Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 17]

Hey guys. So we r at the end Of this journey. Thank u all for ur lovable and precious comment. I have received so much Love from u all , more than what I expected. I am very thankful to u all that u motivated and supported me through out my ff. I will miss U all a lot???. I will try to come up with a new ff.?
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Mr.Maheswari and his secretary
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So lets start our last chappy.
A big hall is fully decorated with white and blue curtains and it looks stunning.
This is the hall.!!1620381543.jpg
Many people r seated in the properly arranged chairs. All r gossiping about the amazing arrangement and the marriage. On the other side there is a room and there r two pretty brides inside the room. The brides r looking gorgeous. Obviously the brides r Swara and Ragini. Ragini wore a beautiful traditional red with green lehenga. She was looking very beautiful.
This is the dress
Swara wore a beautiful dark blue lehenga. She was looking stunning.
This is the dress
Both girls were very nervous. They were calming each other. But still their nervousness was On peak.
On the other side of this room there are two Mandaps. Two boys r seated in them. One is wearing red sherwani and is looking dashing and handsome. He is laksh.
This is the sherwani
In the other mandap a boy is seated. He is wearing a dark blue sherwani. He is Sanskar. He Is looking hot and dashing.
This is the sherwani
All r looking at the Mandap and the stunning boys.
This is the mandap
But our boys r very busy in their own dreams.
Finally I am going to get married that too with whom I have always loved. God I have always blamed u for everything but today I am very grateful to u cuz without u I couldn’t have know the true meaning Of life. Now I can say that life is full of hurdles , up and downs but if we try our best then everything will be fine. Now when I have my shona with me my life will always be happy. ?? but where is she. Come fast my shona I want to see u

