Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 8]


Guys I am a little disappointed cuz I didn’t get much comments. Its not that I want many comments but I want to know whether u all read it cuz it was posted at 11 yesterday though I had posted it at 3 but TU made it late. So for those who have not read it here’s the link
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So lets start
Raglak were having fun by watching Baaghi movie. Ragini was enjoying more as she loved action.
OH GOD this girl is making me fall for her more and more with her expressions. God plz save me today I am going to propose her after this movie. Only u know how she will react. Plz I cant handle a no . So plz plz plz help me .(actually this was not his pov it was his prayers to god)
After the movie Ragini was in very good mood. Laksh thanked God and started the convo.
Laksh: RAGINI i have a surprise for u 
Ragini: wow what is it( she asked with a glitter in her eyes)
Laksh: come with me
He blindfolds her and takes her to a beautifully decorated place. He then remove the blindfold and disappear into the background which was dark now. Ragini get scared and starts calling him but he doesn’t reply. Then suddenly she sees bright lights and the whole place that was decorated very beautifully and there was a table in the middle. The path to table was full of roses.
It seemed something like this
Ragini was on cloud nine after seeing the arrangements.

Oh My God . I cant believe my eyes . Is lucky truly going to propose me. Is so I am going to fly. This place looks very beautiful. POV ENDS
She was searching for Laksh. Suddenly he came from behind the table shocking Ragini.
‘Was he sitting behind the table’ Ragini thought with a puzzled look on her face. Laksh saw it and got more tensed. Somehow he gathered courage and went near her. He sat on his knees with a bouquet of red roses in one hand and with a ring case in other. Ishq wala love was playing in bg.
(I want all to feel it so will give a tamil song for tamilians and a malayalam song for malayalis.
Kadhal kan kattudhe in tamil
Malare from premam in malayalam are playing in bg. Choose what u want guys 😉 )
Laksh: Ragini I love u . I love u very much . I have loved u since our childhood and now I love u more. I cant think a day without u. I want to laugh with u, cry with u, grow old with u and also fight with u.( Ragini had tears in her eyes)
U r my life Ragini. U r my everything. So will u do the honor of making me happy by being my better half till the end of my life. Will marry me Ragini??
By now he too had tears in his eyes. Ragini was speechless. Laksh felt that she was not interested so he said : ragini its ok if u r not interested. We will still remain best friends.
Ragini’s tears started to flow . She sat on her knees and hugged Laksh tightly. Laksh couldn’t understand whether it was a yes or no. Suddenly he heard her whisper.
Ragini: I love u too laksh. I have always loved u and will always love u. I am ready to marry u.
Now laksh was on cloud nine. He hugged her more tightly. But Ragini broke the hug and started to hit him. Laksh was confused as why she was beating him. He gave her a ‘why’ look
Ragini: This is because u took so much time to propose and now when u have done finally u r not even giving me the ring.
Laksh hit his forehead and made her wear the ring.
This is the ring

The ring was very pretty and Ragini loved it. She couldn’t control her excitement and she kissed him on his cheek. Laksh was startled. He leaned forward to kiss her but she ran away. He smiled and started to chase her. He caught her and placed his hand on her waist. Ragini was breathing heavily because of all the running and now her heart started to beat more fastly. Laksh leaned to kiss her while she closed her eyes. Laksh felt her nervousness and kissed her forehead. Ragini was touched by his gesture and she immediately locked her lips with his. Laksh was moved for a second then he too took part. It was a very long passionate kiss. They both departed to breathe. They both were very happy cuz this was the start of their new happy journey of life.
[Guys I know u r waiting to kill me cuz I gave this unexpected confession of raglak. I know u all r waiting for swasan reaction. But I will give it in next ep. Hehe just kidding come lets see how their morning starts. Guys this is same day . Raglak have confessed and swasan will give their horrible reactions. Hehe ENJOY 😉 ]

Swasan were in deep sleep. They were still hugging each other tightly. But sun couldn’t tolerate this so he shined as brightly as he can to break their slumber.
Both swasan woke up at same time only to find each other in a tight embrace. Immediately both of the departed. Both were guilty seeing each other in such a position. Swara immediately ran to washroom while Sanskar was sitting With his head in his hand.

Now POV’s start.
Oh god what have I done. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have drunk that much. I even made him drink . What will he think about me. But thank u god that At least we didn’t go far. But still how will I face him. I don’t even remember anything. ( she then goes to mirror and washes her face at that time she sees the bite mark) God what is this. Why it happens only to me . Why god. Already there is a big mess and now if he sees this mark then he would feel more guilty. He wont even talk to me and u know how much I love him ,u know I cant live without him but still u didn’t stop us. Why god why ?????? POV ENDS
While thinking this she was continuously crying.
Now lets see sanskar.

What have I done. Now how will I face her. What would she think about me. Swara I am very sorry. God what did I do to u. Already u snatched my parents, my shona and now u want to snatch my best friend too. (he started to cry)
God plz don’t make me alone again I cant handle loneliness again. When u snatched my parents lucky was only three years old. I had to takecare of him. That dp and his wife adopted us just to get our property but I was mad to think that they came for their brother’s children. I was forced to work over there but I never let lucky know about this. After some years Shona came to my life . She changed my life completely. She brought happiness in my life. But again u snatched her for me. U snatched my life from me. I became a lifeless body. Only lucky made me smile. Then Swara came in my life. She brought back the happiness to my life. She was just like my Shona but again u r trying to do the same. U r trying to snatch her but I wont leave that to happen . I will clear the misunderstandings and again gain her friendship.

He face expression turned from sadness to determination. But he still had tears in his eyes.
Swara came out of washroom after taking a long shower. Sanskar saw her and was mesmerised seeing her in a pink chudidhar. This is the chudi
Sanskar was brought into the reality by Swara’s voice.
Swara: Sanskar get ready fast. We have a meeting to attend. Plz wear something casual cuz the CEO of that company likes to be casual. So come on its already 8.
By saying this she starts to dry her hair. Sanskar was completely confused by her reaction. He thought to talk about it later and he went to wash room . He came out fastly and wore a light blue t-shirt with blue denim jeans. He looked hot and dashing. Swara saw him and was staring him. Sanskar noticed it and asked her to come. They both went outside and got into a car which was waiting for them.(it was sent by the ceo)

So guys how was the ep boring or good. Plz let me know by ur comments. Next ep will be a blast of emotions for SwaSan. How was raglak confession??? I felt I have not included their scenes so today I gave this. Plz check out the images which I have included cuz I searched for them with a great excitement. So plz see it and comment. I didn’t see many old readers but found many new readers. Thanks for reading and keep reading. Love u all. 🙂

Credit to: Sree

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