
    love u…???

  8. SIDMIN-Daamini

    ??????????? it was Damn hollarious my girl …….. u really nailed it …… I still can’t stop myself to laugh ….????????? N armaan pronouncing baba name n sidmin talks ???? they were toooooooooooooo Awsome yaar…… n yaa it’s not a request but yaa an order …… don’t u dare end ur ff otherwise it won’t be good ……. n sorry for commenting late …… my exams r just over n I messed many ffs so …. so sooorrryyy ….. but u dare not end ur ff ………. otherwise I won’t talk to to u …….. loved it to the core……. Muuaaahhh ????????❤???????? ……. jaa …… tu toh mere saare dil le gayi ……… love u ??

  9. Hey sunehri
    Nice episode dear n srsly sid is watching doraemon
    Even I’m big fan of doraemon
    N ha it’s smewt similar to a tollywood film Amma nanna o tamilamayi right
    D confusion scene is similar to it so I thought
    Bt yr loved it

  10. Its too funny sid n jas convo..
    Sid : wat enna penna…??
    I m dieimg wid laughter??

  11. Aksa(sidmin's and the ff writer's big fan)

    Uffff…amazing…superb…marne ka irada he kya huh????….itne comedy scene..has ahs ke pagal huwi ja rahi cuzin also read ur ff she was ke “yAar kisne likha he…itna awesome…wah wah..milna padega is bandi se”…srsly fantastic ff..luved it to da core…the tamil language convo btwn SidMin..hayyyeee…and doreamon…wow…aur baba ka naam to kattapa ne bahubali ko kyu mare se bhi tough he…its da fact…overall SPECTACULAR epi…

  12. Baby

    Hey sunherj luvd it
    Hehehhehehheeehahah tamil has has ke pagal ho gyi mein bechara sid
    N srsly kya enna panna laga rakha hau hehheeeeee luvd it vry mch…

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