Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-14)

Heyyyyy !!SWAGAT NAHI KAROGE HUMARA? I M BACK!!Did someone remembered?? Yeah Yeah its SAMMIE here!!Sorry such long gap …its already 1 month last i posted !! Actually the 1st week after posting i was feeling lazy

2nd week i was busy with preparation of my b’day

3rd week i was preparing for my exams and 4th week i was having my exams…..

So sorrry!!

Ok so coming to the chappy…

Lastly we read…

Sanchi to marry Rishab…she is confused about her feelings towards Kabir and even Kabir is also confused about the fact that why the hell he is so affected. …..

Today’s part……

Sanchi went to Kabir’s cabin to know why he was so upset after knowing about her marriage …….

Sanchi entered his cabin without even knocking..she went straight to the desk where he was reading his file but not really reading ..he was just holding the file for name sake lost in some deep thought…..

Sanchi’s POV….

And yeah there he was looking hot and handsome as ever…And especially te white shirt he is wearing today with his sleeves half foded and the upper two buttons which are undone ..just added charm to his looks………

Oh God why does i aways get attracted to him…Maybe a mere affection…and also he is my senior i shoud not stare to him this way!!””

While sanchi and Kabir both were busy in their thoughts …they hear some noise outside..that is in the ground floor ….and it was the time when they came out of their thoughts….And also then Kabir realized that Sanchi was there standing just beside his desk and was staring him but moved away when she realized that she was been caught by her senior while staring him…….. Kabir was going ask Sanchi the reason behind her arrival but. Just then the door opened and walked in her besties .looking very excited

They were huffing and puffing …

Pragya:sanchi woh ..woh niche

Sanchi:Yeah ..what happened??

Isha:Actually in the ground floor………

Sanchi:What happened?


Before she could finish ..sanchi ran to the ground floor folowed by Kabir know that her besties r not gonna say her the matter thst easily …..

Pragya:Aree yaar agar woh log gaye toh hum kya kar rahei hai yahan?Lets go..

And they too ran to the ground floor…..

On the other hand Sanchi and Kabir reached the ground floor somehow through the crowd….But they came they saw everyone going to the conference room and there were so many repoters and all which made them more curious..

They asked a nurse passing by about what the matter is??

Nurse:Actually one of the biggest business man came to our hospital aong with his family and he is also the half shareholder of this Hospital…..

After hearing the sentence”Half shareholder of this hospital” Sanchi was stunned..

She ran to the conference room where the journalists and all were there ..followed by Kabir..

Sanchi stood near the door..she was having tears in her eyes looking the sight….

Who wont be emotional after looking their parents after whole 4 months..

She ran and hugged her parents…

Leaving every intern and hospital staffs shocked right there…

Sanchi cried huuging them and so did her parents…

Sanchi(while breaking the hug):Papa ..Maa u didnot informed about ur arrival!!

Sunil:If we would have informed then how we would surprise u???

Jaya:And also we have to do so much of arrangements..afterall our daughter’s marriage is there…

Sanchi hugged her elder bhai Sunny r u

Sunny :After looking u ..i m fine btw my sister’s marriage is gonna happen before me ..haan?

Jaya:Yeah …but its urs choice when u want to marry

Sanchi:U want to marry means??

Jaya:Means ur bhai is in relation with Sanjana!!

Sanchi:What??? Really that nautanki frnd of urs??

Sunny smiled and said :Yes…

Sanchi:Ohooo bhai..i m so happy for u..

And that when everyone came to kbow Sanchi’s reality ..she is the daughter of one of the most talented doctor ….who is also the half shareholder of SDCH and who also owns many comanies proving himself to also be a good buisnessman..

After the interview..Sunil ..Jaya and Sunny went to Malhotra Mansion to meet everyone after so long..

On the other hand…In the hospital..

Everyone was congratulating to Sanchi after knowing about the fact that she is goingvto get married to Rishab ..which made Kabir really very upset…Sanchi found it very odd so this time she went to his cabin  and directly asked

Sanchi’:Why r u so upset and also ignoring me today…

Kabir:Nothing..just busy will talk to U later….

Sanchi:No u have to tell me..i m noticing u since long u r very upset..pls tell me if i could help u..

Kabir stood up and started moving towards her ….

Kabir:Nothing was just thinking what to gift u on UR AND RISHAB’s MARRIAGE…(he said with a very heart.)

After hearing this Sanchi just felt something very uncertain

Sanchi:R u sure?



At night..Sanchi ..Isha ..Pragya..and Rishab went to Malhotra Mansion as Sanchi’s  parents were living  there afterall they r like a family and they have to share so many things that its not possible for them to finish them in a day…..


PRECAPE:Some special moments of the family and some moment scenes of KAANCHI and maybe someone’s special entry


Ok so guys here the chapter ends…i know its very boring one ….but pls like and comment…

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  1. RuCh23

    ??? finally you’re back! Missed you!! Loved today’s part… come back soon ???

  2. no dear it is a good one post next part eager to know who is the special entry tc?

  3. AAYU

    It was good to see you back after a long time
    Please post soon because I cannot see Kabir sad
    It was awesome and waiting for the next episode
    Love you
    Take care

  4. Dhruti

    Good to see you after a long time? how are you and how were your exams ? I hope all were go well

    Btw epi was superb…..kanchi started feel for each other that’s superb
    Post next one soon….TC…see you soon on TU…

  5. Finally you are back, episode was awesome, eagerly waiting for next part. Take care.

  6. Thank god your back Samaira
    I was waiting for this since when
    Amazing episode dear
    Post the next one soon
    Aur haan fir se gayab mat ho jana

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      THanq so much..and i promise main fir se gayab nahi houngi

  7. Anu88

    Hey dear how are you …………we miss you so so much yaar………..such an amazing and wonderful episode yaar…………. sorry yaar for commenting late………….

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