Mr.Arrogant and Ms.Sweet (Kanchi ff) (Introduction)

Hi guys
This is my first fan fiction on Kabir and Saanchi . Please do support me and I will try my best to give regular updates .
Kabir : super Hot , handsome , playboy , billionaire .
Saanchi : cute , beautiful , sweet , caring .
Kabir ‘s idea of a relationship – physical , no emotional attachments what so ever and absolutely no emotional dependency .
Saanchi’s idea of a relationship – emotional , platonic{physical if things get really serious} , emotionally attached to the person she is in a relationship with .
Kabir’s family – his mom (Kusum) ; his brother (Veer) : small and happy family – Kabir always craves for peace . He always goes out of the way to do things for his mom and his brother .
Saanchi’s family –her mom (Jaya) , her (besties Pragya and Isha) . She is always loved and loves everybody around her .

A huge mansion .
It’s sunrise . A guy is shown in the gym , he is working out . He comes to his room to see a girl in his bed all striped and exhausted from last night . He smirks and goes to take a shower . He is Kabir .
His phone starts ringing , Kabir comes out running in a towel and answers it .

A girl is shown in a garden in the midst of red roses . she is wearing a white dress . simple yet elegant . Its a cold shoulder maxi white dress . She is Saanchi .
She calls someone
Kabir : hey sweetheart
Saanchi : sweetheart ???? really ??
Kabir : What is wrong with sweetheart .
Saanchi : couldn’t you give a better name ??? Mr.
Kabir : well you are sweet and you are in my heart so….
Saanchi : do you have any idea how cheesy you sound . anyways please don’t forget about today
Kabir : oh sorry , sorry mom I almost forgot . Don’t worry I will be there on time
Saanchi : Ishu please don’t be late for the lecture and bring Pragya with you .
They are talking to two different people
Saanchi to Isha and Kabir was speaking to this Mom .

Two completely different worlds . Two completely different personalities .
Oh wait did I mention that they were in two different continents ?!?!?
Watch as these two worlds collide………
And lets see what emerges…………

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  1. Its something new…. Interesting

    1. thank you so much for reading my fan fic . Hope you say the same thing as the story progresses

    2. Akshara_hari

      thank you so much for reading it and hope i get the same reaction as the story progresses

  2. Anee

    Heyy!! Akshara Dear….first of all welcome here…and Ur name is beautiful i like it really much……secondly…I want to comment on ur updates on regular basis so u please try to update soon…..bcoz it was superbbb..

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank you so much Anee . Ialso like your name its short and sweet . Thank you for welcoming me to the group and hopefully i would be able to update at least once every week . thanks for the love and support <3 <3

  3. Starlight

    Mind blowing plz continue…post soon

    1. Akshara_hari

      thank you starlight . I will really try my best to post new episodes every week thanks again for the support

  4. Aafiya

    Really super and interesting..
    Waiting for the next update eagerly..
    Post it as soon as possible..
    Take care…

    1. Akshara_hari

      Aafiya your name is lovely dear . Thank you so so much for the support . Really appreciate it and promise i will update soon .

  5. Priyanshipp

    1st of all warm welcome to our kaanchi family dear. Gud to see that there r huge no. Of kaanchi fans but why RS isn’t pairing them…well leave these … this intro n plot is amazing dear.. it’s like 6 in 1st ball. N pls do post regularly. Take time but pls don’t leave incomplete it’s my humble request to u. Gud night n take care ?❤

    1. Akshara_hari

      Priyanshipp thank you for the warm welcome to the Kanchi family . I really hope they become a pair in the show . I promise to try my best to give new and fresh ideas and also update regularly . Again thank you for the love and support

  6. Rishika

    Hey Akshara!!! Welcome to TU and our kanchi family
    Dear your story is completely different and sounds interesting.

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank you Rishika for the amazing welcome . I really hope I could live up to all your expectations . I will try my level best to update as soon as possible

  7. Dhruti

    hi akshara welcome on TU and kanchi family too………….superb and interesting starting….post next one asap…..

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thanks for welcoming me to the Kanchi family and TU . I really hope all of you like my next update as much as you liked this one . Thanks for the support and love dear.

  8. Miya321

    Its nice Akshara! Keep it up 🙂

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank Miya . I hope my next update would reach the mark and also that I won’t disappoint you guys

  9. interesting
    i am excited
    post soon

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thanks Vanu for your support . I will update the first one soon and thanks for the love and support once again

  10. It’s just amazing, seems to be really interesting waiting for next one please post soon

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank you Samidha for the positivity . Thanks for the support and love . Will update as soon as possible

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank you Risu and hope you would like the next update as well

  11. Swethaa

    welcome to kanchi family dear…very interesting plot..eagerly waiting for next part..soo excited

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thanks for the heartfelt welcome Swethaa and thank s for taking your timeout for my fan fic . I will try my best post the new update as soon as possible . Once again thanks for the love and support

  12. Anu88

    Welcome come yaar??……it’s really superb and amazing and mind blowing and fantastic intro yaar………I love it so so much yaar……… next one soon dear………tc yaar……..

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank you for welcoming me to your family . I really hope I don’t disappoint you guys and give new updates as fast as possible . Thank you so much for your love, support and time

  13. hey akshara welcome dear… Amazing plot, seriously too gud plz continue seems different….

    1. Akshara_hari

      Hey Apsara our names are kind of similar and thank you love for your time and support . I really hope I don’t crush your hopes with my next update it be coming soon.

  14. RuCh23

    Welcome Akshara ??? always happy to see a new author joining here, specially a Kanchi fan ???. Your plot and intro is very interesting. Can’t wait to read more. So please come soon dear ???

    1. Akshara_hari

      Thank you RuCh23 for the warm and awesome welcome , its really nice of you . I really thank you for your support and i hope not to shatter it with my new update and i will be trying my best to post regularly and will post as soon as possible

  15. Mannat77

    vlcum sweetheart in kanchi family….it was o7m..lvd it…nyc concept…post nxt one soon..take care

    1. Akshara_hari

      thank you very much Mannat for the love and warmth hope I don’t crash this with the next updates

  16. AAYU

    please do post soon
    the story line is amazing dear

    1. Akshara_hari

      i will be posting real soon and thank you for your love and support Aayu I rally appreciate it

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