Mr and mrs dubey (Part 1)


Its a court..
One women was standing in bone and one young lady lawyer was standing beside her..
Another men was standing opposite to them in another bone and a young man was standing near him.
Judge was sitting between them.
Men name was harshad chopra.
Women name was preethi chopra.
Preethi was talking with lady lawyer.
Lady lawyer:- dont worry i will bring your husband to you ok..
Preethi:- thank you so much and what ever i did was in anger by seeing him with another women.
Lady lawyer:- thats what i am saying after he cheated you also you want to stay with him.
Preethi:- he is not only my husband but also a father for my 2 children..
Lady:- ok calm down i will make everything normal and before that i will make him realise your importance as wife in his life and your children.
Harshad:- sir help me ..i anger i put fake case on her and to hide my mistake also. If i ask her to come with me she wont thats why.
Men:- first of all i hate for cheating on your wife and kids and secondly i will try to win your side because you realised your mistake and wanting your wife back but you are not ready to ask forgiveness from her wow.
Harshad:- how can we mens ask forgiveness sir.
Men:- oye dont involve me by saying we mens and for your kind information not all like you few jerks like you brings we all mens are jerks..chii shame on you..
Judge:- lawyers are you ready with you information on this case and about your clients.
Lawyers:- yes sir..

Judge:- lets start our proceeding from lawyer mrs.ragini dubbey.
Ragini:- my lord as my client is innocent and she did not tried to kill his husband she just injured him lightly..
Ravi dubbey:- objection my lord onces see at my client how many bandaids he is having is it called little injury in your language mrs.dubbey and smiles little.
Ragini:- well my client just slapped him in anger by seeing him with another women and if i was in her position i would have threwn in him out of our house..
Ravi sees her by widen eyes
While judge smiles a little.
Ravi:- but your husband is loyal to you.
Ragini:- mr.harshad also loyal to my client onces and dont knew what type diesease attacked him that he detrayed his wife.
Jugde:- pls lawyer use normal language and only professional talks no more personel talks mr and mrs dubbey and smiles.
While ragini and ravi adjust they collars and preethi and harshad looks on each other in shock by lisening to judge …
Ragini:- i am sorry sir but by seeing it how can we say that all his injuries were real because my client just slapped him.
Before ravi could speak preethi interferces..
Preethi:- no no i didnt slapped him actually when i saw him sitting on our bed and talking with that women i got angry so i lifted him and placed himon floor with a thud thats it..
All gets shock..
Ravi:- you were so lean who come you lifted him its impossible..
Preethi:- really i did it but when i threwed him then he got just a scrach on his hand.
Ravi:- ahh impossible you cant i mean wifes cant lift their husband but husbands can lift their wife you see..
Ragini smiles but controls:- what do you mean to say that me i mean we wifes are weak and husbands are strong.
Ravi:- no i am saying that my wife is i mean all wifes will be soft like flowers right how can they lift their muscular husbands..
Ragini:- i will accept that she is a flower but laughs and says look at your client in which angle he is muscular…
Ravi:- objustion my lord lawyer mrs. Dubbey is insulting my client.
Before judge could say.
Ragini:- excuse me i am seeing you from that time that for every minute you were addressing me as mrs.dubbey cant you call me lawyer ragini.
Ravi:- but you were mrs. Dubbey naa.
Judge:- enough court is opened again on day after tomorrow and you both please solve this case by next hearing ..
Judge leaves ragini eyes ravi angrily while he pleases her with his eyes…
Preethi:-mam what will happen now.
Ragini by seeing harshad and ravi
Says nothing will happen i knew how to bring people on righ track and leaves from their..
Harshad and ravi both sees at each other with scary face..ravi assures him that nothing will happen and he too runs outside..
Ragini is waiting near car by crossing her hands near her chest.
Ravi runs to her..

Both sits in car and leaves to their home…
Which is written as ravi and ragini home…
Ragini walks inside and ravi follows her and says..
Ravi:- ragu ragu..
Ragini:- what….
Ravi:- why are you angry on me as if i cheated you.
Ragini holds his collar and says .
Ragini:- dont even say it as a joke also.i cant bare it .i will die if you leave me.
Ravi:- hi.. do you think that i can live with out you never and ever because i love you more than me and my client..winks at her
Ragini:- smiles and hugs him and says.
You too knew that he is at fault but why are you supporting him.
Ravi:- i am not supporting him infact he too feels sry for what ever he did but he is backing off to say sorry trust me i will make him realise his mistake and i will make him self say sry to her..
Ragini:- i knew you my hubby and trusting you i always do that..
Ragini:- i hungry…
Ravi lift her and says lets prepare together and starts walking..
He says see boys can lift girls and you ever girls lifted bpys atleast tried..
Ragini pouts and moves her legs and says leave me …
Ravi:- no and runs towards kitchen.
Ragini is preparing atta..
Ravi is cutting vegetables..
After some time..
Ravi hugging ragini from back and ragini preparing curry…
He becomes romantic and started kissing her neck and squeezing her waist with both his hands from both sides of her waist.
Ragini pushes him back and says..
Ragini:- dont you knew kitchen rules.

