Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 9 (part-1)


Chapter 9 part 1 ; ( the day out )
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Chapter 8

“Fighting with your love and then making efforts to make everything fine are cute little things to be cherished and enjoyed ….”

“Even when your anger is less ,waiting for your love to make efforts to make you smile are really some heavenly moments in life maybe people call them drama queens but it’s a tint of happiness for her ;”

The days of spring are the most beautiful sight in the whole world ; with bright sun above your head with floral dresses making mother earth’s view enriching

….the places covered by nothing but the fragrance of new born flowers make you fly through them .it isn’t just the change of season but the grand welcome I’d bright light and plain yet beautiful sky .Love nature and love associated with it then you will know how far motherly the nature is.

The castle is situated in between the forest area owned by the Maheshwaris.They are the epitome of luxury and pomp life but are really pure hearted .Aarav came to the place with his dada and dadi only after the elders arrival there .

He is such an energy ball that his presence alone can cure your stress and tension .aarav got sI friendly with Ragini as she was just like him a very naughty girl .Anu was not interested in all this ,she was ddisturbed a little but managed not to show and get attention from a’ll.

Radha was happy with the arrival of her loved ones because previously when ever they came here ,the last would haunt them or sanskar would make some problems .But for now it is sure that sanskar had the biggest job to make peace treaty with his lovable wife .

Sanskar’s pov _

“His eyes were searching for her ,as If she is the only one sold survivor of the world .”

Sanskar was trying very hard to find a chance to converse with Swara at least a second to talk to her ,but the condition here seems to be an Herculean task .no one felt pity of me.

Swara on the other hand was avoiding me as like I am some dangerous plague .I came down to the hall on my when I heard a commotion down .

what I saw there made me laugh until my stomach hurts .Ragini and laksh were standing there with tawa and silver cutleries in hands .why these two are he’ll bent to fight at any occasion .

Ok,no more Google search to make my wife talk to me ,I am going to ask the help of these stupids .But how to make these two work together ..

“Laksh,could you please stop wandering and tall me a idea for reconciliation”sanskar with lost patience nature .

“Cool dude,it’s not that easy..I have to think a Good plan so that my intelligent bhabhi doesn’t find it “Laksh told with a hand on his chin .

“But jiju,how will that happen when this donkey lack brain and his plan Will certainly be a flop think of a backup “ragini said with a serious face .
“ms.Monkey with no tail ,if you think that I have no brain tell us a better plan “Laksh said .
Ragini just rolled her eyes .Sanskar was frustrated.

“for heaven’s sake will you both shut your damn mouths .”sanksar shouted .

There was dead silence.Laksh started walking …at last they got a valid plan and discussed it .

When these three got down ,they saw Swara talking to someone .that was an guy a handsome one .she hugged him .sanskar’s blood boiled .he burned out of jealousy.Ragini ran towards him and hugged him ..

Who is this guy ,,,was everyone’s question .

“vikas you’ve forgotten your mother completely “sumi ma asked him .

Phew,he is her brother …oh goodness .

He went down and joined the people There and the new guy smiled at me”

Okay as per the plan by the weird duo we are going out to watch the estate of us .

Evening :

Swara Ragini Laksh and Sanskar went out for the walk .vikas stayed at the house .with every minute sanksar could feel his heart at his throat .yay the billionaire is nervous .

After a few moments as per the master plan ,Laksh and Ragini wanted to fight .

“Ragini ,why are you walking like a duck” Laksh giggled.

I face palmed myself .didn’t this guy have some valid reason .

“You walk like a tail cutted monkey .have I ever questioned you ?” Ragini shot back .

“ awesome “ Sanskar thought .

They both started fighting .wow

Moving them apart is not for what I am here .let it be them. I am going to take Swara away .

The second part will be updated within two days so no more angry babies .I wish I have that capacity to do justice to what I am doing right now .Ok wish me bcz I have models tomorrow .

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