Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 3

Ajay was sitting next to janaki while ragini and her chief were examing her…

He injects her injection…
Janaki hisses in painn by saying maa..
In india parvathi jerks while doing champi to his son i law..
Laksh:- dadi what happen why you jerked..
Parvathi:- i thought some one close to my heart called me..
Laksh:- who will be close to your heart more than me dadi..
Parvathi cares his hair about to do champi arjun pushes him and sits in his place ..dadi smiles and does his champi too.
Dayal and shailaja sees this and
Dayal:- maa is thinking about her much i tired to knew about them but i was not successed..i failed as a brother.i didnt protected her nor supported her…
Shailaja:- that time you were not their dayal.plss dont blame yourself and one day see you will definetly find her and bring her here..
Dayal:- for that dad should accept naa. After these many years also he was still same at least he didnt changed by seeing maa struggle between her kid and husband.
Shailaja:- keep faith in durga maa dayal.we will find her and her family too.
In london.

Ragini:- keep faith in wai guru papajii everything will be fine and i am ready to go india but how they will react and what i shpuld say..
Ajay:- if you said your identity they will threw you out.
Ragini:- then how can i go dad.if i go also on what reason i should enter their house..who will help..
Ajay:- your mother friend atul mehta he was family doctor their i will first ask him what condition were their right now then we will plan something.

Ragini:- dad is it will be correct by going their by hiding my identity..

Ajay:- we have to do it ragini..


Here pravathi was walking and feeling suffocated..she touches her heart snd falls down from stairs shocking everyone..

All takes her to hosiptal ..

Harish was standing outside icu .
All were tensed and roaming here and their..
Atul comes out by removing mask..
Harish and dayal goes to atul room ..

Atul:- uncle dayal i am saying again aunty was worryingvabout something .if we dont take her worries from her mind then it will effect her health more and we all knew what was her worries…

Dayal and atul looks towards harish who was thinking deeply..

Dayal:- baba plss atleast think for mom..

Harish:- atul call best doctors from anywhere in world and asks them to take care of you aunty by staying in our home only and dayal not only you even i am searching for them as we dont knew about his surname i unable to do anything..

Atul:- i am calling a surgeon from london uncle she wascyoung but well named and one of the top heart surgeons in london.aunty badly needs surgory..

harish:- hmm and dont think about money i am ready to pay any amount….

Atul:- no need for that we will pay nornaly only as she works on principals and ethics and one more thing she was indian only but brought up their..i will call her tomorriw only then.

Harish:- hmm if it possible ask her to stay at our home untill pravathi gets fine completely..

Atul:- ha ha why not but she was coming here for few months untill then in your home uncke its ok for you.

Harish:- haa by the way what her name..

Atul:- ragini singh i mean ragini saxena..

Harish:- ok we will make arrangenents for her saying this he goes out..

Atuo breaths out and says uff tsunami atai atai ruk gaya…and sees dayal watching him doudtedly

Atul :- why are you seeing me like that..

Dayal:- you were about to say singh right..

Atul:- i was saying saxena only but my tongue twisted and it came as singh.

Dayal:- hmm..but call her immediatedly i am worried about mom.

Atul :- hmm..

After leaving dayal..
Atul immediatedly call ajay and says everything and asks,ragini to get ready and
Dont let her tell tgat sge is punjabi and hide singh name in her name..

Ajay:- that all was ok but how is mom.

Atul:- few blocks are their in her heart but nothing to worry.. i will send reports to ragini and aks her to start immediatedly.

After few minutes..

Janaki:- i want to go india,right now and about to get up..ragini stops her and says..

Mom you shoukd get up or react like that you just had surgeory and how can you react like that when i promised you that i will maje everything fine. To night i am starting to india and i received reports to no danger is their mom ok..

Janaki nodes..

Ragini hugs dev outside their private jet..

Dev:- make everything fine and bring our big family here and if anyone says anyrhing just remember your bhai is here and we..

Rag and dev:- punjabi mundas wont fear for everything..

Ragini flies and looks outside saying.

Here we go maheswaris you poti is coming to make everything fine..

Laksh:- should we pick up her dad..

Dayal:- no she will directly fly to this hospital and make each and every arrangements in our house as she going to stay in out home for mom sake and some her personel matters to..

Laksh :- ok dad i will see everything..

Arjun:- is she beautifull dad ..

Dayal and arjun glares him..

Arjun:- fine i am going..

Next day…

Laksh was at recrption and filling some formalities..
While remaining all were staying outside atul cabin and seeing him talking to a girl..

Ragini:- dont worry uncle as you too knew that this operation was easy one and i will do it successfull..but what you said to them..

Atul:- i said your half name only i didnt mention singh and one more thing i said you will stay for few months and they accepted you to stay in their home and as a care taker too and one more thing just tried to avoid punjabi language and your dadi is ok with you but your dada was just searching you people just for your dadi but he didnt forgive your dad and he still wont accept as u people were punjabi.

Ragini:- i dont understand uncle punjabi and bengali is just religions but we are humans na..

Atul:- dont discuss like this with them.first try to win their hearts and i knew you will do it as no one csn stay away from you with out loving you.

Ragini:- hmm lets go to OT and i feeling nervous as all family members are standing outside..

Atul:- dont show any expressions on your face your dadaji will find immediatedly.

Ragini:- ok.

Atul:- hmm lets go out..

He opens door and all stand up seeing him snd then their gaze shifts to the person next to him..

