Mr. Siddhant kapoor and his sasurJi (sidmin) (episode 1)


Hey guys … I’m back .. Sorry for the late update … And guys there was a small mistake in my title when posted the character sketch … It’s “mr.siddhant Kapoor and his sasurji ” not “siddhant Gupta and his sasurji” ….Any ways as I said I’m fond of movies and mainly books and and this ff will be inspired from some movies …. So today u all will be reading episode 1 of my ff …

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1:
Khanna’s house


A lady is shown doing puja and she’s reciting some mantras …. A man is reading newspaper

Man : (shouts) huh ?!?! Same news again !!! 2 robbers named ranveer and Samar were trying to rob a bank again … And now they’re caught by officer shravan … Hmm (Reads the 2nd news) WHAT ?!?! IS THIS A NEWS ?!?!? A guy stole pakoras from a shop and after eating the pakoras he died ?!?! Now the owner of that shop is arrested ….(Throws the news paper) Shipra … I want coffee ….

Shipra : (is still praying)

Man : (shouts) SHIPRA !!! IT’S 6AM !!! NOW I WANT COFFEE !!!

Shipra : offo amit ji !!!! Plz wait !!! Always coffee coffee !!!! Nowadays r not allowing me to do puja … Always drinking coffee in the morning !!!

Amit : what always coffee ?!?! Everyone drinks coffee in the morning !!!

Shipra : amit ji I’m not in a mood to fight with u … After completing all my work and puja .. I have to go ashram

Amit : ashram ?!?! For what ?!?!

Shipra : I have to go and meet baba Bala yogi

Amit : now who’s this new baba ?!?!

Shipra : he has many powers … He cures many people who are suffering from infectious diseases …

Amit : he should have been a doctor … Well what is that baba’s name ?!?!

Shipra : well baba Bala yogi … I told u right ?!?!

Amit : oh yeah … How old is he ?!?!

Shipra : well I don’t know but I guess he might be 70+

Amit : woah he crossed 70 huh ?!?! Who named as him Bala yogi ?!?! He should have been named as boodha yogi ..

Shipra : don’t say like that …

Amit : now why do u want that boodha yogi or whatever yogi?!?!

Shipra : well I’m worried about Jasmine’s future so I thought of meeting baba Bala yogi …… And after a long time she’s coming to our house for holidays ….. she’s coming tomorrow

Amit : that’s gr8 …… now where’s is ur dear son Armaan ?!?! He again went somewhere

Shipra : yeah Yesterday night he went to watch some movie with his friends … He might be in his friend’s house or else he might be sleeping …

Amit : oh I see now why r we talking about Armaan ?!?! Go and bring coffee

Shipra : even today I was not able to say hanuman chalisa ..

Amit : always hanuman chalisa or whatever … Now go and bring coffee …

Shipra : fine !!! (Goes inside)

Just then they hear meantime they hear rock music sound. ….

Amit : who is playing rock music in the morning? ? Irritating idiot

Shipra : (shouts from the kitchen) ur son is back and he’s is dancing !!!

Amit : God ….. I knew it

Then Armaan comes down dancing with the rock music  after bathing …. that to wearing baniyan. . and jockey with towel wrapped around it …..

 (I think I should not mentione more than this … 😛 )

Amit : Shipra …. see your son … See his clothes what If anyone sees him like this and what people will say?!?

Armaan : dad !!! What’s wrong with u ?!?!

Amit : nothing .. so what movie did u watch yesterday ?!?!

Armaan : yesterday I watched a beautiful film named “AIDS BIMARI SE BACHATEY RAHO ”

Amit : useless guys like u will only watch such stupid films …

Shipra : (comes there with coffee) amit ji .. Ur coffee …

Amit : see your son … he’s watching stupid films like something bimari or whatever ….. And did u See his clothes and did u see how he was dancing now ?!?

Shipra : leave it … And by the way Armaan .. Do u want coffee ?!?!

Armaan : no coffee mom … Only boost ..

Shipra : boost ?!?! Usually u don’t drink that ?!?! Why suddenly boost ?!?!

