THIS IS my first ff,
As today is mother”s day. I am going to write about our epic heroines.
First from Mahabharatham,
Mata Ganga- who is a sacred river who brought up her eight son bhishma as a single mother.
She is not only a mother for him she is also a good guide,teacher for him.because of her brought up only bhishma who sacrified his life for his the sameway mata ganga sacrified her life for her children who are none other than us.we used to loss our sins only by taking bath in river ganga.

What to say about mata kunti.she is the mother of six herioic sons both karna and pandavas.
In her early age she left her first son karna for her father respect and she fell her life miserable with karna thoughts.after the marriage with king pandu when she realized that she can”t have a son from him.with the help of sage durvasa mantra helped her to get three sons from gods,moreover she tells the matra to mandri,who is pandu second wife .to get two sons.
After the death of Pandu & madri she makes madri son”s as her son.and pour more affection towards nakul and sahadev.more than her son yudishtra,bheem and arjun .
This is called as true mother love.

Mata Gandhari- mother of kauravas
Though she had 100 sons atlast she didn”t have even one son atlast .she used to tie her eyes bcoz of her husband dhirdshtara who is a blind.she sacrified her life for him and her sacrified act make her powerfull which is used to help her son duryodharan to save from his death(i.e. when she open her eyes after so many years which makes duryodharan body iron. But due to his adharmic nature he died)
Mata Radhai-foster mother of karna
She used to pour more affection towards karna and she brought him up.though karna can”t get the his real mother love.
Radhai mother love towards KARNA make him as RADHAYEIN.

Mata Draupadi-
Due to establish darma she left her five sons after the vastraharan incident.after she established the dharm also she cannot be with her sons.fate made her son”s(uppandavas) Death after the battle.
Mata subhadhara-
She used to brought up her son Abhimanyu and made him as a heroic son with the help of her brother Krishna.
AFTER the left of the pandavas to the Himalayas to get their end.
She only look after her grandson king parikshit.
Now Ramyanam,
After ram left sita due to the speech of dhobi.eventhough she was pregrant at that time.She didn”t lose her self-confidence and brought up her sons luv and kush as a single mother in a well-manner.
She all ways don’t wan”t to see her sons as a king.she always asked her sons to look after ram(lakshmanan ) and bharat(shatrgunan)

Credit to: suji

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  1. its wonderful suji .ur ffshows how great mothers were in historical times also

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    Superb suji….. really amazing….. but u missed kaikeyi n mata yashodha….. they are very important …… but really fantastic……

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    1. Its my first ff try to encourage me simmi di don’t discourage.its hurt my felling.i am sry if i said anything wrong

    2. Simmi….Atleast she tried something….Suji don’t get offended by negative critics…u keep on writing surely u’ll get ur credits…After all even pandavas couldn’t make the victory on their first day……

    3. krishnai aka ww

      dear simmi i accept its ur right to comment about any article in tu….let it be positive r negative… but there is a way to tell ur point of view…… u could have told it in a better manner to suji about ur view…… not just abruptly “BORING”…… i think u r matured enough of to understand it………

  8. superb and wonderful anylysis

  9. Liked it!

  10. Amazing and very deep analysis! :):)

  11. superb Suji:-)keep writing & expressing ur ideas 🙂 all the best:-)

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  15. Awesome suji…it’s really superbbbb. ..Happy Mothers day to all moms. you loads 🙂

  16. Really really gud analysis suji and simmi if u didn’t like it its k but at least don’t discourage her after all its her first ff….

  17. Wowwwwwwww suji di really i whole heartedly liked it i think this ur special gift to ur mom.this is nt like ur first ff its like u r specialised in it.go on writing di my support always stays wth u nd i too think u missed kaikeyi but even then great job dear.
    PLS dont discourage suji di,no one asked u ncourage miss simmi di but pls dont discourage any such members.sry if i hurt u.

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