Mr duffer and ms drama queen (A SwaSan os ) part 2

Vyshu dear ms drama queen and mr duffer are not friends dear! How can I make them friends so easily you have to wait dear ????❤️!!!

Second shot*


Swara reached to her friends house and bid bye to Sanskar. He reached his home.

‘Huhhh finally I don’t have to bear that drama queen but I am feeling sad for her!! Said Sanskar to himself.

He slept thinking about her.

Swara friends home.

Swara explained everything to her.While swara was crying Riya consoled her.

‘But you know today I met mr duffer he was so irritating but he didn’t pity for me like others he was different anyways why I am thinking about him gn riya. Said swara to riya and slept thinking about him.

Gadodia family*

‘Thank god that bengali chori left the house my laddoo is proved innocent’ said dadi.

‘You are right dadi I can’t believe she stopped so low! Laksh said.

‘Yes maa otherwise we would blame Ragini instead she didn’t anything and why would she harm her sister. Shekhar said.

‘Thank you papa dadi and laksh for believing me! Ragini said.




The next day!

Swara was waiting for lift! She waved her hand in front of taxi but everyone had passengers in it! She helplessly stood in the scorching heat in middle of May! A car came at a fast speed she waved her hand! The person stopped and he get down from the car!

Both of them said ‘you!’

‘Hey mr duffer shit why always I you have to stop for me! How in the world you come at the exact time when I need a lift have you put your detectives around me ha! Said swara.

‘Oh hello drama queen I am not interested to follow you wherever you go and I don’t need to keep detectives around you and don’t waste my time if you want to come then sit down in my car or else get out of my sight! Said Sanskar rudely.

‘How dare you shout on me duffer anyways I am not coming with you bye! Said swara and went from there.

‘Hey look stop I am sorry drama queen come and sit down in my car no need to do your dramas and you should get Oscar award’ said Sanskar teasingly.

‘Huhhhh how mean! I will come with you but that doesn’t mean I am taking favour from you! Said swara.

‘Fine mata ji’ Sanskar said opening the car door for her.

She sat down and they both went in the car! This is was seen by Laksh! He was looking them with rage and hatred!

Episode ends*

Precap : – fun fun and fun!


So guys how was it? Do tell me your reviews I’d be waiting to know them. Love you all ????❤️!

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