Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 7]


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Swara wakes up from her deep sleep. She gets tensed by seeing the time .she hurriedly goes to wash room and comes out after exactly half an hour. she gets scared cuz it was already late. it was 9:30 by then and her flight was at 12:30.she goes to pack her things but finds it already packed. She gets very happy . She goes down and hugs DiDi tightly. They hug her back. She thanks them for packing her things.
They give her a confused look and say that they didn’t pack. Ragini coughs from back. Swara realises that it was Ragini. She hugs her and gives her a peck on cheek.
Ragini whispers in her ear: I did it cuz yesterday I heard u talking with ur Sansku.
Swara immediately turns crimson. Ragini teases her and says to DiDi that there is a big tomato in our house. Swara hits her playfully and says “even I will tease once I get back”. Both sisters burst out In to laughter while Dida and Dadi give them a totally confused look.
Swara has her bf and starts to leave. DiDi and Ragini hug her and warns her to take care and swara silently agrees. (yes guys they warn her as our swara being bold and clumsy can end up doing anything hehe 😉 )
Scene-2 (MM)
Sanskar was still in his deep sleep. Laksh comes to his room to ask about his journey’s timings only to find him sleeping. Laksh immediately wakes up Sanskar. He wakes up and sees the time. it was Already 10. He thanks laksh for waking him up and rushes to washroom. He comes out within ten minutes ,gets ready and runs to airport I mean in car.

Both reach the airport at same time. They both greet each other and go in.
Swasan reach Delhi . They go to a hotel but they find only one room available as its vacation time. They both think and discuss for sometime and then agree. They check in and freshen up . They then go to another hotel as they meeting there. The meeting is a big success. They return to their room happily.
The hotel had arranged a big party as it was their 50th anniversary. They had asked all the people to take part in it. So swasan get ready to go for the party. She wears a simple knee length black gown . She looks very beautiful. Sanskar wears a black shirt with white blazer and a blue denim jeans.
They both enter the party. All eyes r fixed at them as they were looking breath taking . Sanskar saw some of his business clients there(plz don’t ask me how cuz even I am not aware of it) So he excused himself from Swara and he goes to them. While he keeps on talking to them she goes to a bar and asks for a juice. A man who was seeing her lust fully sits near her and tries to touch her. She understands his acts and slaps him hard. All people in the party get a big shock as the man was a great business man. Immediately he takes his hand to slap her but Sanskar stops him and asks to Swara about the problem. Swara says that he tried to touch her. Sanskar gets angry and goes to beat him but before that the man runs away seeing sanskar’s angry face.
Sanskar: sorry swara I shouldn’t have left u alone over here . I am really sorry.
Swara: Its ok Sanskar I have many like this and I always treat them with a good slap.
Sanskar smiles at her and they both start laughing.
Swara: sanskar shall we have a competition.
Sanskar: what competition???
Swara: lets see who drinks more shots ,shall we?
Sanskar: why not. But do u drink?
Swara: yes I do. So lets start
They both keep on drinking shots and at last swara won. Sanskar was amazed by her ability to drink.
They both try to return to their room but both have lost their senses and r walking from one side to other. Finallllly they get in the lift.
Swara: sanskar u r veryyyyyyy handsome (she says this like a small child. Guys imagine them it will be fun)
Sanskar: realllyyyy
Swara: u know I like u veryyyyyy veryyyy veryyyyy much. She gives a light peck on his cheek.
Sanskar smiles: I too like u veryyyyyyy much chwara . He says like a small boy and gives a peck on her cheek. She immediately blushes. At last their room comes. They both go to their room stumbling on their way.Once they get inside they both land on the bed.
Swara: sanskar u know (suddenly she gets a hiccup.)
Sanskar: what were u going to say swara?? He comes near her to hear her properly.
Swara: sansku I …..i (again she gets a hiccup)

Sanskar gets irritated and gives her water and tries to move away. But swara holds his wrist and drinks water from other hand.
Swara: sansku I…… i…lo…..i love…. I love u after saying this she immediately hugs him tightly. Sanskar also hugs her and says I love u tooo ( guys remember sanskar is completely out of senses as swara so he is saying what is in his heart. But remember his brain still thinks her as his best friend but now it is not working. 😉
Sanskar breaks the hug and tries to kiss her but she turns her face in shyness. Sanskar pout and sits with his arms crossed on his chest. Swara sees it and smiles. She goes very close to him and gives a light peck on his lips. Sanskar gets stunned by her act while Swara blushes hardly. Sanskar get aroused and kisses her passionately. She too reciprocates. It was a long passionate kiss. They both depart due to lack of oxygen. Sanskar then starts to kiss her neck . Swara starts panting heavily. Sanskar bites her neck and then sucks the part. Swara couldn’t control anymore so she makes him to lie down in bed and she comes upon him . She kisses him everywhere in his face showing him her love. She starts to take his shirt and kisses his chest. Now sanskar loses his control and he comes upon her. He takes off her dress. But she resists actually she doesn’t resist but she doesn’t allow him cuz she is already asleep.(hehehehehe) He sees her and gives a peck on her lips and sleeps hugging her.

So this is the end of this ep. About the intimate moments plz don’t scold me if its not good cuz I am new to writing so only this much is possible by me. How was the ep guys . I am only thinking about their reaction tomorrow I mean in the next ep. Haha it will be fun to write. Thanks for ur support guys. Keep supporting and keep smiling. I didn’t say keep reading cuz I always say that in comment hehe. Love u all . Let me know how was this ep and sorry if its boring cuz my ideas don’t stay for long in my mind and I end up writing something.
Lovely dear I didn’t say much about me to u so let me say now. Actually I live in tamilnadu but I am a malyali. But my mom is from Goa so I know hindi too. I am a mixture of many cultures. Hehe 😉
Take care everyone. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Sree

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