Mr. Maheswari and Miss. Gadodia – Part 2 – O. M. G


Friends is my FF boring… because I got almost 70 Comments for the introduction part and now its only 13…If its boring just tell me, I will stop it soon

And thanks to Lovely, Swasan fan, sara, sujatha,alia,s priya, kittu, kriya,nikki, rakhi, rapunzel,Zoya, Anaita, Dhara for supporting thri=oughmy comments and my silent readers.
Hey Swasan Fan,Jane is only my pet name..If u want to know any other details except my name just ask me, Ok
What is this ??? It’s a palace ragu… Swara exclaimed while entering into the mansion. I pinched her when I saw I girl noticing us and giving us whatever looks.
Ouch ragu… swara exclaimed…

The girl came to us having a sarcastic smile on her face…she was wearing a backless short dress, high heels. Our mom introduced us. Oh no what was the need to do that and that last sentence “my beautiful and hot girls”. Yeah that I see saying this she scanned us top to bottom and told I am Kavitha.. Sanskar Maheswari ki Friend.
Oh no may be Sanskar will be MY Mr. Handsome. I blushed a little when that thought came into my head.
Saying this she left to her friends. She is beautiful right di…Meera asked…..I and Swara just smiled each other..
They were talking with Roli and other frinds. Suddenly lights go off. Here comes the hosts with their beloved friends. Ragini why are you sweating. Swara asked without giving any attention to the hosts. Nothing ragini replied.
Lights come in with music and they started to dance
Ragini (in mind): oh God he is here. Ok take a deep breath ragu..relax
After dance light comes in. Every one started to dance with the themMusic.. Ragini and Swara was standing there only when Mr. Maheswari comes to them.
He walk past ahead of Ragu and stand behind swara and told Hey beautiful Iam Laksh Maheswari, naam tho aap suna hi hoga.
Ragini: (in mind)Oh God he will die.
Swara: to laksh— No Who are you??? And modiji is our prime minister right not any laksh maheswari
LAksh: Hey I like your answer.your good name please
Ragini : Swara
Laksh: Not yours
Ragini: that is what Iam saying she is Swara, and iam her sister ragini
Laksh: I didn’t ask that, (to swara) – Would you like to dance with me.
Ragini : No, she is not interested
Laksh : hey Miss, Iam talking to your sister, not to you. Please shut up and let miss beautiful speak.
Swara: Don’t speak to her like that. Ok. And I am not coming for a dance and with you never.RAgini smiles by looking at Lakshs puppy face.
Laksh: So. Can I dance with your sister atleast… and don’t say no
SWara : Take her permission first.
Laksh: Miss gadodia, will you like to dance with this charming Lucky.
Ragini: Oh…..K, but only one round.
When they were walking towards the dance floor,
Lucky: Hey Miss. Gadodia, Your sister don’t like to dance right
Ragini: not dance, she doesn’t like parties at all.
Lucky: then one minute. Hey bro Lucky called someone
That person: Ha lucky bol
Lucky: Sanskar bhai she is Miss Gadodia, Ragini. I am going to dance with her. Her sister is standing over there. Please give her some good company. Ok. She is getting saying this lucky move towards the dance floor with a smirk.
Lucky: (by dancing) u know miss your sister is gonna pay for rejecting ma offer.
Ragini: you don’t know Mr. my sister is tigress
Lucky : then my Bro is tiger…grrrrrrrrrr. He smiled. And said lets dance

Raginis POV
We were dancing. My heart were beating fast whenever he pulled me closer. I tried my best to not blush. Oh thank you babaji. I just wanted to meet him once and you give me an opportunity to dance with him. I just looked around. Every one was jealous seeing me dancing with him. And I saw my mother smiling by looking at me. And when my eyes met his eyes, every thing stopped around me. Only my heart beat. His intense eyes, his touch every feeling was new for me. I just wanted to stop the time their only. What is it?

She was beautiful. And her eyes OMG. When I see her talking with friends and Swara, I wantedto talk to her. What if she say no.then I worked my head and went to Swara and asked for dance and look now. I won. Iam dancing with her. She only permitted for a round, andit is almost the end of fourth round. I smiled at myself and the beautiful girl dancing with me.

Oh so your are thinking you are the best dancer presented here…Swara smirked while sayinh this. Miss. Gadodia don’t challenge me. Sanskar was almost yelling at her. She give a sarcastic smile to this sentence and said lets see Mr. Maheswari.

Guys how is it? I know some of you are miffed with me because of pairs. Please Iam really Sorry for that. Please understand me and support me, please and suggest your comments
Bye Guys Good night.


Credit to: Jane

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