Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 18]【Epilogue】


Hey guys. I thought I will be very late but I am Here with my epilogue. . Thank u all for ur unconditional support. I really cant express my happiness. So no more bak bak. Lets start.
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Swara: Sanskar what is this?????(angry)
Sanskar: what???
Swara: How dare u come late again
Sanskar: arre I had work. I was not sitting simply
Swara: I am very angry on u. U always come late. Go I wont talk to u.
Sanskar: hahaha?????
Swara: Sanskar why r u laughing (veryy angry)
Sanskar: Shona u know u r very bad at acting???

Swara with a pout: how did u understand that I am acting??
Sanskar: I know u very well wifey.?
Swara: hmmm.
Sanskar: so why were u acting???
Swara: Today when I went to pick Up the kids I met my friend there. We were talking When she got a call. She picked the Call and was shouting at the caller. Then she ended the call saying I font need ur sorry. When I asked her what was her problem she said that she Had a fight with her husband. I was a little shocked cuz she was shouting very loudly. When I asked her about that she said its common between husband wife. I said that we don’t have fights. She was shocked at my statement. She just said Husband wife fight but that only shows how much they love eachother. Then she went .
She completed with a cute pout.
Sanskar: so that’s the reason u want to fight with me.

Swara nodded her head like a child. Sanskar chuckled .
Sanskar: ok. I will go out and come again and will fight with u . Ok?
Swara grinned like a small kid. Sanskar smiled and admired her childishness.
Oh god only I know How much I love her. She always excites me with a new shade of her. Today she wants me to fight with her but after what I will say I am sure she will ask never ask me to fight
I went out and came in again. She was sitting on the bed showing her back to me. I went near her and called her. She turned. ‘Swara I am in love with someone’ the moment I said that she widened her eyes in shock. She said ‘ Sanskar this is a joke. Right. But I cant fight over such matters. So plz try another topic’. I was laughing in my heart.

‘Swara I am really in love with someone’ Now she had a horrified expression On her face.
‘Who is it’ she said it with an attitude as if I was saying something very common. I think she is still thinking that I am joking. Poor innocent girl. Hmm not girl Actually lady . My thoughts were broken by her as She asked the asked the same question again but her Voice cracked at the end. When I saw her she was fuming in anger. ‘My secretary’ I answered. I was looking down at floor to Show that I was guilty. ‘Look at me’ she said suddenly.
When I looked up I saw her crying. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. I couldn’t see her in tears so I immediately hugged her. But she pushed me. ‘From when’ she asked me with a heavy heart and voice breaking.

‘From 16 years’ I replied. She widened her eyes in shock. She sat down and started crying. Dumbo she didn’t even understand such a simple thing. Mad girl. I hugged her and she hugged me even more tighter. Suddenly she said something which broke my heart.
“Sorry sanskar. Even I am in love with soneone so its better we get divorce” I could sense his muscles tightening. He immediately pushed me and he stood up.
“wha… whaaa…what?” when he said that I could see tears in his eyes. I was enjoying it. How dare he tease me.
“yes I am in love with my boss” First the tears in his eyes came out then he smiled and kissed me hard. He bit my lip very hardly that blood started to come out. He sucked my lips and then we parted due to lack of oxygen.

“ don’t ever joke with me like this. I would have died right now” he said. I slapped him very lightly . He pouted. Oh I just love his pout face. I came out of my world and said “ same applies for u Mr. Maheshwari” He smiled at me and hugged. “ I thought u were really dumb that u didn’t realise it first” I gave him a death glare. That was enough to shut him.Our love never became less for eachother. We still love each other the way we loved before 15 years. He smiled sheepishly at me and took me in bridal style to the bed. We both cuddled each other and slept.
Swara was busy in pooja room. Ragini came running to her and hugged her.
Ragini: I am very happy today.
Swara: why ???
Ragini : arre did u forget Laksh is coming from london today.
Swara: so atlast he has he will be here and not with ur sautan.
Ragini: yes shona??
Swara: arre why r crying??

