Mr. Maheswari and Miss. Gadodia – Part 1


I am really sorry friends, if I am hurting any one of you. But before starting off I just want to clear some thing:
SwaRagini and SwaLak – story will be told from four perspectives
Four of them will have equal and unique importance
And about pairs, I have something in my mind. But I will reveal it with reasons in the next chapter when I will introduce the heroes.

So please guys, don’t avoid my ff because of pairs.please….please……………


Lets Us start
Oh……….. I heard a sound from the second floor…I was giving tea to dad and he obviously reading newspaper. I know who was it…..I just give a smile to dad who were smiling at me. Like me he knows what will happen next..
It is only seven in the morning, but whole in Kolkata ours will be the only place having this much sound.
There are seven people in our house (ok including our puppy cute little obama)
I was taking tea for her, mom was making breakfast and talking in high pitch, that’s why my sister have to wake up this early… This is our almost every days routine…..

Mom was shouting at every one… but no one was giving any attention.
Mom: Oh you are here. She rushed to hall.. no she was sprinting.
I too took the tea and went after her.
When I reached at the sitting area papa was looking into the newspaper, Vidya reading some novels with tea.. and mother was saying both daughters are of marriage age, no one is taking interest, only I have the tension…and she my sis was sitting with her face on her knees on step in her pyjamma itself.
I just ignored mom and went to my sis
Shona …. I Called her… she looked at me…..her eyes were half closed…and took tea cup from me and said thank u Ragu….
After taking two sips from hot tea she looked in moms direction
Shomi: What what ….why are you giving me this looks
Swara : Shomi Ma what you want now?Where I have to go?
Shomi : Not only you you all are coming with me to Maheswaris mansion..they are hosting a party tonight
Swara: No ma and give me ragini a please no look.
For that i gave her a what I do look

Swaras POV
I was mad at myself…Iam not going any were and who the hell is this Maheswaris…..My god why are you testing my patience and Shomi ma whats her problem..
Oh god this much frustration….not good for u shona ragu said while entering our room.
Look ragu you can go anywhere but please for god sake get me out of this mess. Ok. And Iam going to Library with Roli today…
Ragini – No way yaar….Please dear u are coming with me today. Otherwise Iam dead.. She requested with her cute pouty face…Oh my sis she always convinces me…
Ok I am coming. Only for you. Deal and I am not going to dance with any one. And you should take care of that..
Ragini- Thinks a while … Deal
And please wear a good dress saying this she left the room.
I looked at myself at mirror…. Swara one more party.

Raginis POV
Oh God, I convinced shona what about me…When I was walking past through Meeras Room she was dancing in MJs song. I just went there and take the CD out and give her a look.
Meera: What the hell Di?
Get ready for the evening fast.. I don’t want any more drama here. I completed the sentence and ran to my room and closed the door.
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……………………………….Di you are not doing right… she yelled behind me.
Just then I remembered the party… past week whole village is talking about Maheswari Mansion especially mothers who are having daughters at the age of marriage.
And girls they are talking about the dashing sons of Maheswaris…All the girls are waiting for a chance to meet them once and dance with them once.
And today is that day …. They are hosting a party over there mansion. Only the younger ones and their friend will be there. Once they used to live here in Kolkata only, theythey used to live here in Kolkata only, they went to Delhi for their Business.

Wait wait why Iam waiting …………………..Oh Ragu you are blushing she said to herself looking into the mirror.. I don’t know why but I want to meet Mr. Maheswari once..
I don’t know his name. I only got a look of him when I and Roli went to mall for shopping. Oh no he was dashing…handsome…I was dumb stuck. From that moment I just wanted to meet him once..And I didn’t share these thing with Shona too..Of course she will never believe me not me LOVE. For her Love sucks.

We are going to the party at 5in the evening.. Ragini asked Vidya once again that if she is coming.. She is going to complete a new book by this time. And papa also were not going to party. Ragini was wearing a red dress and her curly hers She is as always beautiful. Swara not interested in any thing just wore a pink salwar. And Vidya a sleeveless red short dress..

PRECAP: Raginis wait for THE Mr. Maheswari, Someone asking for a dance with Swara, Mrs. Gadodia talking non stoppingly and making fun of Gadodia sisters.

“Guys I think Iam upto your expectation..Please comment and suggest changes if any. And please about pairs I have decided everything and its not possible to change that. And of course I will give equal importance to Ragini and Swara.”

Credit to: Jane

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  3. I am sorry if i hurt u but I think u should decide pairs according to votes……..and if u already have decided than u should not have asked….but after asking if u dont go with majority then it may disappoint many……anyways all the best for ur ff

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    1. No dear, jane is my pen name..

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