Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 16]

Hey guys . I am back . Sorry for being late again??. As I already said I am A little busy and very lazy. So couldn’t write. I will end this ff in some 2-3 eps. I am totally out of ideas and I don’t want to simply drag this. So I will keep this sweet and short. I know many said me to continue this but what to do I Don’t want to drag this like serial. But I will surely come up with some other ff. No more bak bak .
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Laksh reaches the place where Ragini Was kept. But when he reached the place was empty. He along with police was searching for Ragini. When suddenly they heard a voice.
Voice: Take her fast. We don’t have time.
Laksh and the police ran to the place . They saw two men were holding Ragini and were about to keep her in the car.
Atlast I found her. MY RAGINI. When I saw the men holding her my blood boiled. I went near them and started to beat them. The police came and took me away. I took my Ragini out of the car. She looked pale. She was very tried. I could clearly see that in her face. I wanted to kill that Adarsh and dp but tgey were Nowhere found. Police assured me that they will catch them soon. So I went from there with my Ragini.

Laksh took Ragini To hospital as everyone was there and even she needed treatment.
Raglak reached the hospital. Laksh brought Ragini in bridal style in his hands. Alk people in hospital were giving them a weird look. But laksh didn’t care. When he came to their family(now sumshek and didi r also his family) he saw all were very sad and tired. Sanskar was nowhere found. He took Ragini to them. Everyone’s face beamed in joy. All looked at Laksh as if he was their god. Laksh just smiled at them. All looked at Ragini and again became sad as she was still unconscious.
Ragini was also admitted in hospital. Laksh went to sheker.
Laksh: uncle were is bhai.
Sheker : beta actually Sanskar was very weak. When doctor said that she is out of danger he became very happy but said that he wont eat anything till Swara wakes up. But after sometime he started feeling dizzy and fainted.
Laksh: oh

Sheker: beta aren’t u shocked.
Laksh: Nope . I know my bro very well. We both r kind of same. Remember he said he fainted while Swara met with an accident. So its kind of same. We show we r very strong but we r not. We have already suffered a lot. So we cant see our loved ones In pain.
Sheker: I am very happy to get u both as my damads. ??
Laksh: so u don’t think us as ur sons.??
Sheker: if u will call me papa then I will also call u as my son.
Laskh: sure papa(he had tears in his eyes) They hugged eachother. Sheker was relived after talking to Laksh. Laksh was also Very happy to get a father.
SCENE-2(After 3 hours)
Swara gained consciousness. She opened her eyes slowly. But she was horrified by the sight in front of her. Her room was full of flowers In all colours with balloons hanging everywhere. But the most scariest thing was she was surrounded by her family members. All were looking at her with a wide grin.

Swara: am I in a park.
Laksh: Arre have u lost ur thinking ability?? Does this room look like a park. Oh god why do u Do lije this. Now how will my brother survive with this mad???
Swara: Haha very funny * in a sarcastic voice*. I know this is a room but why is this covered in flowers.
Dida: Cuz u like flowers so we thought to do like this.
Swara smiled faintly but suddenly she remembered about Ragini and panicked.
Swara: where is Ragini?????
Dadi: Don’t worry beta she is fine. We have found her.
Swara gasped: thank god. Byt who kidnapped her and who bet me??
Laksh: we will explain everything later .
Swara: ok. But where r mom and Sanskar ??

Sheker: shona sumi and sanskar fainted due to stress so they r resting.
Swara: They should be here to see me but they themselves need someone to see them.
All laughed at her reply. After sometime Swara was left alone to take rest . At that time she felt someone near her. But she was very sleepy so she didn’t open her eyes. In a second someone pecked her forehead (as only that area was free her mouth and cheeks were covered by the bigg oxygen mask??)
She immediately opened her eyes only to see a wide grinning Sanskar in front Of her. She smiled at him. He sat beside her
Sanskar: u scared me to the hell.
Swara: don’t worry I am never gonna leave u again. I will always be near u like ur shadow.
Sanskar: even I want the Same thing. Never leave me. I wont be able to live with out u.
Tears ran down from his cheeks. His eyes clearly showed love, pain and more love.
Swara took her oxygen mask and slightly pecked him on lips and smiled.
Swara: don’t worry we will always be together forever.
Sanskar: We will be. Both were crying. Sanskar thought to lighten her mood.
Sanskar: u r very brave. U always kiss me .
Swara: yep I am. I love to kiss u to have u with me. She said in a husky voice.
Sanskar gulped : u truly r very brave.