Armaan : of course mom what if tomorrow I get chance to work or sing in a film ?!?! I have to work all day and night … So if I drink coffee I won’t be able to concentrate on anything ….

Amit : ur son has Gone mad Shipra

Shipra : amit ji do u think ur son will get a chance to act in a film ?!?!

Amit : who will give chance for this senseless idiot ?!?!? Armaan u better do one thing … Yesterday u watched one movie right something “AIDS SE BACHATEY RAHO” u better go to the director of that film and ask for a chance … He might give u chance in his next movie named “TOMATOES AND SLAPS” …. U will get chance in such type of film ..

Armaan : why r u discouraging ur own son ?!? I’m handsome .. And I have a good personality … Style … Body and good face cut … Don’t I ?!?!

Amit : now I’ve cut ur face into pieces if u talk about films or whatever

Armaan : DAD !!!!!

Shipra : Armaan u r getting late … Get ready u have to go to college

Armaan : ok …

He leaves ..

Scene 2:
Kapoor’s house

Morning 6am

A house is shown

A man is shown .. His name is madhesh Kapoor and packing his bags and another guy (his son) is reading a book

Madhesh : (he’s tensed lamenting) hey Bhagwan !!! It’s already late .. I have be there in railway station !!! Or else I’ve miss the train … And I’ve lose my job too …Hey Bhagwan I have to reach there at the correct time . Bhagwan ?! (He sees all the cricketers and film stars pictures stuck on the wall ) (in taunting tone )huh ?!?! Not even a single idol or a picture to worship God .. Only cricketers and film starts pictures … All things are scattered here and there … (He sees his son reading newspaper ) nothing is arranged properly !!!!

Guy : (smirks)

Madhesh : Now I’m tensed and u r behaving as if I’m talking to the wall!!! siddhant ?!?!? SIDDHANTH !!!!!!!

Siddhant : (throws the book) DAD !!! CALL ME SID !!!

Madhesh : that doesn’t matter now listen to me ..

Siddhant : what do u want ?!?!

Madhesh : now the time is 5:50am !!!! It’s too late .. I have to be there in railway station ..

Siddhant : dad now the time is just 5:50am ..Train will start @ 8am .. U still have 2hrs dad !!! Even our milk man hasn’t arrived yet ..

Madhesh : so ??! If our milk man hasn’t arrived yet will the train start late ?!

Siddhant : I didn’t mean that … Dad … Now the time is just 6 u still have 2 hrs .. Dad even if a lame guy starts walking to railway station now … by 8am he would reach there !!! Same in ur case !!!Why r u lamenting for such silly things !!!!

Madhesh : SIDDHANTH !!!

Siddhant : NOW WHAT !!!!

Madhesh : NOW THE TIME IS 6:00am !!!!

Siddhant : so ?!?! I didn’t say the time is 6:00pm ?!?!

Madhesh : Now stop talking and now go and book a taxi for me !!!

Siddhant : taxi ?!?! Why taxi ?!?! My friend Zain is on the way … He will come and pick up u in the car .. No need of taxi

Madhesh : he’s useless …. Plz book a taxi ….

Siddhant : no dad .. He’s on the way

Madhesh : ur friend said that he will come here @ 5:30am Even he hasn’t arrived yet !!! Even his car is useless like him .. That’s why I’m saying now plz book a taxi !!!

Siddhant : if talk about that taxi again I’ve get angry !!!! Don’t talk about that maxi taxi whatever !!! I hate it !!!

Madhesh : Oye !!! Why do u hate that taxi so much !!!!!

Siddhant : why do u love that taxi so much !!!!! U r talking as if this taxi company owner is ur brother !!! Always Taxi taxi taxi !!!!!

Madhesh : whatever ..

Siddhant’s friend Zain Khan arrives

Siddhant : see Zain arrived

Zain : hi Sid !!!

Siddhant : hi Zain !!!!

Zain : (to Madhesh) sorry uncle i apologise for coming late… Engine problem …. Khehene keliye ghar me 4 car hai lekin Sab bekar hai (I have 4 cars but they all are useless)

Madhesh : (to himself) yeah just like u

Zain : did u say anything uncle ?!?!

