Motherly love ~ a swasan ff chapter 8.


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Chapter 8 ( slow realisation )

Sometimes relationships seems to be the most complicated things in the world .yes ,but not completely because the result of every complication is in our hands .

Anger doesn’t show you a path of roses but it will take you through thorns ……

Sanskar is in such a situation where anger took troll over him and now he have lost the new born bliss and his wife is very distant from him not physically but by heart .

Swara have started behaving like a stranger with him and these days are like hell for him .Anu have started to go for her internship in a big company she didn’t mention me the name .Laksh as usual with sanskar .Swara started going for ngo.

A week like this have sucked energy out of sanskar .

Sanskar’s pov~

Every one looks at me like a convict and Swara doesn’t even look at me .she sleeps before I step in and get inside the kitchen even before I wake up .Today I was feeling a little low .I could throw up anytime .When I entered home I couldn’t stop and I puked and fell down due to exhaustion .mom ran from kitchen towards me and was shocked to see me like that .she pulled me up to the couch and removed my shoes and my waistcoat and loosened my tie.she then cleaned the mess I created .She gave me some Ggreen liquid to drink and its smell was awful.but I drank it and went slowly to the room .

Today I saw the same caring ma whom I thought I lost when Laksh was born .she is still here .but no I can’t forgive her that she left me to grow up myself when she took good care of anu and laksh even dad was so happy for laksh and they didn’t even know how I felt as a kid .Let it be .I am not going to change .I went to my wardrobe and took my mom’s photo (sujatha’s photo ) hugged it and lied down in the bed.
After some time I felt someone caressing my hair ,I thought suja ma has come for me .but that fingers were not hers.j found it .it was swara who was sitting with teary eyes watching me .

“swara, I was shocked to see her there .she should be angry on me but she is sitting there near me “ god ….mom entered the room .she sat near me and caresses my cheeks .I closed my eyes tight so that I don’t jump into her lap to sleep .
“will he ever love me like he loved suja,” mom asked very softly .

“Yes mom,he already loves you but your son has no brain to tell that because ego has taken him into permanent laughed at her words .
“I don’t think so swara,he hate me “ Mom was now sobbing I think .no mom don’t do that .

“mom,I told you right you are a wonderful mother and he will know your value soon mom .See his respect for you was shown yesterday “ Swara touched her cheeks .

Some thing pricked my heart ,oh Lord ,I was a moron yesterday .

“it pained a lot na Swara “ Mom went near Swara .

I was opening my eyes only partly ,I couldn’t see her face clearly .

“Don’t talk about my pain ma,he respects you it’s important to see ,my pains are nothing “Swara told .

“Don’t try to divert the topic dr tell me “Mom asked in a.concerned voice .

“mom, it..pains …b…but not that much mom ,no one slapped me like he did and as far as I have seen him he was so cool “ Swara sobbed.

My hearts clenched in pain .I wanted to sacrifice my hands that slapped Swara to flames .I moves in the bed to stop her from crying .she quickly wiped her tears and moved far and mom went out .Swara came near me with a bowl of porridge and I hate it .

Seeing her angry face I just gulped those liquid down .she tried to move away but I held her hands and asked her to sleep near me because her warmth has become my room fragrance without which I couldn’t sleep.she at last gave up and slept near me giving her back to my side .I slowly looped my hands around her waist and pulled her near only after I confirmed that she is asleep.I then left my nose at her neck’s crook and smelled deeply .she is naturally beautiful and delicious .my snuggle bear. I slept peacefully with her delicate form against me .
Next morning I woke up as usual to an empty bed but something was on my chest .

Holy heavens ,she was sleeping with her head on my chest and I wouldn’t get a good morning than this .I sensed her movement and pretended to be asleeep.

She woke up and turned around twice and quickly moved out of my embrace and left to freshen up .after that she came and checked my forehead and went down .my nose gave out a very deep ssigh feeling emptiness in heart .
When I went down ,I was clear in one thing .I will step by step start to talk to mom at least try that once .To my surprise the whole family was in hurryburry and wasn’t looking at me .I pulled Laksh from the group .

“what’s happening Mr .flirt ?” I asked and he just looked at me with an unbelievable way of sight .

“Mr.angry pants ,we are going to our ancestral home for the celebration of this weekend there “Laksh said so quickly .

Oh we are going to our old castle ,where our grandparents once lived and it is being taken care by servants .That would be soothing atmosphere I felt .

Swara’s pov ~

Mom told me that we are going to the old ancestral home to spend this weekend there .I was so excited but the thought of happiness dropped out when I saw him .he slapped me.i am not an egoist still it pained .if it was for my mistake I would have accepted my punishment .there was nothing wrong .and seriously I am not going to talk to him .the arrogant jerk (yeah my husband )

“His looks and touch always made sparks move through me .but for now I am going to bundle up all my feelings and hold it back bcz again I can’t trust people blindly and go through he’ll once again “ inner words of her mind .

Everyone went to their rooms to pack their stuff .I went to the room only to find it completely messy .my husband stood there with a pout ,I wanted to laugh but I am angry .

He moved aside seeing me .I collected a’ll the dresses he threw on the bed and down and started packing our bags .he came and stood near me .I pretended as if I was only the living being there .

“Swara, shall I you ?” he asked softly .I just glared at him .

“Hey don’t think I am desperate .I just don’t want you to see my personal stuff”he said .

“God,his attitude “ this guy is seriously good at pissing me off.I looked ay him pointedly and turned away and continued to do mI work .he held my hand when I turned back .

“No,Mr.Maheshwari ,don’t touch me .I’ve been silent so far not to hurt you .I am nothing to any one and for you just an unwanted wife , so it’s better we maintain our distance “.

“Swara ,don’t use your words to kill me.I know I did a very big mistake but I am sorry.I will get your forgiveness and don’t worry I will make you take back your sentence “he winked at me but I knew at some point he was serious .if he is serious I will be happy.

We got ready and moved down .a tour bus was booked for the journey .Ragini ,sumi ma,were also coming .Ishani and aarav joined us here and rv and his parents will join us at some distance .

Sanskar’s pov

A weekend there will be awesome .elders were seated at first as pairs and we were sitting back in pairs .aarav and laksh say together at last .Ragini and anu sat together and Ishani was sitting in her seat alone and was talking in her mobile and we know who is it .

Swara sat near me I got the window seat .I got to know that swara loved window seat and I am sure she loves it with the continuous looks she give seat .I changed my place giving her the seat and sat this side .she smiled a big one.
It was dark already and they will reach there by morning .after a little journey rv and his parents joined us ..Aarav the energy ball jumped on him.and sat with him for some time and went back to Laksh to play candy crush .

Rv and Ishani were discussing something .Every one was even my wife .but what is my work .she slept with her head on window panel .her mouth slightly open .a treat to watch .Aarav called Ragini back to play with him .Anu as usual the sleeping beauty is asleep now .I just blew some air on her face and Swara moved slightly .I will not touch her until she say to .

Recap: Masti in the castle and reunion …

With love ,

All my sweet dears,how was this chapter .tell me your views and comments .

Everything like the place and things that are going to come in this story are seriously my own imagination so no doubts about the location of the mysterious plAces 😛

Bye bye .take care .love you all say love you !!!!

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