Mr America..aka Dev Dixit (episode 1)

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Once in Hindi class me(Sonakshi) and my friend (Elena) and others of my Hindi students (dev, Jatin, Rithvik, vicky) were listening to the class in that time Hindi mam asked me a question
Hindi mam.. kal tumhara American dost tumse Milne aaraha hai
This was my question and I answered it correctly and mam made me sit
E.. American friend is your friend on BF

S..what non sence

E..tell me about him na

S..ele I will

E..tell me or else I will tell Dev that u love him no



E..what Mr America is

E..tell na The


S..the Dev Dixit

The class gets over ele calls Dev and Jatin

E..Dev and Jatin plz come na

Vicky is elena’s bf

V..can I come darling

Elena blushes a little

D..that means no right Elena

In a teasing manner no no even he can come

D..ahem ahem

She blushes

J..ok y did u call me half gf

E..wo u know who is Sonakshi’s Mr America

S..Elena I will kill u if u tell

Dev little tensed way

D..Mr America means

In ears

J..y r u jealous

D..shut up

V..Mr America na Hindi mam asked Sona a question right from that u know who is Mr America

Dev felt a relief

D..ohh Mr America na duplicate bf


Eyes big how can Dev tell her bf as bf coz she considered Mr America as hiss bf aka the Dev Dixit

E..arey Wah someone has opened mouth

Coz she a shy girl

S..wo wo nothing

E..ok so mrr America is shaheer Sheikh

Dev doesn’t know who us shaheer Sheikh so he thinks shaheer Sheikh as a real person So in fear


E..what happened Dev

Everybody looked at Dev Jatin Elena And Vicky knows that Dev loves Sona and sona loves Dev but are feared for express their love to each other

D..wo ms Sonakshi Bose I like you I love you

Sonakshi couldnt believe her ears so she pinched Elena and she shouts



S..u love me


S..I mean u love me

D.i love u as a man loves a woman

Sonakshi was on cloud 9

S..yes yes yes I love you too

And their friends cheered for them

Elena pushes Sonakshi and Jatin pushed Dev towards eachother and Devakshi hugged each other

D..I love you you too Mr America aka Dev Dixit

After 5 years we can see a lady in saree sleeping cuddling with a man of her age she opens her eyes and kissed his cheek

Lady..good morning Mr America

Yes they. Are our beloved couple Devakshi they are married

Dev smiled

D..good morning Mrs America aka Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit

And he pecked her lips

That’s all
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