Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Part 1

Mr.Right and Mrs.Always Right..!!!

*”*”*”*”*”*”*”*(PART – 1)*”*”*”*”*”*”*”*
It has been passed 2 and half years for Swara-Sanskar marriage..
This story is describing their marriage life.
After taking glance of their marriage life, conclusion reach to the point of following :-
Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari : MR.RIGHT
Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheshwari : MRS.ALWAYS RIGHT.

Sanskar works for one MNC company..,
It was lunch time..,
Sanskar and his colleagues were doing lunch together with doing chit-chatting and some more fun..
Then one of Sanskar’s colleague announced that he is going to be marry soon.
That’s it..!! just hearing this only Sanskar tries all his best for saving one innocent life..

Sanskar said in very serious tone to Laksh (whose marriage has been fixed)
Sanskar : (convincing tone) Lucky, Do you know the meaning of WIFE buddy..???
By listening this question Laksh gave blank look to Sanskar..
Sanskar : ohkey,relax..!! don’t give too much stress to your little un-useful brain..
Laksh gave death glare to Sanskar..
Sanskar : don’t give me this look damn..!! I’m just trying to save your life buddy which is standing on the edge of entrance of hell..!!
Laksh : kya yaar Sanky..??? what are u talking about, I’m not getting anything..,
Sanskar : arey just listen carefully…, WIFE means ‘Without Information Fighting Every time’

* * * * * *
On other side..
Swara was applying face-lotion while talking with one of her closest friend Ragini whose marriage date is just confirmed before some days ago only..
Swara : no darling, it means ‘With Idiot For Ever’.
After sometime still on call..
Swara : and husband means, ’Headaches Unlimited Since Beginning And Never Dimnishes ’ .
* * * * * *
After office, Sanskar was doing grocery shopping as per orders of Mrs. Always Right…
But after some couple of minutes, he became so confused related about the things, then he thought to call and ask his wifey once more..,
But he noticed something, then he did watsapp to his wifey..,
On Whatsapp…
Sanskar : Call Me Shona
Swara : mera Shonu Babu.
Sanskar: ufffff.., Call Me Sweetheart
Swara: my sweetu Sweetheart.
Sanskar: arrrgghhh.., Call Me Honey..
Swara: Mera hannu darling.
Sanskar :oye, one screw loose, call kar mujhe, balance nhi hai..!!!

Swara: huunnn..????
Sanskar : ohh, my dear jaan, so sorry.., do call me na..!! need to clear my confusion.
Swara : han, okey., but never repeat this type of behaviour again..!!
Sanskar : yeah..!! never ever will dare to talk like this even my dream also..!!
Swara : hmm, that’s good for you only..!!!
* * * * * *
After completing his grocery shopping Sanskar goes for one book-store and asked..,
Sanskar : excuse me, do you have a book called, ‘Husband-The master of Wife..!!’ or something like ‘How to make control on Grotesque-Wife’..???
Sales boy replies that..,
Sales boy : hmm sir, comic department is on 2nd floor..!!
* * * * * *
Sanskar made his way towards home in disappointment.

Precap : some more nok-jhok at home.

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