Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-17)

Hey guys !!! Pls tell me if i should continue my other ff INCREDIBLE LOVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA …actually that there were very less views it was only 35 likes and 1 dislike ..btw if u dont want me to continue then its ok because thats the readers choiceand that ff will be purely have no link with the main serial …
Ok moving to the epi
Lastly we read…..

Sanjana’s entry…she is familiar to Rishab …and many more….

Today’s part

Next day…The doctors of Malhotra family and Mishra family took a day off to spend some quality time with family as there were not many surgeries in hospital and also today Samaira was going to come in Malhotra Mansion to meet the Mishras as well as to spend sometime with Kabir!!

Everyone was sitting on the sofa and were talking casually just then someone made her entry …yeah yeah so called SAMAIRA KHURANA …

Gayatri:Aree Samaira! Beta welcome
Samaira touched Gayatri’s feet and also of every elderly family members…
And then went and hugged Kabir….which made Kabir feel very uncomfortable ..he was looking here and there when he noticed someone burning out of jealousy.he was way too surprise seeing Sanchi jealous
Samaira(while breaking the hug): I m soo soo soo happy Kabir…i cannot believe that i m going to marry my love …
Kabir was shocked knowing that she loved him!!
But somehow managed to hide it
Samaira:U know what the day i met u …i fell in love with u ..head over heels u know!!
While Kabir just faked a smile

Anand:Btw beta them He is Sunil Mishra…………..blah blah blah (he introduced the Mishra family including sanjana) And he is Rishab …Sanchi Mishra’s fiancee…

While Samaira gave a sweet smile to everyone!!
Samaira:Hello Rishab nice to meet (she forwarded her hand for a handshake while he too reciprocated…hey hey hey wait a minute what was that?? Did i just saw them exchanging a smirk??? Maybe they know each other)
Sanchi:Do u both know each other??
Rishab:Ah..a.. no we dont know each other
Samair:Yeah how can we know each other we met for the first time..
Both stammered while saying….

Gayatri:Ah ok…come lets have lunch…
They had lunch after that…They again started some chit chat..
Samaira:Ah excuse me…i want to go washroom
She eyed Rishab and Sanjana…And they nodded

After Samaira went to one of the guest room .there approached Rishab and Sanjana…

Samaira:Aree what u both r doing here??
Rishab:ok actually i came to see my baby!! He said while grabbing her by her waist..
Samaira:Oh really ?? My baby missed me??
Rishab:A lot!!
Sanjana: “Ahem” “Ahem” dear love birds dont forget i m still her
Rishab:I dont care..
Sanjana:Aree bhai!! Thats not fair!! U got bhabhi so now u forgot me??
Samaira:Aww my soon to be Sister-in -law is jealous of me ??
(While giving her a hug)
Sanjana:Btw its way too hard to live with this typical family and especially
with this Sunny…i really hate him!! U know he all the time runs back of me like a dog!!!
While Rishab and Samaira laughed evily

Rishab:Dont worry Sanju!! U dont have to bear them for long!! Soon i will marry Sanchi and then Samaira will ditch Kabir in mandap!! After that we will take the property of the Mishras and Malhotras by torturing Sanchi and then u marry ur Love …ur Kabir…
Sanjana:But bhai didnt u saw that Sanchi…u know she is all the time around Kabir!!
Rishab:Dont worry evrrything will go according to our plan!!
He smirked evily
Precape:Marriage preparation…
Ok guys pls tell if i should continue my other ff…

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  1. Amazing Samaira
    Plzz do continue the insta love story
    Post the next part soon
    Eagerly waiting to see the marriage preparations

  2. awesome yar waiting for marriage epi tc???

  3. and continue your ff

  4. ? small chapi but nice episode ?? and post next part soooooon dear n post little big

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanq and will try to post big one

  5. Dhruti

    Nice epi and please continue your another ff also with this one…
    Post next one soon and TC…??

  6. Superb episode dear, eagerly waiting for next part, Post next part asap.

  7. AAYU

    Hey Samaira
    Sorry for being late
    Please continue the Insta story and yes post the next part soon
    Excited for reading the marriage preparations
    Love you
    Take care

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      No need too be sorry …..and thanq..will try to post soon

  8. Anu88

    So so amazing and mind blowing episode yaar…………. can’t wait more yaar……….. please yaar post next part soon……… u dear……….tc yaar

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