Mr perfect or not I love you my Prince Charming Raglak os

Ragini,ragini shurwa ,she was his breath ,his soul,his heart beat ,his life moreover himself.He loved her from the base of her heart. She was his everything. Her sadness,happiness everything belongs to him.He is ready to do anything for her.He always does. Why can’t she understand his love??

She said that he’s not up to her Prince charming.she wants him to be perfect n rich.Her prince will come n take her.Laksh was hurt.His heart was broken into shreds.His world revolved around her.

Ragini met sanskar n felt him her prince charming.Both were happy at first.Days went by,sanskar n ragini always tried to Mr.or ms.perfect.They faked themselves.

Ragini had started to fall for Lakshya,her heart wants him more. She was herself with him.Ragini started to fall for lakshya more.The more she looked,the more she fell into the canal of his love.

Ragini started changing.sanskar said ur not my princess n perfect. Nowadyas,you are too annoying .He said let’s break up.

Ur not my princess n perfect,sanskar word echoed in her ears,while Ur not my prince charming n Mr. Perfect her words to laksh ringed ,while his voice ur my princess n life lingered in her tympanum.

She realised,long ago she had fallen really hard for him.She was running n shouting I love u lakshya…..

Neventee nenuntee bagundhi chala
Nee nedakku perunte naadhai yela….plays…

She was happy n twirling. She went to laksh home n saw marriage preparations was going on.Tears welled in raginis eyes,a lump was in her throat,she gasped for air.She was an idiot.was she really too late to realise her love.Her vision became blur,when a strong hands caught her.she blacked out.Laksh was sitting near ragini.She saw him walk out. She stood up with difficulty n followed him.She went to stage n said

I’m an idiot ,stupid…

Laksh stopped in his tracks n turned…

Ragini continued yes laksh I’m a fool,I realised I love you, but now you r going to marry.pls laksh don’t leave me,I love you pls I know I’m late.I love you Laksh ,she shouted.

Laksh was with tears.he went near her.she hugged him.Laksh said I too love you ragini but…Ragini said pls not but vut n all laksh. See leave this marriage let’s go,I promise you are enough for me.Perfect or not.I don’t care I love pls.He smiled n said I too love u princess,this is my bros marriage n not mine.How can I give my princess place to someone.Ragini hugged him n said I love you my Prince Charming…..

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    its short but sweet…. n yup a perfect moment is required to realize our fault….. so did Ragu…..

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    short…amazing…..nice concept…. …,

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  7. Simple yet perfect…..truly amazing the whole story was scripted amazingly. Wwesome divkeep writing such amazing imaginations

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    awesome dear…short and sweet os…loved it…

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  26. It’s outstanding os dear ????? Loved Raglak scenes ??? but it’s very small dear. If possible write more more Raglak stories. Love you dear and take care ????????

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