Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 12]

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So lets start
Swaragini are chatting in their room.
Ragini: plzzz shona plz only u can talk to mom and dad plz
Swara: lado its ur matter so U should talk. I cant I am very scared??
Ragini had tears in her eyes?: I know u don’t love me she started to cry.
Swara: stop ur emotional blackmailing lado. I will talk ok happy
Ragini:yes very happy thank u. Love u
Swara: first we should talk to dida and dadi.

Suddenly didi enter the room: we already know it. Lado we r very happy fot u.
Ragini ran to them and hugged them. All were very happy but still they had an himalayan task of convincing their parents. Swaragini called them and talked extra sweetly. Sumshek understood that they want something.
Sumi: what to u want? Why r u buttering us??
Swaragini together: ma how did u understand??????
Sumi: I know about u two very well now Say whats the matter
Swara: ma baba Ragini …….. she……she loves one boy
Sumshek: whattttttttttttttt?????
Swara: u know him very well. He is Laksh Maheswari. He is a successful business man.
Sumshek were not satisfied . But after a long convincing part they agreed. Ragini was on cloud nine.

Sheker: we will come there after two days. Ask them to come to our home.
Ragini: love u mom and dad love u alot??? u r the best parents in the world
Sumshek: ok enough stop buttering us
Ragini makes a pout face all others laugh Seeing her. She goes from there and calls Laksh. She says everything to him. He becomes excited.
Laksh: u did it ragini u did it. I love u . Atlast we will be together. I am feeling to hug u.
Ragini:me too but its just matter of some more days then we will be one.
Laksh: yes we will be together forever and ever.

They continue their talks.
Swara was crying in her room.

I am very happy for lado but I am very sad for myself. Now I have to leave my job. How will I live without Seeing him,without talking to him. How will I find his shona. God what will I do now ??? I cant work cuz mom and dad will never allow me to work that too when lado is getting married they will never allow me. (Suddenly she stops crying) arre Swara pagal ho gayi ho tum ( Swara u have gone mad) U can see him during wedding preparations. After all he is laksh’s brother. POV ENDS
She starts smiling. But she is still sad as now she will not be able to work.
SanLak were in their home disscussing about some business work. At that time laksh said to him about the arrival of Ragini’s parents after 2 days. Sanskar was very happy to hear it.
Sanskar: we r gonna get a new member in our small family.
Laksh blushed a little? : bhai but how can I marry before u
Sanskar: U can cuz u got ur love and I cant cuz I have not got my love?
Laksh: u will get ur love bhai. BTW do u love someone.

Sanskar: no
Laksh: then why don’t u do arrange marriage bhai cuz I know u r way too boring and u would never date anyone . So what do you think ???
Sanskar: laksh ke bhache u r calling ur big brother boring. Idiot.
Laksh: arre sorry bhai I was just joking.
Both laughed whole heartedly and continued to work .
SCENE-3 (After 2 days)
Sumshek arrived at GM. They were very happy to meet everyone. Swara had not informed to aNskar about her resigning the job.
Sanlak arrived at GM. Laksh was very excited whereas sanskar was happy for his brother. Both entered the house . Sumshek welcomed them. Sanlak introduced themselves.After sometime didi came out. Sanskar was shocked to see them.

I cant believe my eyes. They r my shona’s dida and dadi. That means my shona will be hear. God thank u thank u very much. I never thought that I will find her . Just after some seconds I will be able to see her.
Sanskar was very happy but the next moment his world froze. Sumshek called shona andddddd Ragini came out with a tray and two cups of coffee in it. She was wearing a beautiful Red anarkali. she smiled at laksh. Laksh smiled widely. Sanskar saw this and was broken. “ My shona is my lucky’s lover. Why r u behind me god Why. But its ok. My lucky’s happiness only matters to me.” He thought and controlled his emotions. But he was crying inside. But the next moment made him fly in sky in happiness. Dida called ragini .

Dida: Lado were is shona. Call her also.
Ragini: dida she will come now .
Suddenly they heard footsteps and smiled. Swara had wore a beautiful white anarkali. This is the dress

Sanskar was mesmerised to see her as well as shocked. He cursing himself his shona was none other than his best friend Swara. He was on cloud nine. He wanted to talk to her as fast as possible. But he couldn’t as he had to talk to Sumshek first.
Shekar: Sanskar beta u r elder to him then how could u get him married first.
Sanskar thought for sometime: uncle if u don’t mind can I ask u something.
Shekar: yes beta
Sanskar: Can I marry ur other daughter.

All were shocked including laksh. No one understood why did he say so. Swara was about to faint because of the Sudden words .
Shekar: beta what r u saying
Sanskar: Actually uncle I like her so I would like to marry her.
This was it . There was a thud sound. Someone had fainted. All were shocked.
Sanskar: luckyyyy get up lucky
(Yes guys it was laksh who fainted???)
Ragini sprinkled some water on him. All were relieved when he woke Up.
Ragini: lucky what happened ?? R u not feeling good?? She was very tensed
Laksh: no no I am fine. But a little shocked. I never expected that my brother would even like someone.
All laughed at his statement but Sanskar was embarrassed. He gave a death glare to Laksh. Laksh gulped in fear.
Shekar: if my daughter is happy then I will be happy. (Looks towards Swara) beta what do u think about this
Swara was in shock was brought back to reality by Ragini who lightly hitted her .
Swara: dad I want to talk to him.
Shekar: ok. Show him ur room.

Swasan silently when to the room. Once they entered the room Sanskar lost his control and hugged her tightly. Swara didn’t reciprocate as she was still in shock.
Sanskar: I searched for u everywhere but u were in front of me. Why didn’t u say that u were shona huh
Swara: Sanskar leave me first. He left her.
Swara: look I cant understand anything. Why r asking me such a question. I am not shona its just my pet name.
Sanskar: what r u saying Swara?? If u joking plz stop it. I am not in a mood to joke.
Swara: I am not joking Sanskar. I cant understand why r u talking like this.
Sanskar pinned her to the wall: so u r saying that u don’t know that u r my shona. U don’t know how much I love u u don’t know how we were when we were Small.
Swara: I know how much u love shona but I am not her.
Sanskar: stop it Swara. I know u r my shona. U stayed with ur dida and dadi when u were small. Don’t u remember that

Swara aas now confused: I never stayed with my dida and dadi. I was always in london.
Now Sanskar got confused. He went out dragging Swara too.
Sanskar: Uncle did she have any accident when she was small.
Shekar: yes Beta. She had a very bad accident. U know she was in coma for 1 month. Then when she woke up she had lost all her memory. He started to cry.
Sanskar was also crying by now. Swara was now getting it. She understood that she was shona.
Then Sanskar explained everything to them. How he met her how they became friends how while running truck hit her and his condition after that. But he didn’t say that dp had planned everything and that how much they were in love. All turned towards Swara. She was crying bitterly. She ran and hugged Sanskar. All were happy to see them. Both Raglak And Swasan marriage were fixed.

PRECAP: Swasan date and proposal with romance.

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