Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 4]


Mr. Maheswari and his secretary (Ep-4)
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Recap: swara gets permission to work.swalak meeting.
Scene-1 (Maheswari office)
Swara sees many girls and some boys sitting in an expensive
Couch outside a big glass cabin. She gets nervous.
Oh My God!!! So many people.How am I gonna get this
Job. Swara beta cutle yahanse(swara go from here) u r
Not gonna get this job.But wait I am a brave girl.i will
Give my interview.Best of luck swara
She then goes to girls and starts chatting with them. But
All the girls were busy in staring inside the cabin. Swara
Notices it and looks in the same direction. She is dumbstruck
Seeing inside.
OMG! I sure want this job.He is soooo handsome and

Dashing and cute and what not. Now I get it why there
R so many girls here. I think I m in love. YES this is love
At first . Swara u r in loveeee.( tune mari entry from gunday
Plays in bg and also in her heart)
Her chain of thoughts r broken as a man says to her to
Go inside. She stands up takes a deep breathe and go
Inside.The moment she enters she is again immersed
In his thoughts. But this time her thoughts r broken by
By THE SANSKAR MAHESWARI.(guys I m varunholic so
This much about him hehe)He asks her to come inside.
He asks her questions .She somehow composes herself
And answers boldly and confidently. He likes it. He sees

Her file.
Sanskar: Miss swara why do u want this job??
She gets tensed as how could she say just for time pass.
Swara: sir I want a good experience from my first job.
Sanskar: Gud. But u r an Mba from london. U could
Get better jobs then whats the need for this??
Swara: sir I have heard a lot about ur company so I
Want to work here.
Sanskar: I am impressed. When r u going to join miss

Swara couldn’t believe her ears.she was very happy.
Swara: sir if u want I will join today itself.
Sanskar: control ur happiness miss.u can join tomorrow
And other details u may ask to my p.a
Swara: Thank u very much sir. Saying this she leaves.
She gets the details and leaves happily to her home.
Scene-2 (Gododia Mansion)

Swara said about her success to everyone. All were very
Happy for her. Ragini noticed a glow in swara’s face. She
Understood something else also happened.she decided ask
Swara was immersed in sanskar’s thoughts.ragini saw it.
Ragini: whom r u thinking about??
Swara who was not in senses: Sanskaaaar
Ragini: and who is he?
Swara came to back to reality: who who r u u ask asking
About? She was stammering.
Ragini: who is sanskar ?
Swara thought to change the topic: Do u know I met
Laksh today. 🙂 🙂
Swara: Ragini why r u so impatient.calm down and listen
Laksh is also the the of that company and when I went
There I bumped into him.but I was running late so I
Couldn’t talk much.
Ragini: Did u get his no.
Swara: he is ur childhood bf and u don’t even have his

Ragini with a sad face: noo
Swara: it ok I will get it tomorrow. 
Ragini: thanks shona .i love uuu.
Swara: enough of butter now sleep. Tomorrow is my first
Day and I don’t want to be late. 😉
Ragini:ok gud n8 
Both doze off.
Scene-3 (Maheswari mansion)
Laksh was sitting in balcony. He was thinking about
Laksh: swara give me my ice cream.

Swara:No I wont.
Ragini: why r u teasing my lucky. Give him his
Ice cream.
Swara: u always take his side.(saying this she gives
The ice cream to laksh)
Ragini: I will cuz I love him.
Swara: Don’t u love me ???(with puppy face)
Ragini: I do but not more than lucky. Swara shows face anger nd the trio burst out laughing
Flashback ends
Laksh’s POV:
Those were my best memories. I hope u still love me rags cuz I still love u unconditionally . Tomorrow I will ask to swara about
U.(guys laksh knows that swara is selected as he asked sanskar But he didn’t inform him that he knows swara.)

Precap: Swara’s first day in office.Raglak meeting.

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