Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Part 2

Mr.Right and Mrs.Always Right..!!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*”*(PART – 2)*”*”*”*”*”*”*”*
Sanskar knocks the door, Swara opened it..,
She noticed Sanskar’s sad face.
Then she asked Sanskar..,
Swara : (softly) I love u Janu
Sanskar : (slight smile) I love u too.
Swara : hmm, you are looking upset,is there any wrong..??
Sanskar remembered reason behind his sadness (book-shop incident)
Sanskar : nothing, just little bit mood off.
Swara : you look very happie when your friends revolves around you or vice-versa, and this drama is reserved for me only na..!!
Sanskar : (lovingly) it’s not like that jaan, just feeling some sickness.
Swara : han, now if your friend will call you na then your sickness will totally ran away hn…!!
Sanskar : why are u trying to traipsing my friends, I’m just slight upset that’s it..!!
With saying this Sanskar stamps his feet and made his way towards bedroom.
Swara became more angry due to Sanskar’s this type of behaviour..,
Swara : (shouting) I’m telling you Sanky, your compatible is too much bad…!!
Sanskar : (loudly from bedroom) yeah right.!! I’m with you na that’s why..!!
Swara came in bedroom and said to Sanskar..,
Swara :when you will become serious Sanky..??
Sanskar said while removing his shoes..
Sanskar : for that I’ll have to admit in hospital babe..!!
Swara : just go to hell..!!
Sanskar : I’m already in hell only..!!
With saying this both goes for opposite direction..,
At night..,
Both were lying on bed..,
Swara said while facing Sanskar..,
Swara : u know na, I can’t live without you, achcha sorry, love you..
Sanskar : it’s ok, love u too.
By saying this both cuddles with each other..,
Swara said while drawing small patterns on Sanskar’s chest..,
Swara : but u were not tell me the reason behind your sadness..,
Sanskar : hmm obviously after marriage it became you only..,
Swara : (death glare) Sanky..
Sanskar : okey,sorry..!!
Swara : hmm..,
After some-time
Swara : Sanky..,
Sanskar : hmm…
Swara : how would you describe me..??
Swara : (confused) are you preparing for your term end exam??
Sanskar : no.
Swara : then what does it mean..??
Sanskar : A : adorable
B : beautiful
C : cute
D : delightful
E : elegant
F : fashionable
G : gorgeous
H : hilarious
Swara : (blushing) Awwee.., thank you, u are best hubby in this whole world, but what about ‘IJK’..??
Sanskar : I was Just Kidding..,
Swara : (shocked) how mean Sanky…,
With this they continue for their non-stop argues sessions..,
One day..,
Swara : Sanky..??
Sanskar : Yeah?
Swara : I need to start applying more makeup right?
Sanskar : (after a split secs) If you want to
Swara : Seriously?? I can’t believe you of all people think I’m ugly now. And I can’t believe it would take you that long to respond.
Sanskar: No, babes. I think you’re very beautiful and I responded immediately. C’mon
Swara : That’s it! You ‘think’. You’re not even sure. And why the word ‘Beautiful’?? I thought you would use ‘pretty’. Damn it (sobs)
Sanskar : No no. You are the prettiest of all.
Swara : Compared to who and who? Ah! God don catch you, so you have other women outside Sanky??
Swara took lots of time to get convinced by her husband Mr. Right after all this.
One day evening Sanskar was watching TV, then Swara came there and sits with him..,
Swara : Sanky, which nations are playing today….??
Sanskar : there is no match today babe..!!
Swara : hmm is it over?? Then who are the champions..??
Sanskar : it’s not over yet, they are just resting today..,
Swara : so when the match will start again..??
Sanskar : tomorrow.
Swara : (excited)so Christiano Ronaldo will be playing tomorrow..??
Sanskar : his nation was already knocked out..!!
Swara : so which nation remaining..??
Sanskar : Brazil,Germany,Argentina and Netherland.
Swara : Neymar, Reus, Messi and persie..????
Sanskar : errr, yes.
Swara : at least I can see Neymar playing tomorrow.
Sanskar : Neymar is injured, his world cup campaign is over.
