Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 5 ( Swasan, the rivals)

Hiii guys!!! I’m back with the ff. Link for previous episode:
Episode-4: Read Here

So lets get onto to the story…………….

Episode – 5:

In India,
In Gadodia Mansion,

Dp, ap and kavitha were laughing like hell!!!!! Sanskaar was embarrassed seeing them laughing and Shekhar and Sharmishta were supporting Sanskaar.
Dp : OMG Sanskaar!!! Ur awesome man!!!!
Sanskaar : Dad!! Will you just be quiet for sometime.
Kavitha : We can’t be quiet bhai. We got only this chance to tease you!!!!
Ap : Yes Sanskaar!!! We can’t get a chance.
Sumi : Arey ap, why will you tease my little boy!
Sumi cupped Sanskaar’s face and Sanskaar kept an innocent face.
Dp : Oh what a Melo drama sumi ji.
Shekhar : It’s not at all a drama ji. Our Sanskaar innocently fell in the trap of that girl. That’s it.
Dp : Oh!!!! Went off big boss to bring a mechanic!!! Already I asked that I will accompany him but our hero, sry zero went t bring a mechanic. (Dp, Kavitha, Ap laughs uncontrollably)

Sanskaar: Arey papa stop it na!!!!

Kavitha: Sanky atleast lets enjoy now ra babu!!!!!

Sumi: Arey Kavitha beti it’s ok ra!!! Stop teasing him like this!!!

Kavitha: Arey!!! You don’t know aunty!!! How much he will tease us???

Shekhar: Now Sanskaar, promise you won’t tease them again.

Sanskaar( half heartedly): Okay Shekhar uncle, I promise!!!

Dp, Ap and Kavitha stay quiet for sometime and laughs again.

Sanskaar: Uncle, Aunty see them!!!Again laughing!!!

Sumi: Everyone be quiet.

Sanskaar POV: Arey!! First time because of that girl everyone are teasing me!!! If I see that girl once again na, then see how I will tease her.

POV ends.

Ap: By the way, where is Swara and Ayush??

Ayush comes and says: I am here Aunty!!!

Ap: Arey Ayush beta come.

Ayush goes to Ap.

Sumi: Ayush!!! Don’t even dare to sit on aunty’s lap.

Everyone laughs except sanky as he is embarrassed about the incident.

Then our heroine, Swara enters.

Swara: Namestey Aunty, Uncle!!!!

Swara takes Dp, ap’s blessings.

Sanskaar was hell hell shocked to see Swara there!!!!

Mind talking of Swasan:

San: How dare you Swara????? To make me walk for kilometres???? I will see ur end today!!!!

Swa: What end You will see ra???? I will only make you to run away from here!!!!

San: You can’t Swara ji!!!

Swa: Why can’t I ???? I am the one who made you to walk for kilometres!!!!

San: Oh just forget about it!!!!

Swa: Oh!!! Not that much fast Mr. Darling!!!! I will make you to drink 3 litres of river water!!!

San: Challenge!!!

Swa: Challenge!!!!

Mind talking ends.

Dp: Ohk come lets have lunch!!!

Shekhar: Yeah!!!

In Dining room,

Swara, Sumi, ap were serving. Shekhar, Dp, Kavitha, Sanskaar, Ayush were sitting.

Just then Sumi served a Ladoo for Sanskaar but he said he don’t like it. Then Swara came and whispered to him : It’s not ur house to eat whatever you want!!!! It’s our house. So eat what we serve you here.

And Swara serves 2 ladoos for sanskaar. Sanskaar fumes in anger. He observes Ayush eyeing on his glasses.

San: Arey!! Ayush what do you want????

Ayu: Are ur glasses made of gucci????

San: No!!! Do you want my glasses!!!

Ayu nodes: Yes!!!

San: Then say what will make ur sister fume in angry???

Ayush: My sister nickname is Bubbly. She hates anyone calling her this name.

Sanskaar gives his glasses to Ayush. He gets a naughty idea in his mind!!!

Sanskaar: Amma Bubbly baby, can you serve me 2 ladoos???

Everyone there was shocked. Swara was fuming in anger. She immediately ran to the dining room from kitchen and served 2 ladoos for sanky. Sanskaar was giving a victory sigh for her whereas she was fuming. Everyone there were giggling seeing Swasan’s childishness.

Shekhar: So dp, shall we go to invite our relatives tomorrow??

Dp: Actually I had some work.

Shekhar: If you didn’t come then I also won’t go.

Dp: I knew it so I want to send Sanskaar for inviting everyone.

Sanskaar(Shockingly): Me!!!

Shekhar: But he don’t know anyone’s house here na.

Dp thinks for a while. Just then Swara was serving Dp. Dp gets an Idea.

Dp: Why can’t we send Shona with Sanskaar:

Swara: Uncle me!!! But why????

Shekhar: Yeah ur right!!! She knows everyones house. Swara and Sanskaar will go to invite relaties and thats final.

Swasan nodded in yes.

Swara was sad but Sanskaar was happy because he can take revenge on her.

Sanskaar POV:

Now I got a chance to take revenge on You Swara Gadodia. Wait and watch Sanskaar’s touch.


How’s the episode???? Is it upto the mark. If yes plz comment.

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