Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak – Episode 2

Ragini standing outside and seeing busy roads dev comes from back ..
Ragini:- i dont knew what to do bhai. Our parents didnt did any mistake still they are suffering punishment.i knew we never knew about our families because mom and dad filled all memories in our lifes…but now we came to knew that we have very big family and they all were angry on us why just because our parents went agsinst them and married each other..

Dev:- ragu still in this generations people will think about status and religions. Onces think in those they think marrying in other cast is a sin and our mom is bengali and our dad is punjabi yar what do you think what they will say when
these two wants to married..that why they rsn away from home…and they cut all relations with us..

Ragini:- but dad said each and every thing after mom health spoiked and she wants to meet then why bhai is life and love more important and these casts..

Dev:- relax ragu u knew na mom will find everything once she saw your face and your face is like mirror. Anger happiness whst not everything will be seen clearly on your face..

Nurse comes and says that mrs. Saxena gained senses whats to meet you.

They both goes and sits next to their mom.

Dev:- kya janaki saxena we people are punjabi mundas we should not fall weak..

All smiles.. janaki removes her oxygen mask and holds ragini hand and makes her sit next to him.

Janaki:- ginu do you love me.

Ragini:- ofcourse i love you mom.

Janaki:- can you go india and bring my famiy here. I want to see them before i close my eyes.

Ragini:- i will go to india mom and i will bring them here onces i made them to forgive you but before that you should be healthy and be positive and i will see how your health is progressing and then the next day i will go to india..

Janaki:- will you go their..then i will be positive and take all meficines..

They smiles seeing their mom childishness..

After two days..

Ragini smiling seeing her mom smile and says you were perfectly fine mom.

Janaki:- so you are going to india tomorrow.

Ragini:- haa mom i will go..

Janaki:- come i will show u my family pictures my brothers my sisters..

Ragini:- how many you have mom.

Janaki shows a picture ..where two couples and one boy and two girls were standing.

This is my father.

Harish maheswari…head of my family my dad strict hsi but loves all of us equally and me little bit more..we have realestate business and some other business too.

This is my mother..

Dayavanthi maheswari..

House wife and lovely lady…follows strict rules in you kids language old thinking ladies follows all rituals becarefull with her dobt show her your london skills and that unbelievable skang of hindi.

Ragini:- mom my prouncation is like that because here we have less hindi people maa.

Janaki:- ok ok lisen.

This is my elder brother.

Dayal maheswari…
My lovely brother and he cried alot while i left that place ..he is awesome person who has golden heart .now he became successfull business person..that time he married to shailaja babhi who is like shadow to bhai..she never goes against him down to earth person always raises hand to help others..loves to simply..
He has a son but before they should name him i came here.what might be his name..

Dev sits next to her by giving a person photo and says ..
Laksh maheswari maa your brother first son and your brother has another son arjun maheswari who is studing in mba ..

Janaki:- he is not only my brother but also your mamu..
Rags and dev smiles seeing her mom possessiveness towards her brother..

Rags:- next mom.

Janaki:- its me.. i was second child after me
Sumitra maheswari..

Dev:- sumitra gagodia

Janaki:- oh my god my little sister got married..

Dev:- and my little sister too married i dont knew when this sister will marry.

Ragini:- dont change topic now say about chotai maa family..

Dev:- chotai maa has a son and daughter..
And one son in law..

Janiki and rags eyes him angrily and says anyone will have one son in law only.

Dev:- ok you both scold me i wont say further..

Janaki:- plss dev..

Dev:- son was pradeep and daughter was sameer married to prudhvi …
The too had business..

Ragini:- i have to remember all uff a very big family..

Janaki:- if i woukd have been their then my brother sister kids would have loved me and i would loved them more than you..

Dev:- your laksh is angry young man always anger stays on his nose and arjun was cool dude and pradeep thinks 100 times before he speaks or takes any step.

Janaki:- i dont knew will theu accept you or not.what if they insult you.

Dev:- then dont go as maa child go in some other character..

Ragini:- but which character..

Dev:- lets think..


In mm

Old lady was doing arthi with teary eyes but soon composes by presencs of his husband..

He takes arthi and goes from their..
Dayal comes and hugs pravathi and says dont worry mom everything will be see one day dad will accept my chotii..

Untill then you love your potta as you will forget me once your daughter came to you..

Dayal and pravathi:- laksh..

Laksh:- ha ha ok ok she is mami ok..

D and p:- hmm.

Laksh:- but you will search dad we dont even knew where they lives atleast you dont knew mamus surname ascept he is punjabi thing.

Pravathi:- one day my daughter will come to me see.

Arjun:- paru darling where is my prasad..

Paravathi hits his head and gives him prasad he eats and runs from their..

Shailaja gave him birth with wheels on legs..

All laughs..

Precap:- dadi health and ragini getting a reason to come to india

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