Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 9]

Hey guys. Thanks for ur precious comments in last ep. I have replied to ur comments. So sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was little busy. Guys u can see lee min ho in cover pic . U will see him in this ep.
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Mr.Maheswari and his secretary Episode 8
So lets start
SCENE-1[ In Car]
Swasan silently started their journey. Sanskar was thinking of a way to start the conversation.
Sanskar: Swara what’s the time?
Swara did not give any response. Sanskar took a deep breathe and said the same line a little louder. This time Swara heard it.
Swara : U can see it in ur watch (this was the answer he was expecting)
Sanskar had a big smile on his face.
Sanskar: I am very very sorrrry Swara I… before he could complete Swara cut him off
Swara: look Sanskar it was not ur fault . I did the mistake. Its all because of me and my silly game.
Sanskar: no its not ur fault too actually its nobody’s fault but still will u forgive me???
Swara: I forgot about it long back 
Sanskar: I am very lucky to have a friend like u. He gave her a side hug. She smiled again making him smile too.
I am truly very happy now. I knew Swara was strong but never thought that she would be this matured too. Thank God she didn’t misunderstand me. I thought even she will leave me like everyone but now I am sure she will be by my side whenever I need her.

Sanskar I am not angry on u cuz everything happened because of me. How can I be angry on u when u did nothing wrong. But this is the reason I love u soo much cuz u respect my feelings more than anything. I am very happy and overwhelmed that I love a person like u. I don’t know whether u love me but still I will love u and only u.
They both reached the hotel. The hotel was a grant one actually luxurious one. There they met the CEO.
The one in the pic is the ceo. Look at the pic then I will say why I choose him.
( Guys he is my biggest crush LEE MIN HO. He is a korean actor and I love him a lot . Isnt he cute? I badly wanted to add him in my ff . So now I haved added him as the CEO of a south korean company who has come to merge his company with the MAHESWARI’s. )
I will address him as lee .
Lee greeted them with a big smile. They same was given by swasan.
Lee: I am very happy to meet u guys.
Sanskar: Same here Mr.lee
Lee: plz don’t be so formal. Call me lee. 
Sanskar: ok Mr. Lee I mean lee. So let me introduce myself. I am Sanskar Maheswari and this (points swara) is my secretary Swara
Swara: Nice to meet u sir.
Lee: Same here Swara and don’t call me sir. BTW u r very beautiful. 😉 he winks at her
Swara smiles : Thanks lee.
Lee: Don’t say thanks dear I said what was true. U r really very pretty just like an angel.
Swara blushed a little. She smiled at him.
Lee: And now with this blush u r looking cute. Shall I call u cute angel
Swara smiled more : ok even u look cute.
Lee: thank u we all look like this ( he is saying about south koreans)
Swara: I know it but u look more cute.
Lee: Really ! Thanks dear.
While Swalee were busy in their conversation Sanskar was fuming in anger.
What does he think about himself. He is flirting with my Swara in front of me. Cute angel my foot. Hoe can someone give such names in just their first meet. This Swara is also replying to him as if they r best friends . She totally forgot about me. U r more cute(he imitates her) She never said this to me. Don’t I look cute. (he realizes what he what he was thinking) wait what am I thinking. I have gone nuts and its sure. Why am I angry on them. They r just talking but I have to stop them. I cant see them like this.
(He didn’t even understand that it was not anger but it was pure jealousy  )
Sanskar in little loud voice: so shall we start the meeting???? :l
Swalee: sure
Then the meeting takes place. Everything goes on well. SanLee r very happy to merge their companies. They talk for some time and then come out.
Lee: Swara shall we go out for a coffee?? 
Swara: sure why not
Sanskar: Lee I have some work with Swara so can u plz have this coffee plan some other day.
Lee was little upset  : ok
Swara saw him upset and felt bad cuz she knew Sanskar didn’t have any work.
Swara: Don’t worry lee we will go some other day.
Lee was now more sad : I will go back to Korea tomorrow then how can we have coffee? 
Swara: don’t worry we will have it via skype and I will surely be in touch with u.
This brought a big smile on Lee’s face. He hugged her and whispered in her ear.
Lee in whisper: I am very happy to get a friend like u and I think Sanskar likes u cuz I can clearly see his jealousy.
This made Swara blush. But it was enough for Sanskar to say a gud bye to him immediately. Swalee waved bye to each other as Sanskar had already dragged her to the car.
Sanskar: how could he hug u. How could u allow him :l
Swara: he is my friend Sanskar and stop behaving like a child.
Sanskar: Am I behaving like a child
Swara: yes u r and stop being jealous. I am not only ur friend I have many friends.
Sanskar: I am not jealous nor I am behaving like child. Do u get that. *he said it little louder with a pout face*
Swara laughed seeing his expression then both of them burst out into laughter.
Sanskar: I am sorry I was really behaving like a child.
Swara: Its ok and I know u r a child.
Sanskar: am I a child? Now see what this child does He starts tickling her. They both laugh whole heartedly. Swasan were very happy cuz atlast they both were back to their own self.
Someone was seeing all this and informing it to someone.
(I know it was boring but I am out of ideas. So sorry for this.  )
Laksh brought Ragini to his house. He was showing her his house. But she was only interested in him . She was seeing him lovingly. Laksh saw her staring at him and he gave her a ‘what’ look. She nodded in nothing. He smiled at her and again continued with his work. A pair of eyes were watching them. Raglak saw the one who was watching them and they went to him.
Laksh: Adarsh this is Ragini
Adarsh saw her from head to toe. She was wearing a red frock with little makeup. This is the frock
It was simple but she looked beautiful.
Adarsh: Hey Ragini nice to meet to. Saying this he kissed her hand. Ragini felt uncomfortable . Laksh saw this a gave a glare to Adarsh.
Laksh: she is my fiancé.
Adarsh didn’t pay heed to his sentence and was looking at Ragini with lust. Laksh came in front of Ragini and gave a death glare to Adarsh.
Laksh: I think u should leave now.
Adarsh too gave him a death glare and went from there.
Ragini: I love u laksh
Laksh: I love u too but why did u say this suddenly
Ragini: u understood that I was uncomfortable and I felt very happy see ur possessiveness.
Laksh: I cant let anyone see u like that not even my brother.
Ragini: So Shall we go Laksh.
Laksh: ya ok.
Ragini gave him a small smile and they both left.
Adarsh was seeing this silently from a corner.
Adarsh: I want u Ragini. U r very beautiful and s*xy to satisfy me. I am Adarsh and I get what I want.
He laughed evilly before calling someone.
The screen freezes on smiling faces of swasan and raglak and Adarsh.
Guys I want to tell u that Adarsh is not married in my ff and he is a womanizer. He is the only son of Dp and Ap. He is a spoilt brat. Dp and ap doesn’t stop him on the other hand they support him in everything. Laksh and Sanskar are sons of Rp and Sujata but they r not alive. They died in an accident.
That’s all guys.
PRECAP: Adarsh says he wants Ragini. Sanskar’s anger burst out.
Who is sanskar angry on???? I know u will have this question but wait till nxt ep.

I hope I have given a big update cuz hope asked for it. I tried to write long. So tell me how is it.
How is the cover pic guys????
Keep reading and commenting guys.
Love u all 🙂 Take care 🙂

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