Dayal looks at him and feels something different like someone close to him standing infront of him.

Atul:- she is doctor ragini saxena from london..

Ragini looks at dayal dadajii sumitra feeks emotional and does namastai..

Atul:- shall we go ragini.

Ragini:- jii.

She turns and takes blessing from dadaji by touching his feet.

Dadaji blesses her and says what are you doing beta..

Ragini in uk slang:- bless me that i can do my best as your were elder to me..

Dadaji shocks and blesses her..
She turns and leaves wearing her operation dress just tgen laksh comes and stands next to dadajii and sees ragini from back..

Dadajii:- she is bought from birth in london but still has our indian values in her although her language is different from us..

Dayal in mind :- why i feel that i knew her and her eyes saying something for me..

Laksh sees arjun looking at direction in which ragini went he goes and jerks him and asks what happen.

Arjun:- bhai she was just beautifull and so cute bhai..shit why god make her born elder to me…kash she was younger i would have proposed her but no problem you propose her and make her as my babhi aww she is so cute bhai..

Laksh:- will you shut up here situation is serious and you were adoring her..

Arjun:- arey i am sure operation will be successfull after all my beaury lady is doing it and you knew she impressed dadajii too.

Laksh :- you were unbelivable..

After few hours..

Ragini comes out covering her hair and nose ..
Dadaji and dayal goes to her and says..

How is she..

Ragini:- dont worry uncle she was fine and ww removed blocks too..after few minutes we will change her into personel icu as few hours observation is important..

Dadaji:- thank u so much beta..

Ragini:- its ok uncle.

Dadaji goes from their with atul while dayal just looks at ragini..

Ragini emotionally says in mind mamu…and says loudly..

Dont worry uncle your mom was fit and fine.

Dayal:- who are you..

Ragini:- jii.

Dayal:- i dont knew why but why do i feel i knew you..

Ragini:- sometime we will have strange apnapan feelings with unknown too..

Dayal:- hmm may be thank u for saving my mom.

Ragini smiles and about to go..

Arjun comes with laksh dragging themself close to her..

Ragini and laksh looks at each other while ragini thinks laksh maheswari mamus elder son.

Laksh while lost in her eyes in mind:- dad was right and arjun too something is their in her eyes attractive..
He comes to his senses when arjun shakes him ..

Arjun:- what bhai when i am intriducing you where you lost she forwarded her hand to but you.

Laksh:- nothing like that shut up..

After few hours dadi was shifted to special ward while all were sitting with her..

Laksh:- dadi now their willbe no reason for you to stay unhealthy and we will have special doctor in our home to…so get ready to love me more than your son.ok smiles while pravathi too smiles..

Just then door opens and ragini entrs with atul while atul sits next to dayal..

Ragini continusely speaks in uk sland with nurse …while she looks at atul worried face..

Raginu:- i need you to be here every second with your open eyes and dont sleep and these all injections are important and more important one is this one but for this you will call me and i need you to monitor mrs.maheswaris heaet beat deep sounds every minute do you get that..
She lifts her head and sees nurse worried and confused face.

Ragini:- what happen why are u looking at me like i am alien and speaking some different language oh oh dont tell me you dont knew english…

Nurse looks at atul he smiles and explains her what ever she said .nursw nodes and says to ragini.

Sry mam i knew english and i can understand too but you were talking so fastly and i only get injection word and bows her head.

Laksh slowly to arjun:- now see she will scold that poor soul after mistake is her only..

Arjun:- how can you say that.

Laksh:- beauty with brain and attitude..

Arjun:- lets see.

Laksh:- lets see.

Ragini closes her eyes breaths out and says i am so sorry next time when ever i will talk with you i will try to speak slowly and i can understamd hindi pretty well but if i try to speak you will become old..
So once again i am sorry..

Nurse:- its ok mam i will monitor mam every minute.

Ragini smiles and nodes..

She turns and laksh gets dumb seeing her …

Laksh :- this arjun was right .she was damm cute..

Ragini:- checks pravathi pulse ..she gets emotional by touching her hand and says in heart dadi..

Here pravathi too feels emotional seeing ragini.

Ragini:- you were prefectly fine aunty no need to worry at all..what ever blocks are making you paraishan i removed all in one go.

Pravathi smiles:- i lisen you were indians but settled in london and came here for my sake.i promise you will treated in our home well..
You made me perfect right i will maje you healthy.

Ragini smiles sure ..

All seeing her involving in them very well..

Dadajii:- mr.saxena if you want freshen up our pota laksh will take you to our home..
Laksh come here..laksh comes and stands infront of her both looks at each other..

He is my pota laksh maheswari…
Laksh forwards hand and says hi laksh..

Ragini i too forwards her hand and says..
Ragini s..
Atul shouts from back.
Dayal:- haa.
Atul:- ragini saxena…her name i am saying.

Arjun:- uncle tell me onething you said that she doesnt knew to speak hindi but does she doesnt knew to say her name or u just possessive about her.

Ragini smiles..

Atul:- i promised her parents that i will take care of her thats it.

Arjun:- oh..

Dadaji:- arjun respect her she was elder to you.

Laksh:- shall we go..

Ragini:- no.. i need to give injection to aunty after that then ok.

Laksh nodes his head.

Precap:- pravathi and dayal bonding with ragini..

This ff is not only about raglak but also family plays important role and to give rahlak scenes one more episide needed i hope you will wait then you can see their nok joks..

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