mr and ms attitude (part 2) swasan

Here swara enters , the college and was chit chatting with her friend ragini but suddenly a boy went to her and said that” all seniors are calling their juniors for a meet and all should be there . Since swara and ragini were first year students, they have to go there , and meet their Seniors. They went there, but suddenly swara felt a strange feeling that someone who is near to her heart is here , her heart is continuously saying that go and meet him, but she was not able to recognize the person. She was lost in her thoughts that suddenly a senior said ” hey girl, i think you are not listening to us,you are lost somewhere. So share with us what you are thinking”.Listening to them,she got angry because her heart is continuously giving a strange feeling and this senior is showing her attitude . she said to him , hey you why will i share with you what im thinking .
While he was saying that a boy passed from their . Look like ,he is here a new student , who have shifted here to this branch .

Listening to her , he said ” hey dude what is happening there ?”
To which his friend replied ” nothing sanskar, seniors are ragging first year students.
Sanskar’ s heart was continuously saying to go there, but he jerked his thoughts because he had to meet principal.
On the other side the senior said ” woh calm down seems like you are beauty with attitude , we do not want to know about you.
After their small introduction all went from their and attended their classes.
After attending their classes, a boy was running and got clashed with swara.
He didn’ t said anything to her and went away

but swara was in a bad mood today , so swara started cursing him, and listening to her curses boy took out a water bottle from his bag and poured it on swara.
Whole college was looking at him opem mouthed.
After that he noticed that he was wet in orange juice which was poured by swara.
After that both started fighting like cats and dogs and didn’t left the things which came on their way.
One throwed the mud, other throwed the food.
Both were continuously fighting , and their friends came and took both of them away .
When boy was leaving he said ,if we say sorry to others we don’t get small, ms attitude.
Swara said to him ” this follow for you also attitude.
Whole college was open mouthed but someone spoke ” a new love story is going to begin, get ready people.
By going boy’ s friend ask him “what happen sanskar , why are you smiling?
Same happend at swaras side also and both replied” nothing yaar, just remembered a sweet memory while fighting with her/ him

I know story is boring and not upto the mark but it will get interesting in future


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