Mr.Maheswari and his secretary [EPISODE 10]

Hello everyone . Guys I am very happy actually more than happy. Its only because of u all as this is my 10th ep. I never in my dreams expected this many comments. Its only ur support that I am this much happy today even though I have my results tomorrow I am smiling like mad. Guys I have a request plz do comment. I am saying this cuz I found many who were reading suddenly left . I don’t know whether u r reading or not. So I want all to comment just to know how many r reading this . That will motivate me a lot. Silent readers plz plzzzzz BREAK UR SILENCE. Moreover I never thought to find these many fans of Lee min ho. I am very happy to see them. Sorry for the bak bak but I wanted to pour my heart out.
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Episode 9
So lets start
SwaSan return to Kolkata after completing all the exhausting meetings. They had a very good time in Delhi after the Swalee incident. They were back to their self.
Sanskar was very tired after the tiring journey. He was lazily walking to his room when he heard something and was shocked. But he thought to leave it as it doesn’t matter to him. The moment he entered his room he saw Laksh sitting happily. He was little confused as he thought why was laksh there.
Laksh saw him and gave him a big bear hug. Sanskar hugged him back but now he was more confused.
Sanskar: what is it lucky who is it
Laksh gave him a shocked expression 😮 : hoe did u understand that I am going to talk about someone.
Sanskar: I even know that u r gona talk about a girl.
Laksh blushed a little : u r great bhai
Sanskar: Now say who is she who has made u blush
Laksh blushed more and said: Ragini
Sanskar: I have heard that name somewhere.
Laksh: bhai she is the same one . I mean she is my childhood gf.
Sanskar: Now I get it . U always used to talk about her.
Laksh was now a full tomato
Sanskar: laksh stop blushing u r looking like a tomato
Laksh: bhai stop it. I have to say something more bhai actually …i….i…….
He hesitates a lot.
Sanskar: what I I lucky say it clearly
Laksh: bhai I proposed her and she accepted. I want to marry her bhai plzzzz he said everything in one go
Sanskar: Lucky how could u do this u dint even bother u inform me all this . U don’t care about me r8
He shows fake anger and says all this.
Buts laksh thinks that he was hurt. He gets tears in his eyes.
Laksh: bhai u r everything to me. When Mom Dad were busy u looked after me like parents. U protected me like a brother. U were with me like a friend. U know I cant live without u bhai. I truly cant.
The tears started to flow from his eyes which he tried to keep but failed.
Now both the brothers were crying.
Sanskar: stop ur emotional drama idiot. I was just teasing u. I am very happy for u.
Laksh: Thank u bhai. I love u very much bhai very much.
Sanskar: Ab aur mat rula (now don’t make me cry more)
Laksh: bhai come lets say to mom and dad about Ragini . I know if u say then they will accept her
Sanskar nodded in yes.
Laksh I am very happy to see u happy. But how can I say to u the one whom u consider as mom dad are not our parents . They r just blo*dy gold diggers. How can I say to u to hate them when I can ur love for them. POV ENDS
SanLak went to dp and ap. Adarsh was also present there.
Sanskar: Lucky likes a girl and he wants to marry her.
Dp : I know whom u r talking about but I wont accept for this relation.
Laksh was broken to hear this. Sanskar was very angry. But he control and talked coldly.
Sanskar: why
Dp: Because our Adarsh likes her and he wants to marry her.
Sanskar remembers their talk.
Dp , ap and Asarsh were talking. Just then Sanskar heard them .
Adarsh: I want her at any cost. She can only be mine. I wont leave her for anyone. I don’t care what u will do but make her mine by hook or crook.
Dp: Don’t worry beta she will be all yours. I will make her yours.
Sanskar was shocked to hear it . He felt that they were disgusting. So he went from there.
Sankskar understood that they were talking about Ragini. Now his anger was on peak.
Laksh started to sob . He was completely broken now. He never had thought that his parents could be so mean. He was confused as why they always considered only Adarsh as their son. His thoughts were broken by Sanskar’s voice.
Sanskar: I have tolerated u only for lucky cuz he thinks that u r our parents. But not anymore. I wont let u snatch my lucky’s happiness. Get out of my house.
Dp: How dare to talk to me like this. He was about to slap Sanskar but Sanky caught his hand.
Sanskar: don’t u dare to. U don’t have rights to do this.
Dp: I am ur father and I have every right to beat u and BTW this is my house.
Sanskar smirked: First of all u r not my father. U r just a blo*dy gold digger. Second this is my parents house. Do u get that
Dp laughed evilly : This house was transferred to my name long back.
Sanskar smirked again : do u think that I will leave my parents property so easy . Never. My father knew about ur intentions so he had made a will that his whole property would only belong to his sons.
Dp was now scared as he never knew about this.
Dp: Beta I am ur badepapa . Plz don’t do this.
Sanskar: U r insulting a pure relation. U killed my parents , u tried to kill me and u think that I will leave u never. Get lost . (He smiled coldly) Don’t worry if u want I will call police to help u.
