Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 11]

Hey guys sree here. I know u r hell angry at me and u wanna kill me for not posting but what can I do I was busy with my results . Because of all ur wishes I have scored 95’/.. But I received horrible scolding’s from my mom cuz she expected more and even I expected more. But we cant do anything na. So lets leave all that. Now I am in a very good mood as all supported me .
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So lets start
Swasan were in office. Swara saw Sanskar and understood that he was very disturbed. She went to him.
Swara: Sanskar whats the proble…… before she could complete Sanskar hugged her. Swara was shocked but soon came out of it. She felt her right shoulder getting wet. She again got a shock as she saw sanskar crying.
Swara: Sanskar what happened ???
Swara: what happened say it dammit
Sabskar: Swara today its my parents death anniversary
Swara: whattttt??
Sanskar: Yes Swara they died when I was six. U know I have had the worst childhood. I had to look after my lucky I had to do household work I had to study I had to do everything but there is no one who does something for me. God always snatches the one who love me. I lost my parents my shona my everything. U know I was felt like I was in hell.
He said all this sobbing badly. He just poured his heart out. But for Swara it was something she cant digest. She tried to speak but her brain and heart were now out of her control. She felt very sad thinking about his past.
I never thought my sanskar would have such a dark past. I thought him to be the Prince with silver spoon but now I can understand the reason for his grief . Don’t worry Sanskar I will do my best to make u come out of this . That’s My promise to u. POV ENDS
Swasan were still hugging. Sanskar came to senses and left her.
Sanskar: I am reallly sorrryyy Swara. Actually I was very upset. So
Swara: stop it sanskar . Why do always say sorry for such things. Its ok. I am ur friend na then whats the problem. BTW I want to know more about u. I would like to here about ur past.
Sanskar: Swara I have a very dark past. I don’t want to Say about it. Plz
Swara: Its ok if u don’t want to share the bad moments but u can share good moments Na.?
Sanskar: u very well know to how to make to talk.
Swara: after all I am ur best friend.
Sanskar: ok listen. My life was maximum filled only with darkness. But she changed everything. She made my life beautiful. She thought me how to laugh How to live life. She was an amazing girl. She had some magic in her words. She healed All my wounds. She was and is my life. She is my love shona. She is the best memory of my life.
Swara was completely shattered after hearing everything. She was broken. Her eyes were full of tears . She couldn’t take it anymore. She excused herself and went to washroom.
Just Now I thought to bring the happiness back in ur life but ur happiness cost my happiness sanskar. I never Thought that u will be in love with someone. But I only want ur happiness. Whoever will give u happiness I will bring them infront of u. I never wanted u To love me back but I would never stop loving u. I will bring shona back in ur life. Atleast by coincidence my name will be with u. That’s enough for me.
She was crying bitterly while thinking this. She composed herself and went back to Sanskar. She thought to collect detail about her. She asked Sanskar about it.
Sanskar: Swara I don’t know where she is now. That time she stayed with her grandparents cuz she loved them very much. But after a accident she left the place. I never saw her again.(he had tears in his eyes)
Swara: do u know where her parents lived or about something else.
Sanskar nodded in no: but why r u asking about her .
Swara: simply. Ok now leave everything u have meeting today and I think u r already late.
Sanksar seea the time: oh shit where r my files Swara.
Swara: everything is readily waiting for u in conference hall.
Sanskar: thank u Swara. Bye saying this he left.
“ I will bring shona in ur life sanskar but I have to find her first.” Swara thought.
She left from there with a determined face.
( Guys Swara doesn’t know anything about dp,ap and adarsh cuz she never involved herself in his personal matters)
RAGLAK were happily sitting there. They were enjoying the nature and each others company.
Laksh: Ragini I think we should get married.
Ragini: what happened to u suddenly.?????
Laksh: I cant stay alone anymore. Loneliness is killing me everyday.
Ragini: why r u talking like this lucky. U have ur own family.
Laksh: they r not my family. He say everything That had happened.
Ragini hugs him tightly. : Hereafter never say that u don’t have a family. I am and will always be ur family.Now say when shall we get married.
Laksh: first ask tell ur parents about us. Then ask them to come here . After that we will get married.
Ragini: Very nice Plan but do u think so that my parents will agree so easily . Don’t u remember what happened when we were in college.
Laksh remembers Flashback.
Raglak were in the same college. It was prom night.(u know such things happen in london) Laksh came to pick up ragini. He went inside her house. The moment he entered he Sumshek started to give lectures while Swara was giggling and waiting for her partner. Laksh listen to both of them patiently but he was reatless inside to see his Ragini . Swara had wore a black knee length dress. This is the dress.
While laksh was still waiting Swara’s partner came and he too received the same amount of Lecture. This time it was laksh who was giggling. Swara gave him death glare and left with her partner. But laksh’s wait was still not over. Then after sometime came his life wearing a peacock color gown. This is the gown . He was awestruck to see her. He immediately went to her and hugged her but she didn’t respond. He got a little confused so he saw her face. She was scared to the hell. He turned back only to find Sumshek burning in anger. Sheker gave him a slap and warned him not to go too close to her. Raglak came out of the house with ten meters distance between them(??) Laksh was holding his hand on his cheek. The moment they sat in car Ragini burst out laughing.
Laksh: why r u laughing????
Ragini: Though u got a big lecture u had the guts to hug me in front of them. That was the biggest mistake of ur life.????
Laksh: enough now. Saying this he drove off. The whole time they were silent. Ragini couldn’t see him in anger so the moment they reached the hall she gave a ljght peck on his lips. Laksh was startled .
Laksh: if u would reward me like this then I am ready to receive slaps from Ur dad.
Both laughed and went inside the hall.
Laksh : Now we r grown up so I don’t think so that he will slap me again. But even if he does so I would get a good reward from u ,isnt it??
Ragini: u r shameless. I will try to talk to dad.
Laksh : ok
Again they started their business that is staring at eachother.(??)
I know that this is small but nxt will be big for sure. Actually I am feeling very lazy to write today???
Sorry if this was boring cuz I feel that it was boring. Thanks to everyone for their precious comments. I am on cloud nine now. Plz do comment and let me know how was this ep.
Thanks for reading. Love u all ????????
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