Swara : (confused) so Brazil will play with ten players..??
Sanskar : (irritated) Sweetheart!! Someone will replace him.
Swara : who..??
Sansakr gets mad now..
Sanskar : (controlling anger) how will I know that..??
Swara : I hope,Christiano Ronaldo will replace him.
Sanskar’s patience just cross all of bounds…,
Sanskar : Darling, go and make coffee for me.
Swara : (innocently) okey..!!!
Swara gave kiss on Sanskar’s cheek and goes for kitchen.
Today is a holiday of Sanskar’s office..,
At morning Sanskar was reading a newspaper by seating on couch..,
Then Swara asked him..
Swara : Sanky, can u do me a favour?
Sanskar : Sure, anything for you love
Swara : will you do all house-work today as I’m feeling bored..,
Sanskar : (shocked) what..?? all house work that too alone, not possible..!!!
Swara: Ok then, can I go through your Whatsapp chats, facebook &Text messages???
Sanskar : from which work I will have to begin..??
Swara : oh my cutty hubby..!! how much u care for me.., luv u..
Sanskar : yeah..!! luv u too…
One day night Sanskar came from office..,
Then Swara said..,
Swara : So you are late again. Why did you come lately today. You told me to get ready at 8 and it is 11 now where were you for last three hours .
Sanskar : Sorry I suddenly had to go for the meeting . I had to attend that . To miss that meeting means to bear the loss of 10 lakhs .
Swara : Do not make excuses I am aware of you and your habits. Tell me if you had to go for a meeting then why did you not inform me for that.
Sanskar : I called you but your mobile was out of coverage area .
Swara : Oh What an excuse ! I am here only from the morning and you are saying that my cell was out of coverage . Could you please show me your mobile.
Sanskar :Why do you want to see my mobile ?
Swara :I want to check either you called me or not .
Sanskar : don’t u have trust in me .You have trust in mobile but not in your own husband.(nautanky)
Swara:No actually I want to check my mobile is there any problem in my mobile and for that I will have to take your mobile as I want to ring my mobile up .So what the problem do you have ?
Sanskar : Actually in the morning I forgot to charge my mobile so while going for the meeting it was switched off . So you cannot get your no in dial list .
Swara : That’s great you always have good reasons . I want to take classes from you . When are we starting our classes .
Sanskar : Do you know one thing you are very rigid . you don’t have faith in me that’s why you always fight with me .
Swara : How can I trust you when you do not care of me . You did not even told me about your meeting and here I had been waiting for three hours getting ready .Did not you even think about me??
Sanskar : No I take care of you a lot . I know you must be waiting for me and I did not even inform you . I make you sure that we will go tomorrow .
Swara: No you are telling lie . Today also you said the same .
Sanskar: Yes I said but believe me tomorrow I will not repeat it again .
Swara: Ok but what if you repeat it again .
Sanskar :I will do whatever you will say .
Swara : okey then let me test u, how much u love me and care for me..!!
Sanskar : yeah..!! go ahead..,
Swara : What will you do if I climb the great Mount Everest?
Sanskar : (in flow)A lovely and careful full force Push…!!!
Swara : (horrified) WHAT..???
With this both again caught in Huge fight.

One day, after a quarrel, a Swara said to Sanskar,
Swara : You know what, I was a fool when I married you.
Then Sanskar replied..,
Sanskar : Yes dear, but I was in love and didn’t notice
Swara : argghhh…!!! I had to marry you to find out how stupid you are.
Sanskar : You should have known it the minute when ‘I ASKED U TO MARRY ME’.
Again lots of argument..!!!
One day night, both again started for arguing over Some Issue..
Then after couple of hours of too much discussion Swara said..,
Swara : Tell Me one thing my dear hubby..,
‘Do You Want To Win
Do You Want To Be Happy . . ?’
Argument Ended…. !!!!!!!!!

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