moti budhi love chuk chuk gadi (TPK)


hey dear friends its not a ff
just i liked to share thahaan feelings on the day when they r going to be divorce.

bihaan looking at the sky
bihaan:”oh chanda mama u know who is more beautiful than u my chuk chuk gadi but now she is not mine
we r going to divorce today.
i really love her but i can’t tell her. i had done very bad as i marry her but u tell me i have only do it as i love my ma.
i can’t give her pain that’s why i marry her but who knows that girl whom i marry just for my ma i began to love her; began to care for her. I M moti budhi who fall for her i know she hates me i just want that whenever she live she be happy. I loved all the memories i spent with her
whether it was teasing her or save from from shraddha’s plan.i love u my CHUK CHUK GADI but i can’t confess my love. U save my life when the goons attack me when i go with u on our love date. i really don’t know why did u do this. may be bcoz i save ur life. May be bcoz i always support u.

i know we met is our destiny nothing else bauji had tell me earlier that people when meet is only bcoz God has decide to meet them but our meeting:our marriage is only A MOTHER SAKE who loves her son. I never told u why u marry me as i don’t want that everyone hates ma. u hates ma but i don’t know why my heart is saying that i have to told u as by doing this u can come in my life but what about Ma i loves her a lot so i never let u know why i marry u.
Love u my chuk chuk gadi
loved u so much.
He cries and wipes his tears he thinks and goes.

Here at Thapki’s house
thapki is also looking at the moon and suddenly she saw Twinkle twinkle thapki star
thapki:”oh bihaan how much u care for me? why u love me so much that no one in whole world can love me.U never express ur feeling but i know that u love me.U always say na that eyes r mirror of heart i saw my love in ur eyes.
shraddha whenever give me trouble u always with me to give me The pat of love. i have realise my feelings first time when u got beaten by LUKa u
. i felt that someone has snatch my soul with my body.
When we go at our first date and goons pass comments on my.
u fight with them as u can’t bear my insult when he shoot u i really got injured by the heart but i know that nothing will happen to u and my love bring u back from death .that day Ma in anger tell me the whole truth that how she forced u to get marry with me.
i blames on u i insult u but u never say a single word to me.How can someone loves his ma so much that he become bad in eyes of his family.
i love u my MOTI BUDDHI
Ur chuk chuk gadi never leave u

i m coming bihaan.Ur love is coming.!
On the way she mets bihaan who is walking on the road unknowingly.He saw thapki & get worried :” chuk chuk gadi what happened why r u here.Is sasur g all right.?
thapki:” bihaan i m not fine i want ur help can u please help me.”
bihaan;” don’t ask mahan aatma just say how can i help u.”
thapki:” bihaan i m in dilemma that is true love can ever complete.”:
bihaan:” how can i know but i think may be true love complete or incomplete. Its only depends on love as either how strong is it?. but why u r asking ”
thapki:” bcoz i want that a true love get complete.its about a girl & a boy who love each other but can’t express. so i want ur help as u can help me for expressing their love “.
bihaan:” how can i thapki.Tell me there name.”
thapki:” there name is moti budhi & chuk chuk gadi.”
bihaan:” what’s this thapki?R u mad just go u need rest.”
thapki:no bihaan i need u.ur love.”:
bihaan:” Don’t be crazy go.”
thapki hugs her & say i love u bihaan. i know everything about u that why u marry me. plz bihaan become my love i will die if u bot accept my love ”
bihaan say i love u too chuk chuk gadi.i never leave u.
thahaan began to cry.
its start raining it seems whole nature is crying as our thahaan has meet.
thahaan hugs each other tightly
That night wipes all the problems in their life now only love is rest in their life.

thahaan is happy as they got their love
hope u liked it
plz do comments
humble request

Credit to: anu

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  1. hope so they don’t get separated n be together forever.

    1. its just my imagination
      i want the same in tpk
      i have watch a new promo that
      thapki said vasu that bihaan shot by goons
      he need ur blood
      hearing this vasu is shocked but she said;”i will give bihaan blood if u divorce him.”
      thapki is shocked.
      don’t know will she divorce bihaan or not.
      or she divorce bihaan to save his life.

      angry with vasu

      1. i also want this dear.But ye Zalim writers..won’t let this happen.

      2. But I hope after divorce they will realise love for each other.

  2. Just one word: Ghajab

  3. Awesome!!

  4. Born of THAHAAN love story…..
    This is a real TPK track. …..
    Your thinking superb ANU……

  5. ,but there is no need to put such a demand bcoz they are actually going to divorce anyway

  6. ANU……….another fascinating segment,i know its your imagination.But,i feel its a reality….which indicates your writings will have the power to make such impact on us.Its really a compliment to you.GOD BLESS YOU DEAR…………..

    1. thank u my dear pooja ur comments always encourage me
      feeling blessed

  7. anu di…its nice…but plz give some fiction for tharuv fans too….

  8. AWESOM ANU! I was a silent reader but after reading your this article I am very impressed with FanFictions. And my FF is coming soon.

  9. V.good ANU! I was a silent reader but after reading your this article I am very impressed with FanFictions. And my FF is coming soon.

  10. I was a silent reader but after reading your this article I am very impressed with FanFictions. And my ff is coming soon. Good anu

  11. I am sorry. I am new here that’s why I have no idea that this comment will post three time.. : (

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha its ok yaarrr …… waiting for your ff. …Good luck

      1. ThanKyou. Santosh. I have submitted my ff intro but it is not seen here yet?

  12. anu dear. … … ur imagination is gajaab. but if thahaan divorce happen in real tpk. i will surely kill vasu

    1. mineey when u want to kill vasu inform me also
      i also want to take revenge from.her.
      i m also not mahan like thapki i’ll who can’t see truth.

  13. Very nice…

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