In kitchen we should not play.
Ravi:- i am not playing infact i am kissing my wife and hugs her from front and started kissing her cheecks.
She again pushes him and says romancing also not allowed here infact those all things are not allowed in kitchen which distract our concentration and it hurts us.
Ravi pouts snd says :- un romantic fellow..romances in kitchen and washroom are unbeatable you dont knew anything..
Ragini:- ok fine i dont knew anything and for now you go and get your bath untill then i will prepare our dinner later you can take from me what ever you want.
Ravi by showing finger:- pakka.
Ragini smiles :- pakka.
Ravi peecks her cheecks and runs from their.
Ragini:- my mad husband.
After few minutes ragini prepares all dinner and sets it on table and goes to their roomand sees ravi freshed and went to sleep.
Ragini cares his hair and goes to washroom with towel and locks door.
By hearing door locking sound ravi smiles in sleep and says.
Ravi:- wait and watch wify….
Ragini comes out with bathrobe and opens her cupboard and sees her all dresses are missing .
She opens ravi cupboard and sees only one white shirt .
Ragini sees back at ravi and takes that shirt wears it and comes out..
She goes towards ravi and whispers in his ears..
Ragini:- lo your wish got fullfilled wont you see me…
She senses a pair of hands on her waist before she could resist.
She was pulled on bed and covered with bed sheet.

Inside bedsheet..
Ravi is kissing her neck…
Ragini:- ravi plss lets first eat dinner later your wish..
Ravi looks at her eyes and says pakka.
Ragini:- pakka.
And pushes him towards dinning table …
After their dinner he lifts her carries to their bed..
That night passes,by their beautifull love and smiles..

Next day..
Ravi is getting ready standing infront of mirror and sees ragini wearing saree and adjusting it.
Ravi :- u knew today i will prove that wife cant lift their husbands.
Ragini:- today i will also prove that wifes can lift their husbands.
Ravi:- achaa then lift me and show me..mrs. dubbey..
Ragini:- ofcourse..
Ravi holds his hand near hos chest and stands where ragini trying to lift him hugging.
Ravi pulls her towards him by holding her waist and says.
I dont knew whether you can lift me or not but the way you are touching me making me to loose my control on you..
Ragini:- chii ravi u always speaks like this only.
Ravi:- who asked you to tempt me
Ragini:- ok fine i am sorry we are getting late lets go to court..

In court.
Preethi:- ok fine you were saying that i was over reacted right then just think what if you caught me romancing with some other guy.
Harshad:- simple i will kill you or threw you out of our house…
Preethi:- why like that..
Harshad:-because i love you if any one came near i will kill them.
Preethi:- only u can love me to the core even i can love you to core right.
Harshad:- sorry and i promise i am not romancing with her i just flirting with her and i realised my mistake also i just hesitate to ask sorry from you.
They both speaks to each other lovingly..
While judge ragini and ravi smiles..
Ragini feels dizzy and sits immedidiatedly..
Ravi rushes too her and asks her are u fine..
Ragini:- i think i should consult doctor..
Ravi immediatedly lifts her and rushes outside.
Judge:- mr and mrs dubbey atleast lisen to my final judgement.
He smiles and says romantic dubbeys..
Ravi is waiting inside room while ragini and doctor comes and takes their places..
Ravi:- is she fine..
Doctor:- congratulationss you are becoming father..
Ravi:- thats fine doctor but first say whether she is fine or not.
Doctor laughs while ragini pinches him..
Ravi shouts and then realises what doctor said and hugs her in happiness..

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  1. Shana98

    I am so happy that your back, I love this ff can’t wait to read more of this. I will not miss one of this ff. ❤️?

    1. Sindhura

      Thank you so much

    2. Sindhura

      This is only one shot

      1. Shana98

        Why? I think you should continue this story ????

      2. Sindhura

        Thought abt one shot only

  2. Who are the characters played by ???

    1. Sindhura

      Ravi dubey
      And tejaswii
      There pic are in display pic

  3. superb

  4. Megha123

    Awsm di finally ur back ………..

    1. Sindhura

      Its a os dear
      I forget to write os
      And tellyupdate wrote it as part 1

  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Welcome back Di
    Lovely epi
    Waiting for the next one……… eagerly……..

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      It just one shot dear
      Thank u

      1. SPP

        It was there part 1 so I thought it is ur another ff

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    Another impressive piece of art from your side Sindhura. It’s amazing! You are supremely talented. That was such a cute, little and sweet love story. Loved it!
    Just keep writing more and more of such stories. ?
    Keep smiling always and have a nice day! ???

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u alisha

  8. superb akka comeback with ragsan ff akka pls its my request

    1. Sindhura

      Iam planning for it
      I will comecsoon
      Before that i should plan a proper name and story for them

      1. thank u so much akka.

  9. amazing superb ff
    love ravi love teja love ur ff love the humour and romannce;)
    just loved it plz continue

    1. Sindhura

      Yar its os
      Tellyupdate uploaded as part 1
      Sry for that

  10. Hey please post the ff continuously and it’s woooww

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      Sry dear so sry i only thouht of os

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    Hmm. Can you pls try writing for sidni?

    1. Sindhura

      I wilo try but need a lot of time
      May os 2 parts i will write ok

  13. like the story thanks sidhura♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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      Thank u and go to menu they u will find

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    a cute love story

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