Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 15]

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So lets start.
Swaragini are in their bedroom. They r very busily chatting. Sumi enters the room.
Sumi: Girls don’t u think u r forgetting something
Swaragini gave a puzzled look.
Sumi: Don’t u remember u have to go to shopping.
Swara: we Totally forgot about it..
Ragini: so we will leave now.
Both got ready and left for shopping.
Swaragini r busily shopping Now.
Swara: I cant believe I am shopping for my wedding. I cant believe its next month. I feel like I am dreaming.
Ragini pinches her.
Swara: ouch what was that
Ragini: u r not dreaming. Its true.
They laugh a lot and continue their shopping. They buy many lehengas .
Swara: Lets buy something for them
Ragini: ohhhh someone wants to give a gift.
Swara blushes : Yes but don’t u also want to buy something for laksh
Now this time Ragini blushes. Both smile at eachother . They finish their shopping. While going to parking lot someone hits Swara with a rod in head. Ragini who was walking ahead of Swara immediately turns by the sound. She finds Swara in a pool of blood lying unconscious. She runs to her but when she was about to shout for help two men grab her and covers her mouth with a handkerchief. She tries hard to get out of their clutches but all her attempts end in vain. She faints due to the chloroform’s effect.
What is happening over here. My Swara is lying unconscious in a pool of blood but I cant help her. What a sister I am. This two men closed my mouth with kerchief and suddenly I felt dizzy. The last thing I saw was Swara. After that everything blacked out.
When I gained my consciousness I was in a dark room. The room looked like a type of godown. But it is very dirty. I think this hasn’t been used in a long while. But that’s not I care about. I don’t know who brought me here and why. I don’t know how is Swara. When I think about her I sweat horribly. I hope someone who have taken her To hospital. What if she is still there. What if something happens to her. No I should only think good. I know my Swara she is a strong girl.(she starts to weep) I want to see her. But I cant. I have to get out of here. Yes I have to. But how will I stand. My hands and legs r tied to this chair. God show me some way.
Someone was walking near the parking lot when he suddenly saw Swara. He ran to the security and told him about her . They immediately rang up to the ambulance and it came . Very soon Swara was brought to hospital. The man who saw her also accompanied as he was a doctor. They started to treat her. Her things were checked and they found her phone. The first number on speed dial was Sanskar’s number. They informed him about Swara. He was in a state of shock. He immediately drove to the hospital . He informed to everyone about Swara as he knew he couldn’t handle everything. All reached the hospital.

Sanskar saw his Swara lying unconscious in the ICU. She was about to be operated. Sanskar’s heart sank seeing her in that state. He was broken. He was crying bitterly. Sumshek and Didi were also crying as well as consoling each other. Laksh was also crying but silently as he knew that now he had to strong for everyone . He was consoling Sanskar. He remembered Ragini. He looked for her but she was found nowhere. That is when He asked to everyone about her and reality stuck them. Ragini didn’t call them nor was she with them . Sumi said that she had went with Swara to do shopping. Laksh inquired to doctors and receptionist About her. But no one had seen her. This scared him. He asked the man who had brought Swara to hospital but he too replied that he hadnt seen Anyone near Swara. Now all were more worried. Sanskar was in shock. His eyes were bloodshot red now.
Sanskar: this is their work. I think they have kidnapped Ragini.
Laksh after hearing this broke down completely. His thought to stay strong was completely broken. Now it was Sanskar who was consoling him.
Sanskar: I should have handed them to police . Its all my fault. I thought they wont trouble us again. I was a fool to think like that.
Sumshek and didi who were listening to his words were confused now.
Sheker: Whom r u talking about??
Sanskar took a deep breathe and told everything about dp,ap and Adarsh to them. They were shocked . They never ever thought that Sanskar would have such a dark past. They were angry now.
Dida: I will kill that Them. How dare they hurt my granddaughters .
Dadi: I wont spare them.
Sumi was just crying. She couldn’t handle it anymore. Her both daughters were in danger. This thought was killing her. Suddenly all heard a thud sound. All turned to see Sumi on floor. She had fainted. She was taken to doctor who said that she was stressed. So she fainted . All were in complete dilemma. They couldn’t Uunderstand what to do. Sanskar called the police and informed everything to them. They started their search for Ragini.
Swara’s Operation was over. She had lost a lot of blood but it was easy to find blood for her as she was O+ve. The doctor came out of operation theatre.
Sanskar: doctor how is she now ? Is she fine? When will she gain her consciousness? Can we see her?
Doctor: Mr Maheswari plz calm down. She is out of danger now. Nothing to worry. Her wound is a little deep but she will Be fine. They hadnt hit her hard so she Is ok. She will gain her consciousness with five six hours. U may see her after That.
Sanskar: thank u doctor thank u very very much.
Doctor: its my duty sir. Now u all plz calm down she is fine.
Saying this He left. All were relieved that she was fine. But they were still worried for Ragini. Laksh had
Already left to find Ragini. Sanskar called him and informed about Swara. He was happy but still sad. His Ragini was not there with him and it was killing him. He was trying his best to find her but she was Nowhere found. He went to police station. Police were trying hard to locate them.Dp and Adarsh’s phone phone were not being located. Police had tried Everything but nothing was done. Laksh suddenly came up with an idea to locate Ap . He knew that she would be involved. Police tired and to their utter surprise she was located. Police and Laskh immediately rushed to the place.

