mr and ms attitude (part 1) swasan

leap of 10 yrs

A boy is seen coming out of airport with muscular abs and charming smile on his face. He was soo handsome that every girl was drooling over him. He waves his hand in a stylish way and winks at them.
After that he looked here and there and saw a man was standing there with his name on sign board . He went to him and closed his eyes with his hands and said ” pehchano kaun?”

Listening to him man got very happy and said ” sanskar baba you recognized me, i thoug ht you will not remember me?” .Listening to him he said how can i not remember you kaka , you are my family member, does anyone forgets his family?,no na, then how can i?” Waise kaka how are you and how is surekha maa, i missed her so much “. She also missed you baba, come we will go home and will surprise all your family .
After that they reached home and sanskar quitely went in his home because no one was aware that he was coming ,it was a surprise for all of them.He was walking quietly inthe house but suddenly the lights got on and he noticed that a gun was pointed towards him and a mid aged was holding it. Seeing him he asked ” how dare you?,you entered my house without my permission. Seeing the gun sanskar gulped in fear and was seeing the man with fearful expressions but suddenly a lady entered and said ” I’m fed up from you both , you have both have met each other after a long time and are meeting like enemies . Listening to her both sanskar and man burst into laughter and hugged each other and said both in unison ” i missed you son/papa.

Another side a beautiful girl is shown getting ready .Suddenly a boy came and said “di come fast or you will get late for college” .She got ready her hazel eyes were mesmerizing . She went down and saw a man sitting with newspaper with fully engrossed in it.Suddenly a idea came in her mind, she went near him and started massaging her head . Feeling it she said ” sharmistha you are massaging so well today or else you break my bones everyday”.

He saw that instead of his wife there is some other smooth and soft touch but suddenly he also heard a thud sound and saw that sharmistha was standing there and glaring at him and he smiled sheepishly.After that he went from there making an excuse and all bursted out in laughing and then he came back she said ” i know handsome I’m better than your wife” and the man said ” i know beta ,its my bad luck that i got married to your mother “he said this with a fake sad face. Listening to this the lady bursts out laughing and said” shona this is not fairyou always help your dad to tease me,sometimes help me also” she said this with a pout and all started laughing again. Spending some family time , she went to her college.

Both swara and sanskar are unware from today onwards there is going to be a new start of their life.


  1. Anurta


    |Registered Member

    Finally u posted the 1st part
    Waiting eagerly for further episodes try to post them soon……..
    Will be waiting for it still I’m restless
    Today’s part is sssuuuupppeeerrrbbb………………..😘😘yet I need a long part from u
    Hope u will fulfil my wish.

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