Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 6 (Swasan Pranks-1)

Hii guys!!!!!! I will give the next episode on April 23rd!!! Sure!!! Okay why to waste time let’s go into the story!!!!

Next morning,
Swara woke up early morning (Why won’t she wake up??? She has to irritate Sanskaar na.) She got ready to invite the guests with Sanskaar but you know na sanskaar being lazy didn’t come down still. Swara went to wake up our lazy bug.

In sanskaar room,

The room was completely messing and Sanskaar was in an awkward position, I mean he was hugging his pillow and was sleeping maybe we can say dreaming. Swara entered the room. She was mesmerized seeing Sanky in that position.

Swara thinking: See how cute he is while sleeping!!! But when he get up na then he will create a mess her. Oh god!!! I forgot!!! Already its messy right??? By the way, why am I even thinking about these all stupid things??? Let me wake him up in my way(Smirks at sanky who was engrossed with his sleep).

Swara brought a bucket full of water and pour it on Sanskaar. He wakes up with a jerk.

Sanskaar: What have you done Swara???

Swara: I just woke up you, whats there in it???

Sanskaar: Oh will you just say is this the way to wake up a person!!

Swara: Of course, there are many ways. But I chose this.

Sanskaar: You will never change na. But wait and watch what I can do, Miss Swara Gadodia!!!

Swara: All the best, Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari!!!

Swara leaves the room, making Sanskaar fume in anger.

Sanskaar gets ready and are about to leave in Sanky’s car. But………………….

Sanskar: What are you waiting for???? Sit!!!

Swara: Excuse me!

Sanky comes out of car and

san: What’s ur problem,Swaraji???

Swara: Actually the roads are not in a good condition!!! So, we can’t go in car.

Sanskar: Now don’t say that we have to go in your stupid scooty.

Swara: How dare, Ha???? We had only one transport, that is Scooty. If you want you come then you had only one choice.

Sanskar: Okay coming, baby!!!

Swara: Hmmm

Sanskar: Sorry!!

SWASAN left. In the way, there are many speed brakers. Due to the speed brakers, Sanskar always falls on Swara. She gets irked.

Swara: Don’t you know how to sit with a girl.

San: Hmmm..

Swara: Always falling on me. Don’t you boys never leave an opportunity to touch a girl!!!

San: Stop!!!

Swa: What??

San: I said stop!!!

Swara stops the Scooty. San: Can I drive ur scooty so that I won’t fall on you.

Swa: Okay!!

Swara handles the scooty to Sanskar and asks him to drive it carefully.

But Sanky is Sanky only!!! He is driving so recklessly. Swara gets angry. While driving, Sanskar sees a speedbraker and goes lil speed and decreases immediately so that Swara fall on him.

Swa: Oye Mister, stop the scooty.

San doesn’t pay any heed.

Swa: Stop!!!(She screams)

Sanskar stops by listening her screams. San: Now whats ur problem???

But swara didn’t pay any heeds and pulled him out of the scooty.

San: Can’t understand what’s going n in ur mind??

Swa: See if you drive, I am not liking it. Even if I drive I am not liking it. So plz I don’t want you to touch me so let’s walk!! Did you get my point???

San: What?? No way, I am not going to walk with you!! My legs will pain yaar!!! Can’t u understand??

Swara nodes no.

San: Okay coming.(I will see her end. I am bearing all these because we have to invite guests and I don’t know any one’s house.)

They both first went to Abhi uncle’s house. He is deaf. Sanky doesn’t know this . They went to his office.

Swara was about to say something but Sanskar stops her. He whispers to her ” I will say. She is my sis”. Swara first gets angry but then smirks. Swa: Okay!!

Swara waits in the Waiting room. Sanskar went to Abhi uncle’s room. He was seen taking drugs. He felt disgusting but what can he do he have to invite him na.

San: Uncle woh…

Abhi comes and hugs sanky in a harsh manner. Sanky hardly reciprocates. San: Woh uncle…..

Abhi: Oh come and sit.

San: Uncle, let me speak…………….

Abhi: What will you drink Sanskar, coffee or tea???

San (angry) : Uncle at least will you allow me to speak.

Abhi : Oh you want coffee!!! Okay then,….

Sanskaar hardly tries to tell but Abhi won’t listen!!!

Swara was sitting outside and laughing seeing Sanky whereas he is giving death glares to her!!

Then enters our heroine Swara. Swara was not talking but is using some sign language to make him understand. Aftertime,
Abhi : Oh!! Thanks for the invitation. Swara signs that’s OK.

They both left.
Swara was continuously laughing. Sanskaar was glaring her.
San : Why didn’t you said that Abhi uncle is deaf.
Swa : If I said about then how can I have thrill!!
San : You and ur thrill!!!! My foot!!!
Swa : Just shut up!!! Will you waste your whole time here only.???
San : No and it’s because of you.
Swa : Okay then don’t come with me.
San : But……
Swa : I knew you don’t know anyone’s house. So stop and come.

Sanskaar went angrily with Swara.

Next they went to Prakash Uncle’s house. They were standing near the gate. This time Swara herself told Sanskaar to go first. Using this as opportunity he went first. He entered the house in heroic manner. He stepped inside the house and say and dog. He was shocked seeing it. He was not getting words to shout. Our naughty shona is enjoying his scare. The dog immediately barked and was running to bite Sanky. Then sanky ran in full speed outside shouting “Mummy…. Save me from this monster ” “Ah it will bite me ” “haa ”
He went outside and saw Swara laughing like hell seeing his fear for dog.

San : Stop laughing. You…….
Swa : Once you yourself see your face in mirror and talk okay!!!! We don’t have much time. Come let’s go in.
San :I won’t go first. You go.
Swa : For ur kind information, this is ur sister marriage. So you should go first and invite.
San : Pls….
Swa : Okay but everytime you should allow me only to go first.
San (She’s teasing me but I can’t do anything. Okay, every dog has its day . Today maybe this dog’s day. But even I will get a chance. Don’t worry bubbly! ) : Okay, you only go, bubbly!!!

Swara gets irritated but doesn’t pay any heed.

They go to the house and only Swara was only speaking not giving any chance to Sanskaar. He was trying to talk but……..
After sometime, Prakash uncle also indirectly scolds Sanky. Sanskaar gets angry. Swara was controlling her laugh.

The full day Swara was playing pranks on Sanskaar whereas Sanskaar was waiting for a chance to irritate her.

At night,
In gadodia mansion,

Sanskaar was with Ayush. He was showing him an iPhone and was asking.
San : What will make ur sister angry??
Ayush in a hypnotising manner : She doesn’t like anyone sitting on terrace. She hates them who spoil it.

Ayush grabs IPhone from Sanskaar and Sanskaar smirks.

At 10 p. m.

At terrace,
Swara just reached the terrace and was shocked to see its position and even Sanskaar there. She was boiling or you can think fuming in anger.

So what did Sanskaar do to the terrace that Swara became angry??? To know that just stay tuned to my story, Mr. Perfect (Swaragini)


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