Madhesh : Erhh nothing …

Siddhant : oh I see …

Zain : yeah … Then I thought uncle will get late .. So I booked a taxi and came here

Siddhant : WHAT !!!!! TAXI !!!

Madhesh : (laughs) gr8 …. Siddhant See … Even Zain came here to pick me up in taxi

Siddhant : whatever

Zain : uncle …. Yesterday Sid told me that u have been transferred from Kolkata to Bombay before 10 days … Now where r u going uncle ?!?!

Siddhant : Yeah …My dad worked in Kolkata for 10 days … He was transferred to Bombay again and then after 5 days he was again transferred to Kolkata

Zain : (puzzled) WHAT ?!?! TRANSFER IN 10 DAYS ?!?!

Siddhant : Yeah … U know what my dad haven’t worked more than 10 days in a single branch

Zain : I’m confused

Siddhant : I’ve give a small example

Zain : ok

Siddhant : once he worked in madras branch … There he worked only for 10days … 10th day his seniors transferred him to Bihar branch … As per transfer order 25th July he should have been there in Bihar … Unfortunately ticket was not available .. So he went to Bihar on 27th July … He saw another person in his seat… that means dad was again transferred to some place …so dad was again transferred to madras …so as per attendance he worked for 2 days in Bihar branch but he didn’t go to office on those 2 days ?

Zain : My god … I guess uncle have worked in all parts of India

Madhesh : stop talking siddhant … Go and bring my luggage

Siddhant : huh ?!?! Fine ..

Zain : uncle .. As usual u will get ur transfer order in 10days … Then what’s the need of luggage ?!

Madhesh : what to do ?!?! Well now I’m worried about siddhant’s future …. He lost his mother when he was only 2 …. And now he’s 24 and he’s still watching cartoons like a small kid… Even I’m getting transferred once in 10days … U take care of him .. So that he won’t feel lonely ..

Zain : ok uncle

Madhesh : well how’s is studying ?!?!

Zain : hmm …very poor uncle

Madhesh : yeah even in last semester he scored only 20marks out of 100

Zain : (in naughty tone) uncle u won’t believe uncle .. In the same semester I scored 80marks out of 100 .. That too I copied seeing sid’s paper (laughs)


Zain : (laughs) yes uncle


Siddhant : (yawns) what dad ?!?!

Madhesh : remember ?!?! In last semester u scored only 20marks out of 100

Siddhant : yeah ?!?

Madhesh : but Zain copied ur paper and he got 80 marks in the exam !!!! How’s this possible ?!?!

Siddhant : Zain copied my paper and he got 80 marks … I copied from the guy who was sitting in front of me and I got only 20 marks

Madhesh : that’s the point !!!!! Zain copied from u and got 80 marks And u copied from the guy who was sitting infron of u !!! U both should have got 80 marks !!!! Then how’s this possible

Siddhant : Dad , dad dad try to understand !!!!!

Madhesh : understand what !!!!

Siddhant : Zain is a BSc chemistry student and I’m BSc physics student !!! The guy who was sitting infront of me was also a BSc chemistry student

Madhesh : WHAT !!!!!!

Siddhant : yeah

Madhesh : senseless Idiot !!!! While writing exam don’t u know whether u r writing or copying physics or chemistry student’s paper ?!?!

Siddhant : how would I know whether that guy is a physics student or chemistry !!! After the exam got over he came out and said that he’s a chemistry student !!! After that what can I do ?!?!

Madhesh : useless !!!

Siddhant : dad !!! Aren’t u getting late ?!?!

Madhesh : (Sees the clock) now the time is 6:30am now I have to go .. Zain come with me ..

Zain : ok uncle .

Siddhant : bye dad

Madhesh : bye


Precap : siddhant meets Amit in saloon …. Jasmine is shown ….. New Baba ji enters ..


Plz if like or if u don’t like my ff plz say and leave ur comments .. Chappals tomatoes and slaps are welcomed

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