Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 9 (part-2)


Chapter 9 part 2 ( the day out )

Love is not just a word but an emotion stuffed with a lot of feelings which are abstract yet the most beautiful .it can make you mad by its beauty .

!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Love is in the air )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..”……..

Sanskar was just overwhelmed with the new found love.Laksh and Ragini walked away fighting with each other .Swara just rolled her eyes at this because this is not the first time these two people are entering a fight .this has been their routine from they have met .no new wonders .Swara looked at me .Sanskar and Swara started laughing and all of a sudden he caught hold of her hands and started walking towards the place he planned .He could feel the electric spark pass through him .

Author pov ~

Sanskar was walking hand in hand with Swara .she too have felt the same emotion .This new bliss was just awesome like the first rain .They walked through the trees guarding both sides of the path ,watching some birds and squirrels .At last they reached the place which made swara dumb .she was at loss of words .the lake view in front of them was making their stomach feel something very interesting .A feel of ecstasy is given by the view .The dark brown barks of the trees making it look like a guarded castle of some fairy tale Prince .

Swara looked like she have been spirited .she went near the water but with a sudden jerk she stepped back .Sanskar was conscious now .The chill water was enough to make them fresh without any fear.Swara has a phobia for water bodies .she is afraid of being near water bodies .Sanskar held her retreating back between his arms with that his front is attached to her back .Swara gasped .she didn’t know what he is doing .Swara tried to wriggle on his arms only to make his grip more strong .

she was lifted in his arms .she closed her eyes but gasped when he entered the water and lowered her body .she straightened as soon as she was made to stand in water .all this time her eyes were closely shut.Sanskar held her chin his fore finger.

“Look at me “he said his voice husky sending shivers down her spine .she looked in his eyes .that held his love for her .she got lost in those dark brown orbs which are now darkened .His look made her blush which made it more beautiful on her chubby face.

“Touch the water swara “he said without breaking the eye lock .

Swara did that without thinking that she once had a phobia for water .The touch of water was so tender that her fingers were like touching some feather .The time was very for the sun to return to his wife .

The sky was now in a orangish colour .The colour of love .The Venue ,Queen of love is blessing this couple this new sort of journey .Swara never saw the changes in the sky ,it had started to darken .They are still in water making their skin pale.Their dream came to an end with the cough somewhere near .
Sanskar looked aside only to find smirking Laksh and Ragini .Swara left his arms and her balance was weak she fell into the water .Sanskar immediately catch her and both fell again failing to balance the sudden weight .

Laksh and Ragini were laughing like some lunatic people .
swasan came out and dried some time .They headed towards home but even now Sanskar is holding her hands .

Ragini was about to trip over a root not Laksh caught her by the nick of the moment but left her when she thanked him .

“what the hell “shouted Ragini when she fell down after laksh left her .

Laksh just laughed and started running .They were running here and there .

Swara was laughing at them .
“I am sorry Swara ,I didn’t mean to hurt but you know I am very emotional and I couldn’t control my anger .But I am really sorry “sanskar asked with his eyes on her .

Swara was not angry anymore but she couldn’t help enjoying this helpless state of her husband .so she just acted as If she is not ready to accept it .Sanskar gave her the best puppy look but she seemed more adamant than him .

He looked so sad that after these much effects he was not forgiven .Swara was controlling her laughter.
“ok ,I will aaccept your apology only when you take me to the the lake again ” she asked with raised eyebrows.Sanskar was like that solve ..
phew ..not so tough .But she added
“at midnight today ,”Swara gave that one innocent look.

Sanskar had no way out but to agree to this demand because some thing is better than some thing.

Laksh and Ragini were throwing stones and pebbles and were playing .

idiots ,Sanskar made a face for which Swara only laughed. It was like a wonder that Swara is laughing so much today .she has come out a little from her restricted area .Sanskar felt good to see her like this .

“can offer the whole world for this adorable laugh “he thought .
“oh really ,shall I ask it’s rate mr.billionaire “mocked his evil angel 😉

“let him be in peace .Sanskar love her you will be happy ” advices the good angel:-)

They enter the house only to be blocked by aarav who is standing there with his hands on his head .

“what’s the problem man “Swara whispered .
“same dad and mom cat fight ” he shrugged .
every one was like awww ..he is so cute to resist and Swara take him along and was followed by Sanskar .Laksh and Ragini parted ways with a creepy smile of succeeding in their plan ..together …

Swara came after changing her dress and then sanksar went inside .

“Swara mami, shall we play hide and seek for some time “aarav asked very cutely .
it was hard for Swara to refuse .

“You hide and I wi’ll find you ,”aarav said .
Swara has said that only they will play within their room.

Aarav went and started counting ,where ad Swara was searching for a place.she was looking down the bed and at last she went inside the closet and shut it’s door .it was a large one enough to let one person stand properly .

Aarav was searching for her while Sanskar came out and went into the dressing room which had the closet .

as soon the Sanskar saw Swara inside the closet he was about to shout but Swara pulled him in and shut his mouth aorg her hands .
“what are you doing here “sanksar asked very lightly .
“we are playing hide and seek “Swara said .

“with aarav ,Swara seriously are you playing with a 3 year old boy ,”he started laughing at her .
she shut his mouth again in order to stop his laugh .Suddenly the air grew tight it was so hot .Sanskar was looking at her through those large brown orbs .

Her eyes was all surprised to see the darkened eyes of her husband .Then slowly noted their proximity .He was only in his towel and she was standing very close to him .His hands caught her waist and pulled her close .Due to this sudden movement she fell straight on his chest .A gasp escaped her lips .She closed her eyes .He held her chin made eye contact .

“Ready to go to lake,”he asked in a husky tone.
she just nodded her head .They stood like that for a, while .

Swara wondered why aarav didn’t come yet.She slowly moved from her husband’s grip and moved out .What she saw in the room was so amazing .The kid was fast asleep .she could feel hear spreading around her and yes she knew his presence even without turning .
“Give me sometime I will get ready “Sanskar told slowly not disturbing the kid’s slumber .
Swara fell asleep along with aarav and woke up only when it was morning .

But she was not in the room was in a tent with her head against her snuggle bunny .so it was not a dream .Swara thought about what she imagined to a dream .
In between her deep sleep some one woke her up and. after sone distance she was lifted up .she was again let down and she was amazed to see the lake again with the full moon glittering its beauty .
Sanskar stood there and watched her with so much love .

Swara has withered a’ll the fear she had for loving again she felt blessed to have him .
She hugged him with sO much of love .And then they slept cuddling each other in the tent made by Sanskar .

Swara thought it was all a dream and her dream man was hugging her very possessively which thought even made her fly .she was happy after so may years after being betrayed .she wanted to enjoy this life and she felt an sudden urge to tell about her past to Sanskar .


Guys I know this is not so quick but I am trying my level best to give my work some justice it’s then your view and comment which will make me feel that I am little deserving person.
Just quote your good words here and they will be respected with whole heart .
Love you all .

With love ,

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