Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 6]

Guys do u remember me??? I am sree and I am veryyyy veryyyy sorry for such
A late update actually my trip made me tried and also my health
Got worse. This trip even made me forget my ideas. Poor me. So
Lets start.
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Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 5]

Sanskar and Swara became very close friends. Swara’s love grew more.
Sanskar thought Swara as his best friend. Raglak loved each other more than.
But still they hadnt confessed it. Sanskar was very happy to see laksh happy.
Laksh stopped to go on night outs cuz at n8 he used to talk with rags. Most
Of the times they slept eithout even disconnecting the call and with a big smile.
Sanskar was very happy cuz atlast his bro was happy as was he.

One day SwaSan had to go to delhi for meetings. It would take more than five
Days to return cuz they had five four meeting in five days. But Swara was not sure
About her going cuz first thing was that DiDi and rags would never allow her and
Second thing was that if she stayed with sanskar then she would surely lose her
Control. While she was in her thoughts sanskar came there and saw her lost in thoughts.
Sanskar: Swara where r u lost????
Swara not in senses: I an lost in u
Sanskar: what??????
Swara comes in senses: vo vo actually my family wont allow me to go out for five days.
Sanskar: Try to talk to them cuz I need u there with me.
Swara: why??????
Sanskar: If u don’t come with me them who will I tease And make fun of
Swara: That’s not fair how can u say like this (she turns her face)
Sanskar: Sorry baba I was just joking. But I truly need u there to help me out.
Swara smiles at him and says “I will try to come” .Sanskar smiles in return and
They both leave.
Swara comes to home and starts buttering everyone. DiDi melts seeing her but ragini
Does not. They have dinner together but ragini doesn’t speak a word. Swara sees
Her and thinks to convince her at any cost.
Ragini silently goes to sleep. Swara goes to her and tries to talk but rags doesn’t answer.
Swara thinks for sometime by taping her finger on forehead and starts to tickle rags.
Ragini laughs loudly and asks Swara to stop. But Swara continues.
Ragini: plz swaru plz plz stop (she says this while laughing hardly)
Swara leaves her.
Swara: why were u behaving like a zombie??? Did u fight with laksh?? If so don’t worry i
Will break his head. ;}
Ragini: its nothing like that. We r veryyyy happy. But I am angry on u.
Swara: and why r u angry on me
Ragini: cuz u r going for five long days. How will I be without u
Swara had tears in her eyes cuz even she cant live without her rags.
Swara: Don’t worry I will call u.
The tears Ragini was holding started to flow from her eyes . So swara thought to
Lighten the environment.
Swara: U r crying only for five days then what will do when u get married.
Ragini: I will take u with me.
Swara: pagli
Ragini: I am not joking laksh has a big brother I will get u married to him.( saying
This she smiles widely) Swara starts to cough after listening to ragini’s words.
Ragini gives her water.
Ragini : what happened ha I was just joking
SWARA drinks the water and thinks to say everything about sanskar to ragini.
Swara says everything about sanskar her love at first sight his care their friendship.
Ragini gets a very big shock after listening to everything as Swara had never hid
Anything from her.She was very angry and she started to beat her with pillows.
Soon the room was full of feathers everywhere. The room was a mess. Both sisters
Saw their room and burst out into laughter.
Ragini: now I get it why r u so happy in ur job.
Swara blushes and says gud night to rags. Ragini also says gud night and says that
She can go to delhi. Swara smiles widely and hugs her. Then they both doze off.
MAHESWARI MANSION (at 00.10 am)actually mid night
Sanskar was packing his stuff after completing his other works. Suddenly he remembered
About Swara and called her. She was in deep sleep but she took her phone.
Swara in a sleepy voice: hellooo
Sanskar: sorry to disturb u swara but I just wanted to ask whether to family allowed u
Swara: yes sansku they allowed now gud night(she was still in sleep)
Sanskar: did u pack ur things??
Swara: noooooo now let me sleep
Sanskar: ok ok gud night. There was no reply as she was already asleep
This girl is very different. She is ordering me Sanskar her boss but still I am
Not angry on her. She called me sansku what a name is it. She is just like her. I miss
U my dear. Where r u .when I see Swara I feel like I am seeing u. I know u will be
Beautiful like her. Wait why am I thinking about her she also left like mom and dad.
He had tears in his eyes.
A teenage boy maybe 15 is running behind a girl she seems to be very
Happy cuz she is laughing loudly.
Girl: u r very slow come fast hahaaha look we will miss the bus.
Boy: yaar r u mad shona run slowly look there r many vehicles….. But
Before he could warn her a truck hit her. He was completely shocked to
See it. He couldn’t take it and he fainted.
Shona where r u. That was the last day I saw u . When I gained conciousness u where gone.
Saying this he started crying miserably.

Guys I know u would be thinking what is this but sanky has a veryyyyy sad past. I will reveal
It when time comes. Nxt ep will be fun.

PRECAP: SwaSan reaches Delhi. SwaSan drunk. :p
Guys plz do comment cuz I want to know how it was and plzzz plzzzzz pray for me cuz my Result will be announced on 25th . I am nervous like something. Sorry for a small update next will br big pinky promise.

Thanks for ur love.

Love u alllll. Sorry for inconvenience regarding alignment. Actually i use copy past so this happens . Very choorrry. :):)

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