Mr. Arrogant and his personal sl*t one shot


Hey guyss am back with an OS. Hope you people will like it.

Its was an beautiful evening. A man of mid
20s sitting on sea shore. He was a handsome hunk having muscular body brown eyes with a painful smile on his lips.his eyes reflecting his pain hidden in his heart. He was in deep thoughts. He is surrounded my crowd who were at beach to enjoy their sunday evening. But he was his on world stairing sea continuesly with a painful look.tears r brimming in his eye’s corner. As time passes people began to go back but our hero is still awake of d surrounding. Only few street children nd he left reaming on d beach.
Suddenly he cm out of his trance when a ball hinted him. He look at d direction from where d ball cm. He found a beautiful girl with brown eyes nd long hairs standing with d street children. We was lost in her angelic face. His heart skipped a beat.
(The girl) : hey give back our ball.

He continued stairing at her. She came close nd snatched d ball from his hand

(The girl) r u dump? I was asking our ball from past half an hr. She yelled at him.

He came out his trance. And snatched d ball from her.

(the boy) u hinted me with ball nd behaving rudely. First say sry.

The girl let out laugh
( the girl) me. The most beautiful girl in d city r u serious. It was mere a mistake. Don’t think that I will ask sry from u. Sry word is not in my dictionary.

(The boy) hr gives a funny laugh. Did I get u brand new one?

(The girl) ek dam bakwaas joke.

Suddenly he felt smone pulling his shirt.

(A girl of 4 yrs) plz bhayya. Give back our ball.
He kneeled dwn. Nd acted like he was in deep thoughts.

(The boy) ok I will give your ball back.
Girl forwarded her hand.
(The boy) aise nahi. U have to give me a kiss.
Little girl kissed his both cheek, snatched d ball from his hand ran towards her frnds
(The boy) hey miss. Whatever learn from that kid to behave.
Nd he leaves from there.
(The girl) upset arrogant. She looked at direction he went
( The girl) but handsome arrogant.

He entered to the lift in a hurry as he is having a meeting on 9: 30.its already 9: 25
He turned see the same girl who he met in d beach standing in a pink crop top nd black pencil jeans. She was looking Dam gorgeous in open hairs nd little make up with closed eyes nd microphones on. She was just moving a crying d rhythm of music in her phn. He was admiring her. He just forget abt his meeting.
Suddenly d lift stop in d middle. Lights went off. She opens her eyes
With out noticing him
( The girl) what d f**k. Why all these happened with today.
The boy cleared his throat.
(The boy) it should have been happened as we r together.
She turned to c him. She staried him angrily
(The girl) not again. Am not in d mood to hear ur nonsense. Am too tired to fight with u.
(The boy) its better than ur abusive words.
She give him angry look.
She whispered in her breath mr. Arrogant.
Smthng smiled his phn d msg his PA to handle d meeting. With god grace he got his mobile range for 1 sec nd it only stayed for just sec.
He banged his hand on d wall of lift. As time passes both become impatient. Suddenly lift got started. Due to sudden movement both lost their filled on dwn. She was on floor nd he was on d top her. Both lost in eachother’s eyes. She saw some hidden pain in his eyes as he found sm strange feeling in her eyes. Their trance broke up his phn.
He got up nd forwarded his hand to her for help. But she ignored him nd try to stand by her self. She fall back as her angle got twisted.
He gave an evil smile nd went from there
She felt range.
(The girl) can’t he ask once again. Uphhh blo*dy arrogant.
Suddenly she felt smone carrying her. She was shocked to find her carrying her.
She began to hit him with her hands

( the girl) u Mr. Arrogant leave. Don’t try to act hero leave me idiot.
He didn’t payed any heed to her. Placed her on his car nd took her to hospital.
Doc bandaged her sprained legs. He cm back after paying d bill.
(The Boy) cm I will drop u
( the girl) no need. I called my frnd. She will be here at any time.
(The boy) ok then bye
(The girl) frnds said forwarded her hand towards him.
(The boy) I don’t want to keep frndshp with strangers.
Her jaw dropped dwn.
(The girl) sm beautiful girl asking ur frndshp nd u r insulting her.
(the boy) beautiful???
Let out a laugh. Nd turned to leave.
( The girl) hey mr. Attitude give ur agrees so I can return ur money
He turned [email protected] door and give her I don’t mind look.
He went from there
She sat there shocked
He was in a dance bar with his clients. He doesn’t like this place but show he should cracked d deal so he came to meet his nersty clients here. Suddenly light went of nd girl cm to dancer floor who had a perfect shape. As song started she began to start sensuous which raised hormons in all men there except him. Suddenly a spot light fall on d dance floor nd he was shocked to her as banner. She was smiling but her eyes reflected her pain. All men were watching her with lust full eyes. It made anger in him. He clutched his fist nd broke d glass in his hand. Her body is merely covered with cloths. Her cleavage is visible. He want to drag her outside nd slap her hardly.
He was disturbed nd was unable to concentrate on d deal. He got a call nd went out side. While back to his client he saw she was sitting on his client lap nd he was sensoiusly touching her.. He felt an sudden rise of anger. He dragged her from his lap before his client could proceed further. He slapped him hardly nd dragged her out.
He thrown her in his car d droved offf
After more than 5 hrs drive both reached a farm house. He brought her inside d farm house nd thrown on d bed