After so many years my wish is going to be fulfilled but still there r some hourssss left. Then my Ragini will always be with me all the time. I am dying to see her and she is still in her room. God only u can say why this girls take so much time. But I know even u will have the same doubt??
Sanlak r eagerly waiting for their would be wives.?
After sometime the girls come out . Their heads r down seeing the floor. The boys r Mesmerised seeing them. Swaragini slowly raise their heads to see their loved ones. Raglak and Swasan have an eyelock. All four blush as if they r seeing eachother for the first time. Their faces r crimson red.
All the rituals take place and both the pairs r now married couples. Swaragini cry a lot while leaving. The bidaai is full of sorrow and sad faces. Both Raglak and Swasan leave after taking blessing. All r in same car ( petrol bachana chate hai???)
Sanskar is driving with Swara beside him and Raglak at back.
Laksh: Now stop crying u both. U can meet them whenever u want ??
Sanskar: yes and that too U both r always going to be together. But not today night ?? saying this he winks at Swara.
Swara blushes : have some shame sanskar.
Laksh: why ?? Bhai said correctly. But not only today u cant be together for any night ?? saying this he winks at ragini.
Ragini blushes : stop it Laksh.
All four spend their rest of the journey with Lots of jokes and fun.
As soon as they reach Sanlak hurriedly get out and take their brides in Bridal style. They carry them to the door. There Sanlak’s best friends cum partners r waiting for them with aarti’s thalli. They r none other then Aradhika and nesam (manmarziyan) and devakshi( KRPKAB)
Radhika: I think u both r very eager to go inside
Sanlak look down embarrassed.
Arjun: They forgot that we r here.
Sanskar: Actually yes. Why r u here???
Swara widens her eyes in shock and hits her head with her palm nodding no . It looked as if she was saying ‘isska kuch nahi ho sakta’ (nothing could be done to him)
Neil: dumbo we r here to take ur aarti.
Sam: and also to get our nek
Laksh: but we don’t have Money with us.
Sona: we will not hear these excuses.
Dev: u have to give them nek.
Sanskar: dev u too joined them (guys sanky is shocked cuz dev is the same as in serial)
Dev: yep. Wife ka asar hai . Saying this he smiles sheepishly. Sona hit him in stomach. All laugh at them.
Sanskar: we will give the money tomorrow na plzzzzz *with a cute puppy face*
Laksh too joins him in begging(??)
Radhika: ok. But tomorrow u should give
Sam: or else we will Kidnap ur wives.
Swaragini widens their eyes and then all burst out into laughter.
Samradna does the aarti while devarne tease them a lot. After aarti Samradna take Swaragini to their bedrooms. While devarna embarrass Sanlak more. After sometime Samradna come down and they all leave the mansion. Sanlak sighs in relief.
They both run to their rooms as if there was a race conducted . They entered their room with a bang (They have lost their patience ???) But to their disappointment no one is there in their room.
Laksh: Ragini where r u
Ragini: Laksh I am in washroom.
As soon as she says that she comes out wearing a cute pink night dress.
Laksh: ragini why have u dressed as if this is a sleepover.
Ragini laughs at his statement and goes near him.
Ragini in a husky voice: Don’t worry this is just for now. After sometime u know how we will be.
Laksh widens his eyes at her statement and blushes.
Ragini pulls his cheek: alle mera cutie pie u r looking very cute.
Laksh pouts: this is not fair. U spoiled my mood.
Ragini:then I will make it good again. Saying this she leans slowly and kisses him on lips. Laksh smiles and holds her by waist and pulls her closer to him. She circles her arms around his neck and pulls him more close. It was a long passionate kiss which showed love and passion for eachother. They slowly break the kiss. Laksh picks Ragini in bridal style and places her on bed. He slowly comes over her and hugs her tightly and buries his Head in her neck. Ragini pants heavily. Laksh slowly removes her dress and covers them with blanket. Then they become one forever and ever.
Sanskar was impatiently waiting for Swara. He was looking at the watch and the washroom door for each second. After half an hour Swara came out.
Sanskar:were u sleeping in the washroom?????.????
Swara: I was bathing Sansku. That makeup was very heavy and it took a lot of time to remove it. *with a pout face*
Sanskar smiled at her and her a ‘u will never change look’ and lightly pecked on her lips. Swara was shy so she turned her face. Sanskar slowly back hugged her and rested his chin on her shoulder .
Sanskar: I just want u to be always with me.
Swara: I will always be cuz I love u more than anyone and even I Cant stay without u.
Saying this she turned and kissed him on his lips. He caught her waist while she circled her arms around his neck. They were kissing each other passionately . Sanskar was sucking her lower lips. Swara was mourning in pleasure. Sanskar immediately Unbuttoned his sherwani and also her dress and took her to their bed in bridal style. He came on top of her . She Got shy and turned her face. Sanskar slowly whispered in her ears.
Sanskar: I love u and will love u till eternity. If u want time then its ok.
Swara: I love U too. Make me a complete Sansakar. Make me urs.
That was enough for Sanskar he kissed her passionately and covered them in blanket.
They consummated . Now their souls and bodies were one. They became eachother’s forever and ever
So how was the ending guys. I hope u liked it. Well I tried my best not to make it boring. Sorry if I made any mistakes. I slipped today so my hands and knees r paining a lot but still I wrote this as I have to complete this. Thank u everyone who were there with me through out this journey. This is my first ff and I am very happy to see ur response. Plz if u read this comment. Don’t be silent atleast now plzzzzzz *with puppy face*. I will reply to each and everyone in comments. I would love to give an epilogue But only if u want . So plz say whats ur wish??.
Love u all very very much ??????????
I will miss u all very much. But I will try to come up with another ff.
So till then take care .???

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  1. Great work sree….And u r asking us if we want an epilogue??? We r already waiting for that..!!& I must say yaar the kitten in ur dp is soooo cute:*)

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  2. awesome….and give the epilogue…….miss your ff

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    Impatient sanlak were amazing
    Miss u dr

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  5. It was a good ff which i used to read.. Feeling bad as it ended soon.. But i hope u wil b back with another swasan ff..

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    Awsm ending plzz come with another ff

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    awesome sree…I was waiting for it…fi ally u posted when are you going to post epilog…it was perfect but SanLak was too desperate?…haha it was so funny I’m laughing????
    love you dear???????????????

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    A very sweet ending Sree. I really enjoyed reading your ff. And now that it has come to its end, I’ll be missing it a lot. Please start with your another ff soon. Will be waiting for it eagerly. ??

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  12. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    What???? you are ending it,not fair bro.OK,let bygones be bygones. Wonderful chappy☺☺☺☺☺.Loved it.I will miss you dear aka bro.Plz come with another ff(agar possible ho toh).Love you and take care.

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  13. Hey Sree…..

    I am not a silent reader but maybe I am….

    Wait….let me say my journey in ur ff journey…..plzz listen patiently ???

    Well….I read ur first two parts and left reading I think but wait and listen fully….I didn’t left reading this as I thought it’s boring or something like that….

    Guess the reason….???(don’t look down)
    ??? I lost the track of ur story yaar….
    Believe me or not….this is the truth… and also I became busy in my holidays???

