Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 14]


Hey Guys. Thanks for ur precious comments. I will try to continue writing this ff as ur wish. I have many other ideas but couldn’t write any . So after completing this I will try to post other ff. But I will be irregular if its ok with u all then I am very happy.
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So lets start
Raglak and Swasan’s marriage is fixed on the same day. All were very happy. Swaragini were on cloud nine. They were happily discussing about their life ahead. That time Sumshek entered their room.
Sumi: r u happy
Swaragini: Very happy.??
Sheker: so u r very happy to leave us.*he had tears in his eyes*
Swaragini started to cry.
Swara: baba We r not going anywhere
Ragini: yes we don’t want to marry.
Sumshek smiled at them.
Sumi: look Sheker u made them cry.(looking towards Swaragini) what is this ha he was just teasing u and u started to cry
Ragini: Ma but it’s the truth na
Swara: we wont be with u. With this both Swaragini broke down. Now Sumshek were also crying. No one could say anything. All just hugged each other and were sobbing. Didi came there and saw them.
Dida: What is this? U r wasting ur tears. Save some for bidai also
Dadi: I know u all will very happy during bidai as these devils will leave us. Saying this both didi started to laugh.
Swaragini got angry and threw pillows on them. Soon all were indulged in pillow fighting.
All were in one one corner with feathers everywhere. The whole room was a mess. All were very tired after a great pillow war. All saw the room’s condition and burst out into laughter. Swaragini hugged Didi.
Swaragini together: u both r the best in the world.
Didi together: we know.
Again all laughed.
SanLak were busily working. Sanskar seemed to be fully involved in work. But Laksh was day dreaming. Sanskar saw this abd hit him with a file. Laksh came to reality with a jerk.
Laksh: what happened????????
Sanskar: idiot how can be so careless. U r day dreaming??
Laksh: Sorry bhai. Actually today I am going out for a dinner with Ragini soo I was thinking what shall I wear.
Sanskar: lucky nowadays U R behaving like a girl. ??? Stop dreaming now.
Laksh: ok bhai. But bhai plz stop calling me idiot.
Sanskar: Ok idiot I wont call u idiot. But idiot is not a bad Name. Idiot suites u.??
Laksh: Enough u can call me whatever u want.??
Both continued their work.
Dp and adarsh r shown. They r planning something. Some goons R with them
Adarsh: Do it perfectly . Don’t do any mistake like last time. Do u get that.
Goon’s leader: we wont sir.
Dp: so tomorrow we will execute our plan.
All laughed evilly.

PRECAP: Execution of Plan. Sanskar in hospital.

I know u want to kill me for Such a Short Update. But what can I do I am out of battery and even today we don’t have electricity . As today is a shut down?????
Very sorry guys. But nxt will be big. As everyone’s wish I am gonna continue this. I am Little sad cuz I received less comments in last ep. If u don’t like it also plz say it to me. I will be happy to see ur suggestions. Guys plz comment and motivate me. If this was boring I am sorry for that. So now comment soon So that we could chat. I would love to read long comments. But I am also very happy to see short comments. So do comment. Shreya can u plz say something about whatapad. I don’t know anything about it. But if u want me to join them I will.
????Love u all????
Take care??????

Credit to: Sree

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  1. Tmr u should write long episode otherwise I’ll kill u.hahahahha just kidding. Will be waiting for next episode

    1. Ok dear???. I will tryyyyy. Love u dear??????

    1. Thanks anu. Love u dear??? keep reading

  2. nice…write bigger its too small

    1. Thanks soujanya. I will write bigger. Love u dear??

  3. Awesome sree!!? hope their plan doesn’t get successful?

    1. Thanks kavya. Let see. Love u dear????

  4. Sree I’ll surely kill you if I don’t get a longer episode tomorrow! Got that? ??????????
    Joking dear! But Pls do write a longer one!
    OK bye tc! ? ? ? ? ?
    BTW episode was short but cute pillow fight ???

    1. Ok dear????. I will write a bigger one. Love u dear????

  5. Superb episode

    1. Thanks sanchami. Keep reading dear. Love u?

  6. Finally.. Uh decided not to quit.. Uh know it was literally difficult for me to live without this ff…
    It’s just fantastic..
    Keep writing.. Love you.. And come on wattpad soon..! Will wait for you..

    1. And about wattpad.. Actually its an app wherein you’ll find lots of amazing books and in different genres.. It’s amazing there.. Uh can even write your own story.. And you can chat too..

      1. I opened it but still i dont know how to find u all. Plz help me with it.
        I will continue as it was everyones wish.
        Where is ur ff????????? I am waiting for it yaar. Its been days since u posted. Plz try to post if u r free.
        Love u lotts??????

      2. My user name is Shreya_MH .. Find me using that..
        Or tell me your username..
        And yeah my fan fic.. I was in bed yaar.. Pains..! Huh..! I wasn’t allowed to work for long on y phone let alone write a chapter..

      3. I have messaged u. See it. How r u now?? Take good rest. Dont u dare to get up ok. Take care?

  7. thamiazh magan

    okkkk.. waiting

    1. Thanks thamiazh magan. Love u dear??

  8. Patidev….such a short update..plz update long episodes….so sorry I did not know that this ff is yours..i started reading this from the previous episode..then I went back and read all..u r an awesome writer..keep writing..aur hosake toh plz ek..zada nehi has ek one shot likh dena aur uske raglak bhai behem ho..plz..???

    1. Patniji i am glad that u liked this. Mein one shot lik tho sathi hun par mujhe koi idea hi nahi araha hai. But i will try to write for u. Love u dear?????

      1. Thank u….love u too…tusi great ho…aur tumhari bhabiya kisi kaam ki nehi hai…

      2. Soooo sorry bro, mujhe nehi pata tha yeh apki ff hain.So, kan pakadke sorry.Eva babhi tarah mein bhi last part parah hain, but comment nehi karpayi network problem ki wajah se.About chappy, awsm.Loved it.Love you bro.

      3. Haw sorry bolneki koi saroorat nahi hai Sissy. Tum toh meri sweet Sis ho? i am glad that u liked this. Love u my sis??
        Wifey tum bhabhis ke peeche kyun padi ho?? Vo tho jagad ne me bobot busy hai?? .

      4. Shut up bhabi ke chamche..u should be supporting your wife..? btw they r too busy with their fight..and guess what?yeh jhagda mene lagaya hai..apne entertainment keliye???????

      5. ??????? u r great wifey.
        Unke jagde ko khatam bhi nahi hone dhe rahi ho tum.lekin dekne ko bohot maza araha hai????

  9. Awsm epi bt short…plz update long epi

    1. Thanks Yaz. Nxt one will be big sure?. Love u dear??

  10. it was amazing☺….I was waiting for it…gald u will continue it?….try to uolaod soon whenever u r free…..but this was too short??….wants some swasan romance????????

    1. Thanks ireen. I will surely post nxt soon. Sorry kyunki nxt me Swasan romance nahi bohot rona dhona hoga. Wait for it dear.
      Love u dear??????????

  11. Finally u post it but ye kya ye toh bhut chotuu sa tha…but i understand ur situation…but my frnd next tym long one KKK …vase ye vala bhi aacha tha….

    1. Thank u Niku. Nxt surely bada hoga. Love u deary???

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