Motherly love~a swasan ff. chapter 3

My previous chapter :
Hey lovely people there ,wish me success ,my vacation is getting over and my classes are going to start by Thursday .I hope you not get bored by this story of mine 
After a heavy and good lunch everyone gathered at the garden .it was then ,Anu and Laksh were seen discussing something .on seeing sanskar they intentionally changed the topic .All these were not good signs to Sanskar still he couldn’t guess anything. After a while ,anu introduced ta two mysterious girls to me. The fighter had a cute name , “Swara “ her name didn’t it sound melodious .And the other girl one was Ragini .All the three girls mingled as if they were friends for ages .That was worth a watch .Soon,the day passed and we were ready to go.we bid bye to everyone .
Suddenly out of no where ,Ragini came near Sanskar and said “bye ji “ ..but before she could complete it ,Anu pinched her and she moved aside smiling cheesily.
Sanskar’s pov~
Everything around me seems to be mysterious .Let me get home and I will beat the shit out of the monkey and will know the reason for all these recent change of air .
@ home ,
Once inside the room ,Anu followed Mr and Mrs Maheshwari to their room ..I pulled Laksh to my room.But even after so many questions he was not even giving me a hint of the matter .Soon,Anu arrived to me with that one biggest news of my life .

Swara’s pov~
My days had always been the same ,dull sometimes happy with kids but never a fresh one .while returning from market I was busy riding my motorcycle .From no where there entered a car and I felt my vehicle being banged against it. ..”Thuddd” , ahhh ,my back is paining severely ..I saw two men conning out .The one who looked calm helped me to stand up ,and other took my vehicle ..I was kissed off already with the traffic which I just passed,now again a irritating day .I got into fight bcz I was out of control and later let them move after they asked me sorry .Once I went in my mom informed me that some new guests are coming ,but what she said next was something I could never bare .
I saw the guests you know the best way to welcome ,,we already had a fight only thing missing was to hear each other ,,my goodness .
The only one I found interesting among them was Anu ,she was so cute and sweet and the other two I didn’t get time to speak ,the one who tried to flirt with me for to know who Swara is .(smirk)
Why will my life become the most complicated subject sometimes .
Urrrghh,,I have ready promises mom to.fulfill her wishes and I have no back-up plan now and Ragini was roaming happily ,who should god screw my life once again …,,
Oopss…didn’t I still say you the reason ,
;my alliance is fixed with the elder son of Maheshwari family “ shocked ,but I only feel upside down ,I am screwed .what kind of life Do I have ,,I don’t know his nAme or anything ,
“If you had known will you be able to marry him happily “my inner demon smirked ,damn soul ,let me love in peace you soul !..But I have already planned and made my mind up for any kind of new twists and turns because ,my life is never a smooth one ,so Swara get ready for the new hell.

@sanskar’s room .
“what the hell ,Anu ?” she cringed with the volume of my voice but for now ,I need answers ..they fixed my alliance ,that too without my permission ,,damn good ,I didn’t expect anu as Laksh to be a part of this ..I NEED ANSWERS FOR THIS SHITTY WORK OF MY SO CALLED PARENTS .
With love and hugs

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