    Then finally…when I found it today…my happiness has no bounds but am equally sad as an awesome ff came to an end…

    And I have replied asking in the OS (dedicated to the writers) whether u write a ff or not to ensure that u write but u didn’t see my reply I guess…..
    No worries as I found u deary ???

    One of the short and sweet ff I have ever read….???

    Loved it totally specially SanLak as well as SwaRagini ka bond and as well as I loved our pairs…..specially SwaSan as they are my favourite ???
    Also DiDi (nice abbreviation) ???….loving them and all the protagonists are amazing as usually ???

    Overall cool ff…???
    And u know am not a writer but tried two one shots…one with Shreya and the other one is Laal Love….well am saying this as even my skool is gonna re-open as urs already opened…….
    I will not even get time to read ffs due to my schedule ??? And I understand ur situation of skool…???
    Well…sad with this end of ff but I understood u as I said already in previous sentence….???

    I am from Tamilnadu and have completed my class 10 ….. gonna become a cbse science student….well am pretty scared and IDK…why am I sharing this with u but felt to say as I think or as far as I know ur also a tenth completed girl like me….
    Love to know more from u about u (don’t think am so fast but just curious….share if u wanna share….I don’t mind ???and am saying all these as I will become inactive here after sometime…???)…

    PC. (Post Comment.) Bear with my longest comment ???

    1. And I forgot a thing….??? angry on myself….

      Hahaha….but I can’t I think….
      Well…post the epilogue soon dear…???And BTW howz u now????
      Is it paining still….??????
      Anyways take care deary…???

      1. Sree

        Aww dharsha i loved ur comment yaar. ????Truly i am smiling widely????. Thats so sweet of u yaar. I know u cuz i know shreya very well . I didnt see ur comment though. I have seen u in most of the ffs. Now my happiness has no bounds cuz u r
        here. I will misss u alottt. ??
        I am fine now dear just a little pain. But now even that seems to have gone.
        Y r right. I have completed my 10th and gonna start 11th. My school will reopen tomorrow. All the best to u dear??? i know cbse is very tuff. So do well.
        Love u?????

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  14. I loved diz ff very much.. continue dis ff if possible

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      Thanks rajitha. But sorry dear i am truly out of ideas so i cant continue this dear but i will surely come back with another ff. Love u dear???

  15. Loved ur ff…come back with another ff

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      Thanks seebu. I will come back dear. Love u???

  16. I started reading ur ff only from yesterday… It so nyc.. I loved it… But sad that it ended so soon. Ur style of writing is so nyc… I loved it…..

    1. Sree

      Aww thank u dear. Do u want any link if so plz let me know. Thanks for ur compliment dear. It means a lot. Love u dear???

  17. swasan loverrrr

    nice awesome end

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  18. Shanayasharma

    Hey sree that was awesome….I just loved it…. Feeling bad that u ended it….I loved that racing part by sanskar and Laksh…so impatient…. Lol… :P…. Lots of love…. Tc…

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      Thanks shanayasharma. I was laughing while writing it??. Love u dear???

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    loved it

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  20. sree you write ff….ya Allah I didn’t known about it…One of my friend is writing…but I didn’t know…really yaar I am useless…tonight I am going to read your ff..After that I’ll comment..okay…sorry dea for late

    1. Sree

      Aww dont say sorry. If u didnt know thats not a problem. I am very happy that u will read this. But plz dont read all together without sleeping and all. I know u r fasting so take care. Love u dear???

  21. Nice

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  22. Happy ending dear and loved it

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  23. Wow happy happy ending.thanks dr…

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  24. It’s awesome.I really liked it.I am a silent reader.I had read all ur episodes.I like the way you are writing.I like this ff a lot. Please write the epilogue also if Possible.All the best for ur further ffs.Hope u will come up with a new ideas. 🙂

    1. Sree

      Thank u very much dear. I will write epilogue?? love u deary???

  25. ssssssssrrrrrreeeeeeee babes….your ff justtttt…no words yaar…how to appreciate you….I’m feeling sad i was not with you in your journey….from start till end was mind blowing….kashhh had with you to encourage you to support you to comment you shittt….but I happy at last i came to know about it…its enough for me…i promise your next ff i will be with you….your ff amazing awesome…you rocked it…..i feel proud such a writer is reading my ff…its great yaar…love you…Masha Allah..

    1. Sree

      Awww thank u very much dear. I am very glad that u liked it. Its not ur wrong i should have said to u ?? so dont feel sad?? love u tooo ????

  26. nice sree, come back with another raglak ff

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