Mr. Maheswari and Miss. Gadodia – Intro


Dear friends,

Iam a silent reader of all ffs so far. I am following most of the stories posting in swaragini section. Iam thinking about writing something.
This story will be an adaptation of English novel pride and prejudice.
Guys what you think? should I start writting or not

Anyways iam giving an introduction of characters
There will be 2 families
Gadodia family and Maheswari family
Shekhar & shomi and their four daughters
Shekhar-loves music, a calm and quiet person. loves books, cool pappa of his princess, attached mainly to swara, his daughter from his first marriage, he had a good collection of books and have a good library, he is an ex military officer.

Mrs. sharmishta gadodia- tension bomb, aalways take tension regarding her daighters marriage, mainly of Ragini..

Ragini,Swara, Meera & Vidya(from saathiya).
Ragini- ragu or ma ki lado. shwkhar ki step daughter..consider shekhar as her dad.Simple, singer. she can attract any one with her politeness and calm nature…She lovess Swara most and confined in her.They are friends more.
Dwara- shonq. she is protective about her sisters. not interested in worldly comforts. like to read. She is a violinist..
meera-show off girl and want to get attention of everyone.
vidya- book worm

Iam not revealing pairs now.But what you guys want.
please comment and support me

Credit to: Jane

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    2. Majority always wins. You should follow the majority, dear Jane.

    3. yeah jane… u should go wid majority..

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    It’s my favorite movie plus book with my favorite pairs.. Would be awesome.. Pls for me yaar….

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