Mr. Maheswari and Miss. Gadodia – Part 3

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Swara was getting bored when she heard a sound.
Sanskar: Hello, Miss Gadodia. Nice to meet you. Why you are standing here. Don’t you have any partner or you don’t know how to dance
Swara: Mr. Maheswari, its your party, that doesn’t mean you can disturb any one. Ok
Sansakar: So that means you don’t have any partner, Chalo iwill give you company.
Swara give a what the hell look to Sanskar
Sansakar: what, I am giving an opportunity to dance with the successful bachelor of the year and you are not happy?
Swara: dancing is not business Mr.
Sanskar: If its not business also, I can dealt with easily than others presented here.
Swara: so you are saying you are the best dancer here
Sansakar: you heard it right idiot
Swara: oh hellow mister you called me idiot, atleast give respect to your guest.
Sansakar: respect is for those who deserve it, not for those who demand.
Swara: you are getting rude mr, vaise I am not interested to talk to you
Sanskar: Oh god, so much attitude
Swara: my attitude is result of your actions Mr. and if you don’t like it, blame yourself.
Sanskar: I never met a girl like you.

Swara: same here. And I am master piece. U can’t find anyone like me. Saying this she went out.
At same time RAGLAK
Laksh: (thinking) Lucky she is here, just talk with her.
Hello Miss. Middle talker, as I have to dance with other hot girls presented here, if you don’t mind can you please search another eyes to stare. And of course, I have to search for my brother.
Ragini: Oh god Shona. She will kill me. God save me.
At this time, Sansakar felt that, he should say sorry to Miss Gadodia as a good host. He went outside and see a girl outsid. He reached there and tried to shake her from back.
Swara: Dare to Mr. Maheswari, you are rude, self centered, creature don’t dare to mess up with me. Is that clear.

Sanskar: ( angry mod) I am not Miss. Gadodia. Better we don’t see each other next time.
What happened? RagLak asked while reaching there?
Swara: chalo ragu. I am going home
Ragu: ok baba, tell me what happened?
Laksh: ah tell what happened?
Swara: better ask your arrogant brother
Sansakr: You . get lost
Ragini and Swara dragged their respective siblings towards their home.
Ragini : what happened to you dear? Why are you giving unnecessary importance to him?
Swara: Am not giving him any importance. Why u are asking so?
Ragu: not that dear, from the past one and half hour, you walked about 262 times across this room,drank almost 2 bottles of water, and most importantly uttered 328 Mr. Maheswari. (saying this she smiled at her) and don’t you think you are giving unnecessary importance to him. As far as I know, my shone is not among those who gives importance to some handsome strangers. Shona is he someone special?

Swara: amused at her sisters question, u get lost from here..
Saying this she drag ragu out of the room and closed the door.
She lied on bed and thinking –was Ragu right: Ami giving him unnecessary importance. Ok Swara relax. No more party till Maheswaris leave. Don’t cross the path with that idiot too. Goodnight.
Ragini was sitting in her bed and was recalling her day. He is so charming. Oh god why am I blushing? I think I like him, only like. Everyone likes him, so as i. right
Laksh was pacing in their study room to and fro. Just then Sanskar arrives there.
Sanskar: What Lucky? Tell me fast.

Laksh: Bhai, I have to tell you something important. You know I only have u to share all these things. And you are my sweet eldest brother. Ok ok eldest by 2 months. Fine. But lovely brother I like someone here
Sanskar: (no more laksh, laksh, I was calculating how many girl friends had till now.) I gave him a warning look.
Lucky:What. Iam serious this time.
Sanskar: if your comedy is over should I leave. I have to sleep.
Lucky: Bhai, I am not joking. I am serious, pakka promise. She is beautiful. She is thelast girl in my life.
Sanskar: And what about Kavya. I think she likes you. That’s why she accompanied you here.
Lucky: what? Are you mad Bhai? She is my friend. Ok

Sanskar: and who is this new one? Let me guesss….hmmmmm Kavitha
Lucky: Bhai, bad guess. She is your friend. I am talking about Miss Gadodia.
Sanskar (shocked) What? Swara
Laksh : No, bhai her sister Ragini Gadodia
Sanskar: Lucky, how much you know about her. you met her few minutes ago and you are liking her.
Lucky: if u agree then only I will talk about her with dad. And there is no rush. We still have time till we leave. I think 2 weeks are enough for knowing about her.
Sanskar: Ok, that’s cool. But stay away from her sister. Ok Gud nyt
Lucky:Gud nyt Bhai and one more thing Kavitha is like a bhabi for me
Sanskar: what the?????????

PRECAP: NEW ENTRY.SWARA’S FRIENDSHIP WITH NEW ENTRY. ONE MORE PARTY.SOME SECRETS ARE OUT. LUCKY AND RAGU GETTING CLOSER.“ Its better to be alone than being with someone who makes you feel alone.”

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