Atlast we Have located that ap. We went there and found an old house. Maybe this was the house they lived in before coming to our house. We went inside and found that lady. She was sitting and 2atching television as nothing had happened. She was surrounded with bags. Maybe they were planning to escape from here. A lady police immediately grabbed her. She was shocked to see us. I think the lady had gone mad. She was curiously watching t.v and had kept the door open. How could someone be so cool . They have taken my life from me but She us standing as if nothing happened. The police Asked her about RAGINI. She showed no expression. She coolly said that she didn’t knew any Ragini. That boiled my blood. I slapped her hardly and made a mark on her face. I was about to slap her again but the police caught me and asked ne to calm down. She tried hard and did not spit out anything about them. The Lady police got angry and started to beat her. Only two beats and she told everything. She said everything and their plan to kidnap Ragini and make her Adarsh’s wife. I knew they had such stupid plans. But I was confused as to why they hit Swara. They that ap said that they did it to take revenge from Sanskar. They wanted him to break down so that they could trap him and take all the property.
I was very furious by then and I again slapped her hard. She fall down due to the force. I was boiling in anger. The lady police took her with them to police station. We rushed to the place where that bl**dy Adarsh had kept RAGINI. I was having tears in my eyes. Her smiling face was coming in my mind. Our fights , sweet memories Everything was playing in my mind like a movie. I Was scared even to think what he was doing with her. But I swear to myself If he does something to her I would break his bones. I couldn’t even imagine how would be. The thought itself was giving me shivers. She never liked being alone . She had asked me to always be with her. But I cant even fulfill her only wish. But I am sure that I will get her back.
Four hours had passed no one came to see her . She couldn’t understand who had kidnapped her and for what. While she was in deep thoughts she heard some footsteps. She was very scarefmd when tgen foot steps came closer. A man came near her. She was shocked to see him. It was Adarsh. He stood in front of her with a smirk on his face.
Adarsh: so u have gained consciousness darling. He looked at her from top to bottom. She had wore a Tank top with skirt. He saw her with lustful eyes. Ragini gave him a disgusting look.
Adarsh: Don’t worry dear I wont touch u now. First we will get out of this place . They we both will marry and then I will happily have u with me.
Ragini: I will Not marry u in this life. U r a cheap and disgusting man . I love laksh And I will only marry him. He will soon come and rescue me.
Adarsh held her chin tightly: He wont be able to come here. How is he gonna know this place u mad girl. I don’t care if U love him. I just want to make u mine . That’s it.
He laughed evilly.
RAGINI: I know he will surely come and save me.
Adarsh: u dumb women even if he comes here he wont be able to get u. I will kill him before that(he takes out a gun from his jacket) This will help me to kill him smoothly. However we r gonna leave this place in two hours. So be ready to be mine.
Ragini was shocked to see a gun in his hand. She weeped silently thinking about Laksh and her family. Her tears flowed continuously till she fall asleep in triedness.
PRECAP: wait for nxt ep
I know that this isnt that big as u all expected . But can I do I want to keep some suspense so I have to stop here. So will laksh be able to find Ragini??
Will Swara gain consciousness??
All questions will be answered in nxt ep. Plz do let me know how was the ep. Comment And motivate me plz. I feel like this is Getting boring. If so plz let me know. My comments r decreasing so I feel that u r not liking my story. So plz Comment . Now comment fast so that we could chat????
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