Mother’s day special OS – Ishqbaaaz

Note: OS is not written by me (TROLLS.Nets). Read the note at the end.

In the evening..
A hotel is shown. In the hotel around a table Shivaay, Annika , Priya(me), my twin , chanya di and shrinju baby are sitting.. they are talking with each other and laughing..

Annika: alright let’s continue our game.
Shrinju baby: it’s priyu Di’s turn 
Shivaay: shall I ask you priyu ?
Priyaa: ok
Shivaay: ok truth or dare??
Priya: truth
Shivaay: ok truth. M… Your question is.. ah.. you have to say something what is in your heart right now.
Priyaa: difficult one. Can I have another one?? 
Chanya di: priyu say it. For my sake..
Priyaa: ok chanya di for your sake I will say.
Chanya di: love you priyu…

Priyaa : love you too
My twin: ok start 
Priyaa: … Actually.. today is mothers’ day so I will tell what I feel about it . Mother’s day is a day from the true sense of word , a person who built this world . I will say about my mom who I know most..My mom is fair though I am not . She is kind some times. Not always. She loves me a lot. She has three daughters, me , my twin and elder sister. I am sure it is very difficult to love three children at the same time. She loves us equally but some times I fight with my elder sister saying that she loves me more. But my mom loves us equally. She feeds me sometime in spite of my age. But I won’t let her feed my elder sister because I want her love more.  I am very selfish in that. My father is not fair. He is little bit tan. I am also like that me and my twin are like dad and my elder sister is like mom. Very unfair. I always says that it is very unfair but I have nothing to do. She feels very happy when we get high marks in tests. One day I got 100marks for mathematics and I ran home and told her but she wasn’t happy . I asked her why . She told that everyone can get 100 marks. I want you to get 101 marks. That was very sweet of her. When I was small she used to make two milk bottles and keep aside the bed. One for me and one for my twin . But you know.. I am very clever. I wake up early in the morning and drink both of them. (Early bird catches the worm ) my twin always wakes up late and cries for milk . So my mom again makes another milk bottle . She says this story even now and teases me. 

Annika: your mom is so kind. It is very emotional
My twin: you always did that huh!
Shrinju baby: your mom is very lucky 
Priya: ok now my turn is over now don’t disturb me 
Shivaay: really priyu it’s awesome.. why don’t you be an orator? 
Chanya di: love you piyu.. I knew you are smart ..
Annika: next is shivaay’s turn I think 


Hope you realize Mother’s value . We have only one mom. If we lose her we won’t get another mom. So value her. Treat her as she is a goddess because none does much for us .. only a mother … 



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  1. Aarti32

    Beautiful ?

    1. Thank you so much ??

  2. Niriha


    1. Thank you so much ???

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.

    1. Thanks you so much ???

  4. Kanfi

    Hey priyuuu,,,it was amzxing,,,,u shared ur experiencd,,it was reallly good,,
    May god bless u ur whole family..

    N neetu,,ur ff was not ghatiya,huh…..i lve it b u didn’t update it…
    Love u

    1. Thanks you so much ???

  5. Amazing…

    1. Thank you so much ????

  6. Nithu

    hey dr…….im sry hope ull not get hurt reading my comment……….i dnt like mothers why….only tht day evry mother gets attention evryone loves to spnd only that day with their mothers………i have my cousin.he dnt evn care abt his mom…but suddenly on mothers day he will go and give her a greeting card and take sselfies with her… mom literally hates this so called MOTHERS DAY…………acc to me if u want to make her to feel special….just go hug her and and give a kiss im 100 percent sure…they will be soo happy that day…….mothers are god to us……so its our responsibility keep her happy evryday……
    IM REALLYYYYYYYYYY SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY……..IF I HAD HURT YOU…….SOOOOO SORRY………SORRY……… intention is not to hurt you…or any others feeling………ik evry one has their perspective of view….this is my perspective……………..again im sorry if i had hurt you or any others………….

    1. Trolls.Nets

      Totally understand your view and love your message di. I know how some people suddenly gets concerned about their mother on mother’s day and give them gifts. Our mother just needs love, respect and attention from us, we can’t even give them that and on mother’s day suddenly we are like “mumma I love u” to show the world. But some people love their mother so much that everyday they make their mother feel special, for the motherhood, this one day is dedicated to them. Not hurt by ur words, because you are also correct?


      1. Correct neeto??

  7. Chanya

    Piyuuuuuuu it’s awesome!!!!! Nothing in the world can compare the love and affection of a mother to her are so mischievous ah????? nicely written u soo much..

    1. Love you too chanya diiiiii ?????

  8. Alekhika20

    Beautiful os

    1. Thank you so much ????

  9. Surbhi Sharma

    Neeti di , it’s just BEAUTIFUL ……. amazing , u know I can’t express it (u know like sso , I am too very bad at expresing , so maaf karo? ) . ???????
    Di , can I ask u something . Firstly , why are u saying my favourite ff as ghatiya ?? How could you ha ?? I won’t leave you .
    And , why did you stop writing that ff . One of my favourite ff ha . U know , u people stop , aur mai paagalon ko tarah wait krti rhi hu . Ab aap post karo gi ya nhi .
    Okay !! Mai kabhi comment nhi ki uss time pe coz I was a silent reader na but now I am not ?.
    But ab toh mai bol rhi hu , ab toh batao .
    From your big big big fan ,
    Surbhi ❤

    1. Trolls.Nets

      Haye 13 saal ki bacchi ko di bol rahi ho ao!? paap lagega apko paap!??? nd this OS is not written by me, it’s written by my friend, Priyaa di. Mere ff ki charcha bad mein karenge agar kuch post kiya toh. Hehe, sry?

      1. koi farak nahi padta dii appke liye hum paap sehne ke liye bhi tayyar he dii

  10. nice

    1. Thank you so much candy . Love you ????

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