Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 3]


Scene-1(AFTER 2 DAYS)
Swara was reading newspaper with full concentration .Ragini saw her And called her.
RAGINI: Swara there was no response. She then shook her still no response.
Ragini:SWARA…..(this time she shouted at the top of her voice and also shook Her ) Swara: Ragini r u planning to make me deaf??
Ragini: What were u thinking ???do u know how many times I called u.:|
Swara:Actually I was looking for a job.(she said this with the most innocent And cute face ever)
Ragini:WHAT!?? Have u gone mad,papa will kill u,no one will allow u
She was just blabering without a pause.
Swara: Ragini calm down. I want to work yaar.How can we waste 3 months Sitting at home and however I am not gona say to papa about this.
Ragini:U have gone nuts and now that’s confirm .wait let me call a doctor.
Swara: Don’t joke ragini. I am very serious about it.
Ragini: How can u go to work without informing to papa and do u think so Dida and dadi will allow u 😉
Swara:I will get permission from dida and dadi and about pa then u r there To save me na.
Ragini: ok what will u give me if I save u??? 😉
Swara: I wont say to anyone that u came here with me just to meet ur Childhood boyfriend.
Ragini blushed a little and said ok.
Swara:Now say which company should I join.
Ragini:Try this(she points out Maheswari’s vacancy ad) I have heard a lot About them.
Swara:ok .I will join there.
Ragini:Now come on we have to beg to DiDi (dida+dadi=didi)

Swaragini start there begging work. DiDi refuse to listen to them.swaragini start
Their fake crying. DiDi melts and gave permission to swara.

Next day
Swara wakes up at 5 and gets ready.She wears a formal blue shirt and black skirt .
She gets ready and comes down at 7. DiDi who were preparing bf get a big Shock.
Dida:what is happening here. Am I seeing a dream??? (guys swara never Gets up before 8)
Dadi: I have the same doubt.
Swara comes to them and pinched them. Both shouted.
Swara: This is not a dream.Now give me bf.
They smile at her and give her bf. She eats and get ready to go at 8.
Ragini comes down while rubbing her eyes with one hand.Her hair is totally
Messed.All laugh seeing her.
Ragini:why r u laughing??
Swara: u r looking very beautiful. Ragini looks herself in Mirror and screams.
Ragini: swara why did u do that.(guys swara made her hair messy)

Before she could chase her Swara hugs didi and runs Out . Ragini: I’ll show u when u come to home.

Swara enters into the office. She was mesmerised to see the interiors.She Was walking while she bumped with a person.
Swara:sorry sir I am really sorry.
Person looking down at his file:its ok.He looks up and is shocked.
Laksh: Swara ?? How r u? Why r u here??
Swara:Laksh I fine and I came here for an Interview.
Laksh: INTERVIEW???? But why what happen
Swara: Calm down laksh.u and ur friend r the same
(Laksh smiled a little) I am here for 3 months so I just thought to work for time pass btw why r u here?
Laksh:This is our office swara.
Swara:Wow that’s great. Then will u give me a Job
(She asked this with a wide smile and glittering eyes)
Laksh: actually Swara bhai is taking the interview as It is for his secretary. So sorry
Swara:it ok laksh.bye then.(she leaves fast as she Doesn’t want laksh to see her disappointed face)
Laksh: is ragini here before he could ask it swara Goes for there.lucky thinks to ask about her later.
He smiles seeing her as she walked very fast.

PRECAP:Swara mesmerised to see sanky.

Sanskar selects swara.
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Credit to: Sree

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