Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 2]


Scene-1 (LONDON)
Swaragini were packing their bags.They were fighting, Laughing and enjoying themselves.They were very happy As they got the tickets for the same day.after packing They came down with their bags to living room. There Sumshek(sumi+shekhar) were very sad.swaragini saw This and they thought to lighten their mood.
Swara: Ma pa we r going only for 3 months.why r u
Giving such expressions as if we r going for whole life.
Sumi: Shona 3 months r very long. God knows how we R gona stay here .
Ragini: Don’t worry ma we will call u daily.ok
Shekhar:what about me??
Swara:we will call u both. All smile and spend some Time together. While leaving all share a group hug.
Swaragini reach airport . They take their flight and Reach INDIA.

Swaragini reach GM and they see their dida and dadi And get tears as they were seeing them after many years.
They run to them and hug them tightly.Dida and dadi Were shocked to see them as they were not informed About their arrival.They all were very happy.
Dida:shona lado why didn’t u say that u coming?
Swara: dida we thought to give u surprise.
Dadi: where r sumshek? Didn’t they come with u?
Ragini: Dadi papa had work so they were not able
To come with us. Both dida and dadi get sad.
Swara:what is this u both r sad because they didn’t Come but u r not happy as we came.
Ragini:yes swara come on lets go back no one likes us Here.
Swara: u r right come lets go. Both keep a pout face and Start to go out. Dida and dadi stop them and says sorry To them and take them inside. They enjoy themselves With their kiddos.

Sanskar is walking here and there in laksh’s room.
Sanskar thinks:lucky today I will kill u. Just then he Hears the sound of door.laksh enters the room.
Laksh was surprised to see his bro in his room.
Laksh:Bhai why r u .. before he could complete he got A tight slap on his face.
Laksh:why did u slap me????????
Sanskar: where were u u know I dint sleep u know how much I was worried for u.
Laksh: Sorry Bhai. Yesterday my friends made me to Drink. I got dizzy so my friend took me to his home.But U could have called me na(he asked the last line with
A cute pout face) Sanskar again gave him a gentle slap.
Laksh: Now what was this for?????
Sanskar:Check ur phone. I called u more than 50 times.
Laksh checks his phone and finds 51 missed calls.
Laksh: sorry bhai actually phone was in silent mode.really Sorry
Sanskar:its go and get ready u have a meeting Today. Laksh nods and goes to washroom. Sanskar smiles At him and starts to leave when suddenly laksh calls Him.
Laksh: Bhai did anyone else ask about me. Sanskar Understood what he meant.He gets sad.
Sanskar: lucky ma and papa went to Delhi yesterday So they ….. Before he could complete laksh goes from There with tears.

Lucky I know u love them a lot but they don’t have that Love for us. They only love money and adarsh. Don’t Worry u will find the one who will love u more than Anything.

Bhai I know u r hiding something. I will find it out. I don’t Know why mom and dad don’t love us.I always see them Happy with adarsh.But they never care for us.why god Whats our mistake.i will find it out.Laksh was crying while thinking this.

Precap:swara to work for timepass in maheswari company.

Guys realllllllyyyy sooorrrrryyyy for late update.I had some work.PLZZ plzzz comment.Thanks to
all who have Commented and read my ff. Today I will also post next ep as to compensate for the delay. Love u all.

Credit to: Sree

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