( The boy) what r doing there
( the girl) what can a sl*t do in d dance club
She said with a cold tone.
( The boy) sl*t????
(The girl) yup sl*t this tym her voice contained a lot of pain.
(The boy) why r u doing this
( The girl) it does n’t matters to u
He pinned against wall.
( The boy) we does not it matters to me
( The girl) leave me. I have to get back to my work.
She pushed him. He grabbed her close.
(They boy) anyways u r going heat up someone’s bed. They why don’t mine.
He thrown her bed. Came over her
(The girl) I never enjoyed a newbie
( The boy ) let a newbie enjoy a professional player nd show you d heven
He ripped of her small cloths. He was wild on her. He took his all anger frustration on her while she was in heaven nd screaming for more. He didn’t let her sleep for a while. When sun rays hinted them he collapsed in her arm.

When she got up she found her self alone in bed. She looked around d was so messy with both cloths. She took his shirt nd made a way to hall. She found him sitting on d sofa having coffee.
( the girl) hey newbie u r too gud inked. I was in heaven all d nyt.
He dragged her close nd made her sit in lap.
( the boy) so again u would like have a heaven ride.
He took a turn now she on d sofa nd he was no top of her.he took his shirt nd teased her batting nd kissing her all over.
( the girl) u blody teaser.
He get in her nd rocked on her nd she was moaning in pleasure.
After sm tym she got up nd got ready in a kneeling frock. She found him in his room

( the girl) am leaving. Set d score between us
( the boy) when will u back on heaven ride
( the girl) I had enough. So nw may leave.
I need a newone for everyday. Can’t stick up with one.
He dragged her nd pinned her to wall.
(the boy) u can’t leave me. Stay here u r caged here. Stay us my
( the girl) as ur PERSONAL SL*T
He smashed his lips on her nd kissed her widely. Her lower lip start to bleed. He sacked her blood. He parted away
(The boy) no as Mrs. LAKSH MAHESWARI.
U blo*dy cheat yesterday I got know u r not a sl*t. Its hard to get in u. I was d first. I will be for all d tym.
(the girl) u r mistaken
( the boy) blody miss. RAGINI RAICHAD. split out d truth.
( the girl) u want to hear me. So hear. Yup am not a sl*t. Its its my fate to born to a sl*t. In this no one is ready to accept me as humein. I did it fill my stomach. U ever stayed hungry stomach rich spoilt brat. I felt disgusted when when they touched me. All d tym I escaped from their by mixing smthng in their drink. But I failed infront of ur care towards me. I felt smone is there to care for me who is better than my mother who sold her little girl to a man. By god grace show I managed to escape from there.
She broke dwn on floor. He hugged her tightly.
Laksh : I love my dr
Ragini: I don’t love. I can’t run ur life. This whole city know me as a sl*t. Go away laksh.
Laksh : no way u r d one who always brought smile this mr. Arrogant
I will not leave u
She hugged him tightly.
After six month he transferred his all business from Mumbai to network. There no one can recognize her. He brought her to a hospital.
In a room a lady laying on d bed with a lot of machine attached her. He sat down near her nd kissed her forehead.

( laksh) ragini its my mam. She was a bar dancer. She did this as my father left her alone with 3 yr baby. She didn’t had much education to get a job. Dance is her passion. She made it as way for our living. But one day she was brutally raped in front of my eyes. I couldn’t save her. But look god send me to take u out from d disgusted world. Kash smone was there for mum too may be she was with me right now.

Rag placed her head is shoulder. Suddenly he felt smone holding his eyes. He saw his mother moving. She slowly placed her hands on his nd rag’s head. She blessed both of them. Then she placed her hand on rag’s pregnant belly nd blessed her grandchild nd closed her eyes. There is beautiful smile on her lips before falling to d deep sleep fore ever.

After a couple of months laksh nd rag shown playing with a girl kid who is carbon copy of laksh’s mom.

This is hw mr. Arrogant nd his personal sl*t story started.
Hope u people like it. Plz throw ur valuable cmmnt. If u felt ignore cozy plz pardon me as it is needed by d story line

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