Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-16)

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Lastly we saw……

Sanchi-Isha-Pragya-Rishab came to Malhotra Mansion for dinner party!! Kabir got a pic while scrolling the updates in his mob and was shocked he came home to confront abot the matter but got another shock that his marriage is fixed with SAMAIRA KHURANA …his siblings tried to convince him that Sanchi is made for him only…Sanchi and Kabir had a moment in the bathroom

Today’s part…

While Kabir was still standing under shower he remembered about the pic he saw in his mob while scrolling his mob..

He immediatly came out of bathroom ….changed and went down to confront about the pic!!

Meanwhile downstairs…everyone was looking at Sanchi as if they have seen ghost….

Jaya:Sanchi …u went to clean ur cloth or to bath??

Gayatri:Ues beta how u got wet??

Neeta:Ria… Take Sanchi to ur room and give her cloths to wear..

Ria nodded and took Sanchi to her room

After Sanchi went Kabir cam downstairs…

He was looking tensed…

Kabir:Sunny…i want to talk to u ..pls come aside

Sunny:Ok am coming

But just then Sunny’s phone rang!!!

Sunny:Ah Kabir just wait a minute

Kabir nodded….

Sunny picked the call up

Sunny:What???? (Sunny was shocked)….OK..

Jaya:Sunny what happened?

Sunny :Maa actually…

Before he could finish he heard a sweet voice calling his name…which he loved to hear


Everyone turned towards her and a sudden smile cracked everyone’s face

Sunny went and hugged her…but Kabir was not able to see her face as he was facing her back…but somewhere he was sure that he was not unknown of this he tried to see her but was not able!!Just he saw Sanchi coming downstairs in Ria’s cloth…he was just staring her with a very idiotic smile (for which we idiot fans die) Sanchi too saw him …and was maintaing the so called eye contanct which was not unnoticed by Ria….Sanchi sensed that Ria was watching them so she just looked the other side.  Suddenly her eyes went to the  girl hugging Sunny…she smiled and ran to the girl and hugged her tight….leaving Ria-Kabir and the Malhotras confused ….while the Mishras were smiling

Sanchi:Sanjana how r u??(While breaing the hug)

And thats when Kabir noticed her face…and was hell shocked ….he was like…..

Sanjana took everyone’s blessings

Jaya:Meet Sanjana…Sanjana Kapoor…She is the one who stole my son’s heart…

Just then Sanjana noticed Kabir who was looking at her like as if she is an alien..

Sanjana went to him and hugged him tightly while leaving everyone shocked


Kabir too responded hesitantly..

Sanjana:Kabir .how r u?

Sunny:Sanju do u know him??

Sanjana:Yeah we were classmates…

NOTE:As Kabir is Sanchi’s mentor so he is elder than her…he is the same age as Sanjana and Sunny…

Sunny :Ooo u never told me…

Sanjana:What is their to tell about and how cum i know that he belongs to the same Malhotra family u were talking about…

Sanchi:Btw U didn’t informes us about ur arrival

Sanjana:Actually i wanted to give u surprise…..Btw I that heard u and Rishab r going to marry??


Sanjana:Congo dear…(she hugged Sanchi and Rishab)

While Kabir was standing silently…..

After a bit of gossips and all …Isha-Pragya went to hostel…and Sanchi-Rishab were asked to stay back at home….

At night when everyone went to sleep Kabir went to Gayatri and Anand’s…to tell he dont want to marry Samaira

But when he just reached their room ..he heard his parents talking ..

Gayatri:U know Anand i m so happy our children r going to marry…

Anand:Hmm u said true …i have so many dreams regarding Kabir’s marriage..

Gayatri:Even me…btw Anand why dont we do Samaira -Kabir and Sanchi-Rishav’s marriage on the same day??

Anand:Yeah thats a good idea every ritual will be done together…but we have to ask the ones whose marriage is gonna happen…

Gayatri:Anand i know Kabir-Samaira know each other since very long but just as business partners….dont u think e should send them for a date??

Anand:why only Kabir-Samaira …let us send Sanchi-Rishab too

After hearing this Kabir went to his room tear eyedthinking his parents r sooo happy regarding his marriage he can’t break it this way..and afterall he know Samaira well she is a good girl…he will bevhappy with her!!! And also love can happen after marriage too…by thinking this staffs he tried to convince himself but couldn’t ….afterall how can he ..he love someone else and is going to marry someone else….He was feeling so restless….Not only for one reason but for three……

1st He is going to marry Samaira not Sanchi

2nd His love will marry the same day as his but he cannot do anything

3rd Sanjana came to his life again

Meanwhile on the other hand..

Gayatri:..u know Anand i m soooo excited afterall our both the chidren.  Kabir and Sanchi r gonna marry ….But i always wished that Sanchi and Kabir marry each other they look so perfect na!!

Anand :Eben i wished but nothing can be done…Sanchi loves Riahab and Kabir dont love Sanchi

Gayatri:U said right but Sanchi was perfect match for Kabir and also Suni bhai is just like our family it was more good if we both family woud realy become one

Anand:Ok now sleep ..Good night

Gayatri:Good night..

And they slept..

While Kabir was trying to convince himself for the marriage…..Sanchi was still thinking about her feelings…

But wait a minute What r this Sanjana and Rishab discussing there in the dark room???

Maybe planning about the marriage or just talking casually!! But in a dark room?? God knows whats going on between them ……


Precape:Entry of Samaira and many more….


Ok guys thats all for today wait for the twist and turns…pls like and comment..

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  1. Hi dear u made me cry at last line ? but still m happy u back ?. Nice episode andddddd post next part soooooon. I waiting to know wt happens in next it sooooooon bye tc

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Thanq soooo much btw which line nade u cry???

      1. This line ?
        1st He is going to marry Samaira not Sanchi

        2nd His love will marry the same day as his but he cannot do anything

  2. RuCh23

    ??? so many twists!! There are so many ways in imagining the story will go ??? can’t imagine which way you’ll go with ???. Today’s part was very exciting ???

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Awwww. Thanq….btw what r the ways?? I didn’t know there r so many ways!!! I know only one which i m going to write!!! Pls tell me …

      1. RuCh23

        Don’t worry about it ??? that’s my imagination going around and around ???

  3. Hey Samaria amazing episode dear
    Eagerly waiting for the next part
    Post soon
    Take care
    Loads of luv

  4. Dimple457

    I think Kabir loved Sanjana??? but epi was amazing u want ur readers to get happy with ur ff na then do pay ur focus on the first line??

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      THanq..and chal haatt btw pehle maine docha ki Sanjana ka surname Sakhalkar rakh deti hun..tu khosh ho jayegi but phir khayal aayaa ki itna bhi kya khush karna ki dusro ko khush karte karte khud dukhi ho jaaun …….isliye Kapoor de diya

  5. Sorry Samaira for the spelling mistake cuz of autocorrect

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      No probem Tanvi yaar

  6. Starlight

    Hey amazing one post soon…..???

  7. Awesome episode dear, Post next part asap.

  8. Dhruti

    Sorry for not comment on privious one but both episodes were superb and I’m now curious to know about sanjana and Rishabh talk I mean what happen in next???
    Post next one soon…
    TC…love u…☺️☺️

  9. superb epi post next part asap can’t wait tc??

  10. Anu88

    So so amazing and awesome episode yaar……….I am Eagerly waiting to know how our kanchi get married………………love u dear………tc dear

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