Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-5

Episode 4

Ragini wakes up nd widened her eyes seeing herself in sanskar embrace..she got up with jerk ,sanskar woke up by her jerk nd looks at ragini who stood shock..his jaw dropped seeing her in red color honey moon suit..
Ragini looks at him nd looks at herself..she realized she is in honeymoon suit ,the blanket with which she covered last night, fell on bed..her most of the skin visible. She covered herself with her hands nd runs into washroom immediately..
sanskar gulped his saliva..ragini in washroom feels very embarrassed..she recalls how she slept in his embrace..she closed her eyes tight nd cursed herself for her carelessness..
Sanskar says to himself omg she was like red apple.i feel like byte..he heard knock on door..he came to reality ,he slapped his forehead for his stupid thought..he took deep breath nd composed himself nd opend the door…
Cab driver came nd gave their luggage nd apologies for late..
Ragini was in still washroom..Sanskar knocks..
Ragini feels nervous to talk him..
Ragini doesnt say anything..she just biting her nails nervously..
Sanskar:cab driver came..ur clothes are here..u can change now..
Ragini:vo..vo..will u give my cloths..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar forwarded one Saree to ragini who takes from washroom..its red color..
Ragini:vo..vo..give another saree..
Sanskar gives another is also red color..
Ragini:Plz give another color..
Sanskar:kyun..wear na..reddd(stressed that word) suits u very well..
Ragini understand ,sanskar teasing her…
Ragini fumes..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:i dont want to wear red..give another one..
She said angrily..
Sanskar:if u ask like this..i will not give u anything..come out of washroom nd u only take which u want..
Ragini:ahhh..what should i do now
Sanskar:request me politely..
Ragini(makes a irritating face):sanskar jii…plz give one saree,except red color..plzz jiiii..plzzz
Sanskar:good girl..take it..
Ragini took the saree nd murmurs i will see u later..
Ragini comes out from washroom..
Sanskar(held one red shirt):ragini new reddd shirt..nice na..
She glares at him..
Sanskar:i knw it looks good..bcz its red naa..
Ragini:will u stop ur bakwas..go nd bath..
Sanskar smiles nd goes to washroom..
Ragini stares at shirt ,she pulled out all buttons of his shirt nd throws in dustbin nd says now i see how u wear this shirt..she huffs..
Sanskar came nd takes his shirt..he looks at ragini who sat nd reading magazine ,pretending like she doesnt know anything..
Sanskar (moves to her):what is this..
Sanskar:i will laugh for this joke later..first u tell..y did u do this..
Ragini:wh..what i did..
Sanskar:i knw u did this..y u brk my buttons
Ragini:i was not
Sanskar:dont lie not lying..
(ragini sat on bed ,sanskar stood infront of her)
Sanskar (bends towards her):really
Ragini(bends back):h..h..haan..
Sanskar(bends close to her face,water droplets fell on her face from his wet hair):sach mein??
Ragini throat gets dry,feeling him close to her..
Sanskar wipes those water droplets with his finger gently..ragini closed her eyes…
Ragini(still closed her eyes):hmmm
Ragini opened her eyes ,hearing his loud voice nd looks at sanskar who stood..
Sanskar:ur mbl is ringing..
Ragini feels embarrassed as she lost in his touch,she looks here nd there nd got up frm there picking her mbl..
Sanskar smiles nd ruffled his hair..
Ragini(disconnects the call):vo..vo..swara called..she asked us to come fast..
Sanskar:then what about my red can i wear now..
Ragini:stop ur drama..wear something else..swalak r waiting there..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragsan came to swalak..sanskar smiles sheepishly seeing swara who wore red chudidar…
Sanskar:areh wahh..swara u wore redddd..its very nice..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Swara:thank u jiju
Sanskar(whispered in ragini’ear):but it suit u well more than her..
Ragini:stop it
Laksh:bhai..we are hungry..lets have bf..
Ragsan nodded..
Laksh:bhai what will u have
Sanskar:anything in red
Ragini glares at him.

Sanskar:i want to eat apple..
Laksh:bhai..are u ok..
Sanskar:no laksh..
Laksh:kya hua bhai
Sanskar:im not feeling well since morning..
Laksh:what happened bhai
Sanskar teasingly looks at ragini..
Ragini annoyed by his behaviour,she gets up frm there nd walks..
Swalak looks at eo faces confusing..
Sanskar:u both have bf..i will bring her..
Swara:is ragini ok..
Sanskar nodded nd goes..
Sanskar:ragini ruko
Ragini continues her walk without hearing sanskar..
Sanskar:ruko na..ragini..
Ragini ignored him..
Sanskar reached to her nd held her hand..
Ragini(turns at him):leave my hand
Sanskar:where are u going
Ragini:i dont want to teel u
Ragini doesnt say anything..
Sanskar:areh i told sory naa..
Ragini:no need ur sorry
Sanskar:then..mein kya karoo
Ragini:leave me alone
Sanskar:no..shall i tell sorry for 100times
Ragini:do sit ups way..
Ragini:then leave me
Sanskar:see all are watching can i do sit ups..what about my reputation(he said dramatically)
Ragini turned her face not caring about his words..
Ragini smiles
Sanskar pouts nd doing sit ups..
Ragini counts 1 2 3 4 5
Sanskar feels embarrassed as who are around them watching..
Ragini:bas bas..
Sanskar:thank u madam jii
Ragini:dont tease me again..if u tease me again..i dont knw what will i do..forget what had happend morning..
Sanskar:but ragini i want to tell u one thing since morning..
Sanskar:u r very hot in that dress..
Sanskar laughs nd runs..ragini runs behind him..
Ragini:ruko sanskar
Sanskar:u cant catch me..
Ragini slips while running ,sanskar came running nd held her preventing her falling down..
They have a small eyelock..he makes her stand..ragini held his hand nd pulls him..sanskar looks at her amazed..
Ragini:u said i cant catch u..see i cought u..She winks at him..
Sanskar:this is cheating..(he said like kid)
Ragini(smiles):u teased me see..
Sanskar(moves close to her):what will u do ..
Ragini:mein..she stops as she was not sure what she is going to do..she doesn’t know y she rund behind him nd y she held him..
Sanskar:batao naa
Ragini:vo..vo..i will hit u
Sanskar:ok hit me..
Ragini (looks at his smiling face)
Sanskar:i understand..
Sanskar:u want to bite me nahh..
Ragini opened her mouth O..
Sanskar:i dont be frank..i love this type of punishments..
Ragini left him..
Sanskar laughs..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:ok..ok..i will not tease u..chalo..
Ragini:sach mein
Ragsan came to Swalak where they are feeding eo..ragini clenched her fist..
Sanskar:so sweet couple naa..
Ragini:shut up..
Laksh:u both came
Swara:ragini tum teek tho hain na..
Ragini nodded..
Laksh:ok have bf…
Ragini:i will go washroom..
Saying she left..
Ragini says to herself ragini u totally forgetting y are u here..what u thought nd what are u doing..This is bcz of sanskar..shr recalled all the incidents since last night…now i understand he was doing all this intentionally to divert ragini u have to be alert..u should tget ur laksh before they gt more close..She called someone nd smirks..
Ragsan swalak had bf nd chit chatting..One man came to them..
As soon as swara sees him ,she stood nd hugged him happily…
Sanlak looked shocked..
Ragini smiles…
Swara:missed u so much..
Man:me too baby
Laksh feels jealous..
Sanskar looks at ragini who smirks..

Sorry for late…
MK ,NIVE-really sorry for making u wait this llong.

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