Ragini: I missed him so much. He has been there for 6 months now. His business had really become my sautan(what u all thought??)
Swara: arre work is also important na and that too just now we have set up the branch in london so it was necessary for him to stay there. (Ragini starts to sob more so Swara thinks to divert her mind) btw ladoo what if he really brings one sautan to u??
Ragini: I would kill him(in a determined tone with a evil smile??)
Swara blinks at her as Ragini as she was looking at the door. She turns and finds laksh at the door. Laksh gulps at Ragini’s statement and smiles awkwardly. Swara bursts out into laughter. Laksh comes in and hugs Ragini tightly and whispers

Ragini: I know that?
Swara disturbs them with a Cough.
Swara: I think it will be good if u go to ur room.
Raglak blush and goes to have some private moments. Soon after sometime four kids run and come to the kitchen.
Kids: Mommys/Maas/Cutiee and Sweety/Moms
Swara: don’t shout . I am here and ur Ma or Mommy is in her room.
(So let me introduce u to the kids.
Kartik:A sweet cute child. He is 15. Swasan’s elder son . A mixture of both of them so cuteness overloaded. Calls Swara cutiee cuz she calls him cutie pie. Calls Ragini Sweety as she calls him choco. Loves everyone and cares for everyone a lot.
Swati: Daughter of Swasan. She’s 12. But is very mature than her age. Calls Swaragini ma. A very beautiful sweet girl.

Vansh: Elder son if Raglak. He is 15 but two months smaller than Kartik. A very naughty child. Loves to Do pranks. Call Swaragini Mom.
Poorni: Daughter of Raglak. She is 10.A bubbly cute girl. Most pampered child. Everyone melts seeing her cute smile. Calls Swaragini Mommy.
So guys these r the kids. Swaragini love all the kids equally so the children calls them with a same name but only kartik call them with different names. They all have a small part of their parents Name.
Kartik- san-Kar
How is it??)

Kartik- cutiee fast I have to go to school early.
Vansh: why to meet ur gf?? He winks at him.
Swati- bhai really??
Poorni: what’s gf??
Swara: stop it u all. Eat ur breakfast.
She served everyone and went near kartik.
Swara whispering in his ear: do u really have girlfriend???
Kartik starts coughing. Vansh and swati laugh at him as they heard Swara’s whisper.
Vansh controlling his laughter: Mom he is very boring person. He doesn’t even talk to girls. He doesn’t even talk to my gf. Saying this he laughs again.
Raglak and sanskar comes and hears everything. They hide behind a pillar and try to listen further.
Kartik: I am not boring. I too have a gf.

Vansh widen his eyes in shock: who’s she??
Kartik: Kriya. With a proud smile.
Vansh acts as if fainting. Then speaks to kartik: did u propose her? How bhai? She is the prettiest girl in school????
Kartik: she proposed me and I said ok.
Vansh really faints. Swara who was hearing their conversation was In shock. When she saw Vansh fainting she ran and caught him. Raglaksan also came there. They sprinkled water on Vansh. He woke up.
Ragsan: apne baap pe gaya hai( same like his dad) ???

Swalak laughed. Karsh were being scolded by Swaragini for hiding about gf while on other hand Sanlak and Swani were enjoying their breakfast.
Sanskar: they r not angry on them for having gf but r angry for hiding that from them.
Laskh: they r very different.
Swati: our mothers r the best
Poorni: will anyone say what is gf*with a pout*
Sanlak: u will understand later. Saying this they laughed.
So this was the new Maheshwari family. They lived in the same way. Happily ever after.


So how was the epilogue???? I know it was not upto the mark but I am totally blank now with no ideas. Sorry if it was boring and sorry if I would have ever did anything wrong. I would like to thank each and every person who read and commented my ff. Thank u for showering ur love on me. I will miss u all a lot. Guys this is the end so plz do comment and let me know that u read this. Atleast write 2-3 words. I will be very happy to see that.So my nxt ff will be based on college life . I will Give its Intro soon. Plz do read that.

Love u all???
I will reply to everyone Individually in comments. So comment soon so that we could chat.
Take care everyone???

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