Mr. Maheswari and Miss. Gadodia – Part 4 (New friend)


Friends, my exams.are starting from next week. sorry for the delqy. i will definitely post regularly after mid may. sorry for keepbtou wairing. and.again sorry for the grammar mistakes
I mentioned about a new entry in the last episode. New entry will be Naman from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai. And Roli Swaras friend will be Survi from Yeh Vaada Raha. He will be an army officer. His character and role will be revealed in coming parts.
Going to the story.
Swara and Vidya with Roli is going to library. On the way back, they were accompanied by their friend Akshara (Col. Natik’s wife). When they reached naval base, Akshara introduced Major Naman Shah to them. On way back to home, Naman Shah accompanied them. Naman is known for his wits. He always impresses all with whom he talks. They were talking all the while to the home. All stopped at one seeing one bullet coming opposite side.
Swara: (in mind) oh God, they are Maheswari Brothers. What the hell.
Bullet stopped by their side. Lucky wish all of them. Sanskar doesn’t pay attention to anyone.
Lucky: Miss gadodia, where is you sister? I mean sisters.
Swara: They are at home.
Lucky: Ok bye. And they started to leave.
Roli: Inlow voice Hey Shona, you dreamed of riding this type of bike right?
swara:. shutup yaar idiot..she frowned. koi sunlega
Roli: sorry sorry
Naman: vaise do you luke to show me your town, miss gadodia
Swara: ya sure
Naman was a great person with wits.. Swara and namannshare a good bond. She was laughing all the while to home.
Shona: oh god he is suxh a nice guy.Better than that sadu maheswari
While reaching her home, naman asked would you like to join me for party tonight at Mr singanias house. Actually I dont have a partner.
Swra: ok.sure.
when.I was getting ready with Ragini
Ragini asaked hey shona are you sure you are coming with us. what the hell you said yes to a person whom you met before few hours
Swara: Ragu, this is the fifth time you are asking me this question. and iam coming with you. ok
Ragini:: ok, lagta hai wind is blowing in the opposite direction.
Madamme may I ,Naman.ask for my hand while.we entered the hall.
Ragini chuckles behind me.
Swara: Sure, while we were descending towards the centre I saw Laksh there.
Swara : Oh no the other sadu should not be here
Naman: What happened Swara,
swara: Mr.sanskar should not be here. I just hate him.
Naman: don’t take.tension dear he will not be here cos.iam here
swara looked at him ,
We have a flash back, long story
Swra: I am not going anywhere
Naman: my papa was his pa, and as.per maheswaris I should have got that position, but Sanskar doesnt like me, So he changed the rules and made his friend his pa, you know her kavitha.
cos of him I have to join army and my sisters engagement got cancelled as we dont have money to do it. his eyes got moist after the.story.
Swara: Oh iam sorry, I dont mean to hurt you. he is such a heart less person
Naman: its ok yaar.
Swars: Ok chalo we will dance
All.were doing couple dance in the centre swanam joined them.
So you don’t have boyfriend till now?
Luksh asked the same question for the fifth time
Ragini: yes mr maheswa.. sorry lucky, I don’t have any. Why you are asking this questions
Laksh: just checking my chance
Ragini: is flirting is necessary
Laksh: ya its health
Ragini: cheesy lines
Laksh: u like it right, you are blushing miss
Ragini: just concentrate on dance.ok
Is that was him. No he will not come here, he doesn’t have the courage to face Naman.
Swara saw a person lyk sanskar while twirling.
Naman: what? u.r not concentrating
Swara: no.iam
Why that aaksh is always dance with you. ibthink his intentions are not good. Just be aware of him.
Ragini: no he is a nice person
Swara: do u lyk him
Ragini: I think so.

Precap: thinking still

Credit to: Jane

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  1. It was so sweet……but u now only swasan we want……no swanam (I didn’t meant to hurt u)………but even then this part was just awesome…..
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    Waiting eagerly for next as a fan……..
    All the very best for ur exams !!!! Rock it yaar (will wait till ur exams r over….be back with a bang)

    1. Thanks dharsha, and swadan.or swanam its suspense. but dont worry iam a sanskar holic

  2. Bullshit story…

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  3. Finally..nice epi

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  4. nice one … its mind blowing….. love raglak scenes….. plz make it swasan….. I m sanskar holic….. I can’t see swara with someone other…. post next part soon….I m waiting….
    keep smiling

    1. Thanks . I will make sure u will be happy after23 episodes

  5. Superb dear

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