They both burst out laughing. Both saw each other lovingly and hugged eachother tightly.
Swara: I love u My Sansku.
Sanskar: I love u Too my shona.
Their perfect moments was disturbed by sumi and Ragini.(yes Ragini gained consciousness that too before sumi. But she came with Sumi Cuz she was not allowed to go out. But now she is perfectly fine)
Ragini: ahem ahem. Did I disturb u love birds. ??
Swara gave her a death glare . Sanskar smiled sheepishly and ran out of the room.
Sumi: I am Very happy to see u all fine again.

Ragini: ma even we r happy to see u fine. (Looking at Swara) do u know she woke up after me. It was as if she was kidnapped. She laughed and sumi chuckled. But Swara was serious.
Swara: Ragini who kidnapped u and why?
Ragini said everything to Swara.
Swara: that idiot duffer nonsense bl**dy moron I will kill him. How dare he kidnap u.
Ragini: enough Swara look I am perfectly fine. Don’t worry the police have already caught them. Just now laksh informed me.(yes guys they have been caught)
Swaragini hugged eachother and smiled. All were happy again.
Days went by and Swara was perfectly fine. She was discharged from hospital. She was very happy Cuz she had an very important information to Share with everyone. As days passed Dp,adarsh and ap’s court hearings were done. Sanskar and laksh gave all the proof and even Swaragini gave statement against them. Atlast Adarsh ,dp and ap were sentenced to life time imprison as they had did many crimes and they were also involved in drug trafficing..
All were in Swaragini’s house.
Swara: I want to say something very important.
All came near her and listened keenly.
Swara: I have got my memory back. I remember everything that happened when I was small.
All were shocked. Sanskar had tears in his eyes.
Sheker: But the doc dint say anything to us.
Swara: that was because I asked him not to say. I wanted to say this to u . I wanted to see ur expressions.
Ragini: our expressions or Ur Sanskar’s expression.

Swara blushed: everyones.
Laksh: yes we could see that in ur blush.
Sanskar ran to her and hugged her. All saw his excitement.
Dida: bega its better if u Both go inside shona’s room. Swasan got embarrassed and went to shona’s room.
Sanskar: so do u remember how much we loved eachother.
Swara: Yep I do. But now I love u more ??
Sanskar immediately sealed his lips with hers. Swara was first shocked then she too reciprocated . It was a long passionate kiss which showed how much they loved eachother. They both parted due to lack of oxygen. Both smiled at eachother.
Sanskar: I love u.
Swara: I love u more.
Sanskar: I love to more. They again smiled and kissed.

On the other side Raglak went to nearby park. They were enjoying their time in eachother’s embrace.
Laksh: I would have died if something had happened to u.
Ragini: never say that. Look I am all fine. She lightly pecked on his lips.
Ragini: see how much fine I am ??
Laksh: u r really fine. So we could even make that kiss a little longer.
Ragini: shameless
Laksh: I am Saying this he kissed her On lips. It was a long passionate kiss. It showed how much they longed for each other. Both parted due to lack of oxygen. Both smiled at eachother and spent their day in each other’s arms.

PRECAP: Swasan and Raglak Marriage.

So guys how was this. At last Everything is fine. So this is my 2nd last ep. Nxt will be last followed by an Epilogue. I will surely come Up with another ff. Plz guys plz comment. Silent readers don’t be silent. Plz I want to know what u think about this ep. I wrote this very fastly as my friend ireena wont be able to read after today. I hope she would be able to read this??
Love u all guys?????

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  1. raglak scenes are nice

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