Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 5]


Mr. Maheswari and his secretary-(Ep-5)
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Scene-1( M O)
Swara came to work early as she had to settle down all her things and
She also had to get laksh’s number or else rags would kill her.
First she went to laksh’s cabin but found no one. She returned to her cabin And found sanskar in his cabin.
He is a complete workholic person. God how am I gona manage him.
But still he looks great and I would love to handle him for my whole Life. Pehela nasha pehela khuma songs plays in bg.
She comes out of her thoughts and goes into Sanskar’s cabin.
Swara: Sir what should I do?????
Sanskar: Frist of all stop calling me sir call me Sanskar and second Ur work is to manage my schedule for meeting , talk to clients like that.
Do u get that?
Swara: yes sir uh I mean sanskar. 
Sanskar:That’s good .u will start receiving calls for 9 am.ok now u may go
Swara:ok sir. Saying this she leaves

He is a real gentleman. How sweeeet he has asked me to call him by his name.
Oh God u r making me fall for him again and again. POV ENDS

As Sanskar said the calls started to come.Swara was continuouslySpeaking and alloting time for meeting and also getting tired.
Sanskar who saw this came to her.
Sanskar: look miss swara calls won’t stop but we can.Take a break
Swara: Actually I surely need a break. Both smile at each other and Go to canteen. That was the first time Sanskar was entering the Canteen as whenever he wanted something he would get it in his cabin.
Swara: why r u looking the canteen as u r coming here for the
First time
Sanskar: Yes indeed its truly my first time .
Swara: WHAT ????????? U never came to this part of the building.
Sanskar: No I didn’t cuz whatever I needed was brought into My cabin.
Swara: so I am the great person who brought u here. Wow I am
Truly great.(she patted shoulder)
Sanskar: Dont fly come lets have coffee.
Swara:  ok come.
They have coffee and talk for some time. All the time swara Behaves like kid and sanskar enjoy his time with her..

Swara: so friends?? (She shows her hand for an handshake)
Sanskar: no .
Swara: but why oh so u don’t want ur workers to be ur friends.
No problems I can understand.
Sanskar: Its nothing like that actually how can I have a kid as my Friend ???  😉
Swara shows an angry face and turns her face.
Sanskar laughs seeing her expressions .
Sanskar : hahahaha ok I am sorry. And we r already friends.
Swara gets dumbstruck seeing him laugh and sees him lovingly.
Sanskar : So shall we leave as this break is getting reallly long.
Swara: Oh ya come on. They both leaveto their places .

God today after many days no after many months I laughed this much.
It was all because of swara. I made a correct choice of choosing her.she is Really very funny. Wait y am I thinking about her. Sanskar gets Back to ur work.

Meanwhile the people who were in canteen were shocked to See such a sanskar as they had never seen him laugh. At the Sametime this was also seen by a person who informed this To other person.

It was lunch break so swara went to see laksh. For her luck laksh Was in his cabin.
Swara: Money give ur number.
Laksh: Swara stop calling me monkey and why do u want my no
Swara: why would I need ur no money rags asked it.
Laksh: Where is rags ??? Is she here?? Say na. He said all this In one breath.
Swara saw his curiosity so she thought to tease him.
Swara: Sorry laksh she couldn’t come . So she has asked ur no.
Laksh became very sad after hearing it and then he gave his no To Swara and excused himself and went out.

God why do u do this to me. She is the only girl who loves me In this world. Even my mom doesn’t love me. She took care of Me like a mother ,loved me as a gf but everything finished when I came here. I thought this time I will get her but she, she didn’t Even come to meet me. He had tears in his eyes while he was thinking This.He left from there in his awesome bike.

As laksh went out swara called rags and said everything.
She said her a plan but it was muted.
It was evening so swara packed her things and started to leave.
She was very tired and she didn’t have her lunch as she Was busy with raglak. Suddenly she felt dizzy she was about To fall but two protective hands held her. It was sanky.
He made her sit and gave her water.
Sanskar: what happened ?? R u fine????
Swara: ya actually I dint have lunch sooo before she could complte
Sanky started scolding her. She listened patiently .after sometime He stopped and apologized as he thought he had overreacted.
Swara: Don’t apologize. I love to hear scoldings.
Sanskar: WHAT????
Swara: yes cuz I know people only scold those whom they care for.
So now I understood that my friend cares for me.
Sanskar smiles at her and drops her home even after her resistance.
He doesn’t see her house but says bye and leaves.

This girl is really different. She takes everything positively.
Great girl.
He unknowingly smiles while thinking this.

Swara has her dinner with didi.
Swara:dida where is this ragini???
Dida: shona she said that she is not hungry so slept.
Swara thinks: something has happened . Ragini never Skips her food. She never sleeps before talking to me and Today I thought she would ask each and every word about my day In office.i should see her. She has her dinner and goes to ragini.
Ragini was not asleep.She was standing near balcony and smiling.
Swara came in.
Ragini: Swara when did u come??
Swara : 😮 Ragini I came before one hour.
Ragini: oh sorry I didn’t come down.
Swara: its ok. Why are so lost???
Ragini: I met lucky.
Swara: now I get it. So atlast u met ur bf. Ragini blushed And nodded her head as yes.
Swara smiled: say me everything.

Swara had said to ragini to go to xyz café. She also called laksh And asked him to go to xyz café.
Raglak had arrived. Laksh was sitting in a table waiting for swara But his mind was full of ragini’s thought. On the other side ragini Had brought a flower bouquet of red roses. She went inside and Found laksh sitting in the table.

He still looks the same . The same innocent eyes. The same handsome Face. Everything is same hope his love is also the same. She took a deep breath and went to him. She called him.

I heard someone calling me . it was a very sweet and familiar voice .
I turned to see her and I was shocked to see her. Love of my life My lady love My RAGINI was standing there with a bouquet .
I couldn’t control myself I just went to her and hugged her tightly.
She too reciprocated my hug. We both had tears in our eyes.
Actually I was crying. But she was strong . She composed herself And also me.we sat on the table. I was staring her cuz I couldn’t Believe my eyes.

Raglak were talking talking talking and talking. They didn’t see the Time at all. It was 7 when a call from dadi made her come to Reality. Dadi asked her to come fast. Ragini said ok and she saw Laksh. Laksh understood and sad bye with a sad face.
Ragini: Don’t keep such a face we will be meeting like this always.
Now smile.
Laksh: I will smile only on one condition .
Ragini: and whats that??
Laksh: U should meet me daily.
Ragini: Don’t u have anyother work ????
Laksh: I just want to be with u.
Ragini: ok. I am always free so we shall meet daily.
Laksh smiled widely and drop her at home.

Ragini: Bye ….before she could complete she bit her Tongue and said loved this day. Laksh saw everything and smiled At her. He came out and said gud n8 and gently kissed her on cheeks And got into the car. Ragini was shocked as well as happy. They both Went without looking at each other.

Swara listened keenly and then started to laugh. Both swaragini were Laughing. Swara said about her day but dint say she likes I mean love sanskar.
Then they both doze offffff.
Guys a really big update. Enjoy and I am sorry cuz I will be irregular till may 16 Cuz I going to my native place after a whole year. Sooooo sooorrryyy.
Plz Comment. Love u all. Keep smiling.

Credit to: Sree

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