Dp: No plz don’t. We will go but plz don’t inform to police.
Sanskar: Go from here asap. I cant see ur faces anymore.
Laksh was seeing everything silently. He got the biggest shock of his life. He never thought that the one whom he considered as his parents were actually the murderers of his parents. He saw Sanskar .
Laksh: bhai I think u owe me an explanation.
Sanskar said to him everything how their parents were murdered in a car crash and how they showed it as an accident. How they made him to work hoe they tortured him how they tried to kill him . He stopped saying this.
Laksh hugged him tightly.
Laksh : bhai u bared this much but u never said anything to me. Why bhai why
Sanskar: Because I love u lucky and I never wanted to see these tears in ur eyes.
Laksh smiled : I wont cry bhai. I wont cry for this brutes. I have u na bhai that’s enough for me.
Both smiled and hugged eachother. By the time Dp,ap and Adarsh came out with their bags.
Laksh went to Adarsh and slapped him.
Laksh: this is for seeing my Ragini with ur bad eyes.
Adarsh gave him a death glare and went out with dp and ap.
Sanskar went to his room.
Atlast lucky came to know about them. I am very happy today atlast everything is fine. Hereafter they wont be with us. But I miss u mom and dad. They took u away for us. What was our mistake what did we do to have such a fate. My lucky always carved for parents love. I tried my best to always be with him but how can I comfort him when I myself was broken. They even tried to kill me but I lost my shona in that incident. He remembers FB.
Sanskar was completely lost after shona went missing. He was cleaning the house when he heard dp,ap and some goons talking.
Dp: idiots I said u to kill the boy then why did u kill the girl
Goon 1: sir that girl suddenly came in middle we were going to kill the boy.
Goon 2: Sir the girl is not dead. She is fine sir.
Ap: how do u know that
Head of Goon: I came to know that the girl belongs to a rich family . Her parents have complained to higher officials. Now they r searching us . So I have made one of my goon to surrender. Then I came to know that the girl is alive from him.
Ap: don’t let our name out. Do u get that
Head of Goons: We wont.
Sanskar heard everything but this was not noticed by them.
Why god it should have been me in her place. I know she is alive but I don’t know were she is now. Plz bring her back to me god plz. I want her now. Plz god.
Just as he was thinking about shona Swara called him.
Swara: hi sanskar. Whats up
Sanskar smiled : nothing
Swara sensed something wrong: Sanky I can see that u r upset.
Sanskar was astonished by her question. He wondered how she understood him so well.
Sanskar: nothing Swara
Swara: Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I know u r upset and I think u don’t want to share it. But its ok. When u r ok call me. Bye. She hung the call.
Sabskar smiled at her acts. ‘This girl knows me very well. She even know how to make me ok’ he thought and slept as he was very tried by now because of all the journey and drama. He soon dozed off.
Ragini was very happy to see Swara back. They talked a lot. Swara said about how they drank and ended up in bed. Ragini was first shocked then she burst out laughing. Swara gave her a annoyed look.
Swara: whats so funny about it
Ragini: Its not funny but I am laughing cuz I think u did this wantedly.
Swara: WHAT!!!!!
Ragini: arre baba I mean atleast u got some special moments with ur Sansku.
Swara: Its nothing like that. I hate that night Ragini. So don’t say such rubbish.
Ragini: Arre yaar I was just joking. Ok now leave that I want to say something very important to u.
Swara got excited: Did Laksh propose u?? 
Ragini: how did u know it
Swara: I am Swara the Mahan. I know everything and btw ur shyness is saying everything.
Ragini smiled at her and both had a bear hug. Then Swara again started to talk about her days in Delhi.
She said about Lee, his cute talkings, Sanskar’s jealousy seeing them she said everything.
Ragini: so sanskar was jealous ,isnt it?
Swara: yes
Ragini: that means he too love u shona.
Swara: Really *with puppy dog face and excited tone*
Ragini: I think so cuz a person gets jealous only when he sees his lover with someone else.
Swara: U r saying as if u have experienced it.
Ragini: yes that lucky was talking to his college and that bit*h was flirting with him. Here I was burning in jealousy. After that I didn’t talk to lucky for twoooo days. But after that he convinced me . 
Swara: I don’t know about Sanskar but I can see that u both r deeply in love with eachother.
Ragini blushed hardly at her statement.
Swara: Awww u r looking cute while blushing.
Ragini blushed more and ran from there. That’s when Swara called Sanskar but she understood about his condition and hung on.
I don’t know why u r upset Sanskar but I will make everything fine. I cant see u worried over something. I will be there for u sansku. POV ENDS
Thinking this she smiled and dozed off.
That’s all guys cant write more my hands r paining. Plz let me know how was the ep through ur comments. Plz pray for my results. As tomorrow r my results I wont be able to post. Sorry for that but I will try my best to post ok. Guys if u have any doubt u may ask I will clear it. We can even chat through comments guys. I will reply for ur comments. SORRY if it was boring.
Love u all. Keep Smiling 🙂

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