Mr. & Mrs.Sarna #Os

“Dimaag kharab kar diya hai….Abhi tak nahi aya….”, said Twinkle who was folding clothes in her room with an angry expression.
” Jab dekho tab….Office….Main toh mar gayi hoon na….Galti kar di shaadi karke Maine iss sadu se…”,blabbered Twinkle throwing her kurta which she was folding.The kurta flew in the air and landed on Kunj’s face ,who had just entered the room.
He removed it and saw Twinkle with a stern look.
Kunj- yeh kya hai!!…Kya kar rahi hai tu?…Cheeze idhar udhar pheke jaa rahi hai….
Twinkle took her kurta back and folded it and kept all the clothes in the cupboard ignoring Kunj.
Kunj kept his bag on the couch and started removing his clothes…..
“Uff….Kitni garmi hai…..upar se office ka kaam…..Dad ne toh aaj phasa diya…..”, Kunj said.
Kunj- Twinkle?…. Twinkle!!!!….Are you listening or not?….Hey….
He got up and went towards Twinkle who was busy in setting the clothes in the cupboard.He wrapped her in his arms from behind and spoke, “Hey…..Twinkie…Kya hua?hmmm?”
He kissed her cheek from back and tickled her tummy….
Twinkle pushed him back and turned around….
Twinkle- Will you stop irritating me??
Go away…. Go away to your office…. Didn’t we plan to go to watch a movie today and then to have dinner at a restaurant??? Bolo Mr.Sarna…
Kunj- What??? When did we plan it?
Twinkle- WOW! Perfect…Ab tum cheeze bhoolne bhi lage hoon haan?….Khana khana toh nahi bhoolte…
Kunj- Twinkle…Calm down….I am sorry I really forgot…
Twinkle- Oh I should calm down? Do you mean I am shouting?….Haa?
Kunj- Nahi woh…Woh main…..
Twinkle- Chup ho jao bilkul….Khud tum Jagga Jasoos dekhkar aa gaye apne dosto ke saath, Biwi ke saath toh movie kharaab Lagti naa!….When I had finally planned to watch it ,you ruined it….Bhaad me jao…

She closed the cupboard and went to washroom leaving a poor Kunj behind.
“Yeh stupid darwaaza….”, said TwinkleBanging the washroom door…
Twinkle-Kabse keh rahi hoon,get this door repaired but nahi….Sab kaam main Karun…
“Kunj!!!! Yeh joote yahan ko pheke hai???Ek baar main smajh nahi aata?”, Twinkle complained on seeing his clothes spread up….
Kunj reached her and spoke,” Twinkle!…Kyu bekaar main PMSing kar rahi hai?… I know you are irritated due to this monthly Jhanjat…But please spare me.”
Twinkle- Kunj…What do you mean ?….I am PMSing??? Kunj I’m not having Monthly jhanjat….OK? I guess you tumhe bhi monthly jhanjat ho raha hai, sab bhool jaate ho..
Kunj- Bas kar….Tu bhi toh bahut kuch bhool jati hai…
Twinkle-What did I forget?

Kunj- accha? You forgot that you had promised to give me a French Kiss after seeing it on YouTube???
Twinkle- aise cheeze toh badi jaldi yaad rehti hai! …..Typical Aadmi….Admiyon ko s*x ke alawa kuch dikta khahan hai?
Kunj- Maine kiss ke baare main khaha naa ki USS ke baare main..Aur
Woh bhi toh hamne itne Dino se Nahi kiya hai….Dekh Pagal mat ban …apne hot husband ko daant mat….Twinkle laughed a bit and said- Hot?? Toond nikal rahi hai aur apne ko hot samajh rahe hoo??? Adrak ho gaye ho tum kahin se bhi bad rahe ho…
Kunj- Pagal hai kya?? Kya bak rahi hai?? Khud toh tu Siyappa Queen hai…Sare kaam gadbad karti hai….Khane main namak ke jagah cheeni dal deti hai…. Sote hue bad bad karti hai…Match dekhte waqt irritate karti hai…Kamre ki Batti jalake chod jaati hai….Akele Akele mall jati hai….Pagal Aurat!
Twinkle- Main Pagal?? Haa!
Kunj- ha tu….Pagal aurat hai tu!! Mujhpe chilla rahi hai…jaa raha hoon sone aa Jana….
Saying this He went and laid down on the bed….
Twinkle also came there after changing into her night gown….
She lied down on her back…Kunj embraced himself in his arms and snuggled into her but Twinkle pushed him and turned to the other side….
“Abbé yaar! Ab isse manana padega…Maine phaltu bol diya… Beta Kunj kal mission Biwi pura Karna padega…”, kunj thought and slept….
So peeps this is another os on Twinj ….It’s a bit funny I guess… I am trying out different plots to write on… Give your feedbacks on it if you like it…..
Till then,
Byee ????

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  1. Sohi

    Very funny
    Just loved it
    Continue this soon
    Can’t wait

  2. Sidmin ki sadia

    Wow cheenu soo funny luv twinki dialogues. That adrak hogaye ho kahin se bhi bad rahe ho hehhe. Just perfectly. Written. Amazingly

  3. yrr cheenu amazing awesome funny os ???????????

    yrr ise padhkar twinj ki tei ki fight yaad aa gayi ….

    thank u once again for ur best wishes thank u dear?????????

    yrr love vs infatuation aur apna ff post kar de plZZZZzz

    luv u

  4. Sameera

    Wow cheena amazinggggg hàhahah ????????funny re …
    Do cont soon ..

  5. Superb os cheena ❤️
    Ur both os are awesome best brilliant ?
    Previous os Best os till now I read ?
    No words for u speechless ?
    Funny ? too ?
    Kunj ko bhi pmsing ho rha hai ?
    Post soon some more like

  6. Fenil

    Funny OS.
    Excellent work.
    Loved it.

  7. SidMin23

    Love it and continued next part soon.

  8. Presha

    Loved it

  9. Nishuu

    Awesome os my dear
    Loved it

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous….do continue soon

  11. Supriya18d

    hehehe… funny…. next plz

  12. Ramya

    Awesome cp amazing it’s so cute so funny
    Amazing lovely
    Love you keep smiling

  13. Baby

    hahah cheenu luvd it ♥
    osm mera has haske bura haal hogaya hai ♥
    srsly plsss yr do post asap ♥
    love u ♥

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