Motherly love~a swasan ff. chapter 4


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Chapter 3

Sanskar’s pov~

“This is your mother’s last promise to her friend ,sharmishta.” My father yelled these words at me .and now I am here married to the girl my mom selected for me long ago.why will it be always me ?
I lost my mom long ago .I am forced for every relation .I never asked for a new one in my mom’s place but got one ,now a new forced relation .I have no grudges left with the fact, .I am married ..wanna know more . No leave it .I am destined to suffer life long.
Guys ,note I am not cursing the girl I am married to ,but my good fate for giving me all this .I cannot take everything just like that And my life is something I wish to be of my choice .
“bhai, I know what you must be going through ,but swara is not a bad choice bhai .and she was mother’s one last wish .”for the first time in the world my brother is talking maturely ,but sorry I am not in a mood.
“I am not complaining about anything Laksh ,I just need time “I said calmly .he left after giving me a hug.
I doesn’t know that ,all the other are in a plan to keep coming and advising me about the good qualities of Swara .but man ,what about me ? Even I am a human .

What in this damn world is wrong ? Let it be ..but they are behaving as if I am going to eat her alive .I am not a maniac ,or do I look like a one ..
But why did Ragini said that “she feel pity of me” .set of weirdos are recently surrounding me .Do someone remember that I am not even very much interested in hurting her ,why will they worry.
I know this was not the way I wished to be married but still I respect all the culture and most probably the sacred bond of marriage .
After doing and staging so much drama they left me to enter into my room and the sight there shook me out of my wit . I thought the girl I married would be literally crying over her bad fate or maybe cursing me but I am here standing with my lower touching the ground to see her coming out of the bathroom wearing her night wear.

She is cool ,I slapped myself mentally and started walking towards the bathroom and stilled when she asked me to talk to her after bath .
Really ,she is cool…not so dramatic …
After a quick shower I saw her standing near the window watching the outer sky with twinkling stars all around .I cleared my throat to get her attention .she turned and asked me to sit with her on the bed.
I was wishing it Say her that something which I have been having in my mind for so long since the topic of marriage was discussed.
But before my tongue could start ,she said something ..
“I am sorry Mr. Maheshwari, to say but I was forced for this relation “she said calmly
Omg I thought only I was forced ,I am enjoying her speech .
“I need some time to adjust myself for this new change and pls don’t mistake me .I just want to make every relation I join to be a lovely one but if we Start now ,I can never be comfortable .the option is yours “
Feeling relieved will be less ,she said me what I thought very awkward to tell a girl on her wedding night but she told it very calmly ..I am impressed .
She stated at me for my words to spill out .
I said her something I never imagined
“even I am agreeing with you and I wanna make love with my wife and not just some sort of physical relation “ ..did I say that ,whatever.i saw little satisfaction in her eyes .I took my pillow and comforter and moved to the couch and while I was about to sleep she said in a little voice “we can share this bed and we can control ourselves .it may pain “

“No.problem .I am ok with it “ …oh really my inner mind snapped .I know that is going to be one he’ll night with the couch .
At least we are not in a awkward sea .
Next morning was so bad that my shoulders and neck ache liked a he’ll and as soon as she left to freshen I jumped into my fav cuddling buddy my bed .
Swara’s pov~
He is very understanding .this is what my mind was literally dancing on .I went to the kitchen to see my mother in law cooking something.
Shit I am late .she will be pissed off with me .lazy head .I smacked myself mentally .
“Mamiji ,I am sorry .I am late ”
She looked at me sternly ..Oh shit she is angry .
“Do I look like an aunty ,see I am sti’ll young and even I look like sister is anu .and dont call me mamiji me mom ” she said wriggling her eyebrows .seriously this was not what I expected .
Man she is damn cool. She hugged me and said call me Mom Swara .
Thank you mom for letting me into this family .I nev’re even in my wildest dream thought of a sweet mil .Really I am feeling blessed .
Call me now ,she stressed …”mom can I have that you are making “I closed my eyes in nervousness .she engulfed me in a hug .
Oh my god ..You took my place ..anu scowled…mom laughed at that and muttered
Drama queen under her breath …lovely isnt it .

Ok guys I am sorry for the stupid disappearance of mine ..I was dealing with so much mobile was not at all connecting and time flew just like that .and sorry from my heart. I seriously wish that you might like my work and if you like just push some of your thoughts on the comment section .
*puppy eyes * sorry .
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